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Starting this one out with 10 grams picked off the cake and into the yixing. I hit it with hot water for about 5 seconds and let it rest another 30 seconds to open up. The aroma of the wet leaves was almost like a damp forest floor. Like you would find in the woods after hiking through it after a rain shower. The first brew was about 10 seconds as I forgot to set the timer. It brews a nice dark golden color in the glass mug. It has a slight semblance of ’smokiness" to it but only briefly. This quickly turns into a pine and honey flavor. A touch of fleeting bitter and it is back to the honey. this is one of those teas that will make the tip of your tongue slightly numb and excite and tingle the middle part of it. it give the cooling effect after drinking it.
This is a nice enjoyable sheng to those who would like the slight smokiness similar to an aged Xiaguan tea. Very solid for the first cup and afford-ably priced for a whole cake.
Second steep smoke has subsided a bit . A little more bitter turning slightly sweet and the numbing punch is still there..

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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This is a most delicious Raw Puerh, I just got a sample and Now i want to get an entire cake.
I don’t often use the word complex to describe a tea but in this case it’s the best word, This Tea has a slightly complex and wonderful flavor profile to me.
The armoa of this one when dry is slightly vegetal raw puerh type aroma and the taste of this one starts of with pleasant bitter and slightly sweet vegetal notes on the first few steeping while at around the 3rd and 4th steeps it develops first some wonderful sweet Roasted Oolong characteristics then I get earthy woodsy notes like sandalwood and forest I think to myself Wow now it’s like a Shu :)
The aroma of the steeped leafe is quite earthy and much like a shu/ripe puerh aroma, I got about 3 more steeps of delicious slightly sweet but bitter, woodsy, earthy goodness, Super Nice Puerh, I think anybody could enjoy this one.

100 points for this one for sure, I’m seriously gonna get a whole cake now :)

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