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Love this Rockville Raspbery just sweeted a little and served over ice. You still taste the tea itself with a backnote of Raspberries. Yummy!

Flavors: Caramel, Fruity

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Brewed this up this afternoon, seems like a fairly basic green, it was decent – not super or otherwise memorable – just a decent cup of green. Had bought a few Charleston tins visiting my sister in South Carolina – was surprised to see this is the only USA grown te company and plantation :)

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Brewed this up this morning, decent black tea with gentl hint of raspberry. I don’t like overpowering red fruits and this tea keeps the red fruit under control by using it as a nice under-the-radar accent.

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I bought a tin of 2014 harvest last year and am just getting around to drinking it now.

The leaf is dark, very chopped and thin compared to Chinese leaf tea, like tea leaf flakes. I’m drinking it gong fu in a gaiwan, but with every pour my inner logic keeps saying “get out the kyusu,” because I keep losing too many bits into the cup. However, I’m lazy and a kyusu just says spring and right now the winter is holding fast. This tea definitely needs a strainer. That is the bad part.

The good is the taste is very unique. The tea brews up golden brown rather than red, and has something of a maple syrup, burnt oak and ginger taste profile. Recently I’ve also been drinking a black tea beeng cake from Yunnan Sourcing which tastes more like Tetley or ordinary black tea, but this Charleston tea has nothing of that usual black tea taste I’m familiar with. It doesn’t have the thickness, but lasts a good six flash steeps or more.

It is, however, kind of like a bag of snacks I keep eating long past what I really need or want. After I get my six or seven steeps, I dump the leaves and start again fresh. I can go three sessions a night on this stuff compared to one or two of the Chinese counterpart. A good tea for lightweights or newbies, an interesting taste profile for the regular tea drunk who usually drinks a whiskey sheng and is now making do with Pabst. Crumple the can, throw it in the bucket and grab another and whoops, I guess that twelve pack is history.

The tin is cool and I plan to keep it. This tea is sold out from last year and you have a couple months window maybe to get one. Bought mine right from the company website. I have the green also left to taste.

Edit: this tea is really growing on me over the past couple of weeks. Drinking it frequently. The caffeine level and qi in the middle of my back is awesome, I’m loving the mental clarity. Raised the rating by 5 points.

Flavors: Ginger, Maple Syrup, Oak wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 4 OZ / 118 ML

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iced and milk made it perfect for a visit to the Americans only tea plantation :)

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This was a pretty basic bagged black peach tea. The base was nondescript. The peach flavor was slightly artificial, but not unpleasantly so. It’s not something I would purchase, but I would drink it again if it was offered to me.

Flavors: Artificial, Peach, Smooth

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Teabag version. 2min at 175 degrees. Bright, grassy, clean flavor. Slightly but pleasantly astringent. “Fresh” is the best word I have to describe it. Would buy if I drank more green tea. Then again, would probably drink more green tea if I bought it…


:) Didn’t know Charleston did a green tea. I really like their plain American Breakfast for a cheapie steep.

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Dryness in my mouth
Not just drinking hot water
Flavored question mark

Pyramid bag, leaves bigger and smaller. I get an odd sensation when drinking this, like it blocks my tastebuds. I’m drinking something smoother than water, but I don’t really taste anything until after I’ve swallowed.

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I brewed this tea a little differently and it is much better than last time. I used less leaf in the hopes of tastier tea and got better but not incredible tea. This is another one I bought for the novelty factor of USA grown tea.

It is slightly sweet with some but not a lot of raspberry flavor. It is not too bitter but a little. Not bad but I would not buy it again.

I brewed this once in an 18oz teapot with 2 tsp leaf and 200 degree water for 3min.

Flavors: Raspberry

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 18 OZ / 532 ML

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Bought this a while ago and am just now getting to trying it. I was better than I expected, but then again I expected something absolutely horrific. This tea is overly floral with an slightly unpleasant grassy aftertaste. I admit I bought it purely for the novelty factor of an American green tea. They need to improve this at the Charleston Tea Plantation. They have about 1600 years of catching up to do before they are equal to the Chinese.

I brewed this western style for 3 min with 3 tsp leaf in an 18 oz teapot with 175 degree water.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 18 OZ / 532 ML

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Found this tea and had to try it as an iced tea. When it arrived I opened it to spell the dried tea leaves and felt like I was in a Peach orchard. Brewed my first batch and tried it hot because I could not wait to taste the peaches, was disappointed. Then I wanted for it to cool down. After loading a tall glass with ice and trying it cold I was well pleased with the flavor profile. The mix of malty black tea and peaches made one of my favorite new iced tea for summer. I would highly recommend it for a backyard B-B-Q.

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I was excited to try this tea because its from America! I am proud to be an American and try to buy American as much as I can. As for this tea I was dissapointed. I bought this in a 2 ounce tin and it was a loose green tea. This tea basically tastes like green tea in bags. It lacked much flavor, it was no different than brewing a bigalow green tea bag. I have added chai spice to this so I can get through the tin. I would say the black tea version of this would be much better. If your going to go with American Classic I would probably say buy the black tea version!

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Light, sweet, well-balanced mint and tea flavors (in other words, the mint did not overpower the delicate green tea). Very good!

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Boiling water? For a green? Well, I have seen that once or twice before, so I gave it a go. I was expecting an awful lot of this, and braced myself for a sour or astringent cup of tea.

Surprise number one was that when the water hit the leaves it smelled like matcha! The tea came out smooth and bright, not sour at all, and not astringent. This was a very pleasant green to end the tea party with!

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I got a teabag of this one from Erin also. Thank you very much. Backlogging. I smell mostly the black tea with a little peach when this is dry. Steeped I smell a natural peach smell and the black tea. This tastes like a natural medium peach taste and a medium strength black tea. I added some sugar. This tastes pretty good. And I really like the peach in this. And the black tea is nice to.

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Backlogging.I got this from Erin thank you very much. This was really good. A good medium strength black tea and smelled really good and tasted good. And I added some sugar.

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Hmmmm mixed feelings about this tea. First off, the leaves are that awkward size where they would be fairly large for a tea bag, but not really significant enough to be loose leaf. The smell is beautiful and fresh, nothing really specific about the smell, just wonderfully fresh smelling tea.

I seeped the first brew about 1.5 minutes, it was a bright amber color, not as dark as I was expecting. The smell after brewing is….odd. Kind of a dull sourness, there is no bite to the sourness, just unpleasant. Luckily that smell didn’t correspond to the taste. It’s a very light tasting black, not really what I would expect from a ‘breakfast’ tea. Not much astringency at all, though I noticed a tiny bit of dryness. Pretty basic tea for me, but I also like basic teas. I think I would probably spend the money to get a bunch of Lipton or red rose bags rather than this next time though.

Not bad, just nothing extraordinary enough to invest in more of. I hear that their flavored teas are yummier, i should try those

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I am not going to rate this as I didn’t prepare it and it was mostly ice. What I do want to comment on is how nice the mint in this tasted. I am not a big mint fan but this did not overpower the tea. The ice however gave me brain freeze.


oooh, brain freeze! That brings back memories of Slurpees in the summer!

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I needed a new pitcher of iced tea, and raspberry sounded like a good choice for a nice glass of refreshment. I made this hot, poured a small amount into a cup for me to sample, and poured the rest over 2 TBL sugar in a glass pitcher.

The unsweetened hot tea was fine, but I didn’t taste much raspberry. The base was ice and smooth. The very last bit of tea in the cup had a more fruity taste than the rest, so maybe I just needed to let it cool a bit more. I tasted a little of it sweetened and I think the sugar did bring out a little more of the fruit flavor.

Since my pitcher wasn’t as full as I wanted and I had only had two bags of this, I made another teabag of their American Classic tea, which I know will further dilute the raspberry flavor, but I can already tell it has upped the “oomph” factor of the black tea. We’ll see if this was a big mistake when the tea is fully chilled, but i sampled a bit and so far it is a decent iced tea and should be really good with a meal.

Bigelow Tea

Thanks for sharing with us, we hope the flavor was just what you were looking for once chilled, enjoy!
Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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