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I’ve been on a loose leaf green tea kick, so I’m pleasantly surprised at how good this is (and not just for a bag tea). I brewed it for 3 minutes at exactly 175 degrees (bwahaha my new kettle lets me heat water to precisely the temperature I want/need). The color really is sunny! The brewed smell is vegetal and sweet. The taste is vegetal, a tad astringent, and even a little buttery. The astringency gets stronger as the tea cools and it starts leaving a dry feeling in my mouth. Still drinkable, but not as good as when the tea is hot.

overall, this is not something that I would go out of my way to stock, but I wouldn’t mind having this if offered.

Oh, and btw, sipdown!

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drank Genmaicha by Choice Organic Teas
39 tasting notes

Had this again over the weekend. I have to admit that I’m hoarding my last few tea bags of this because I don’t want to buy more tea (I have enough and I’m moving in 1.5 weeks) but don’t have any other genmaichas in my cupboard. Hopefully I can sipdown some of my Della Terra samples to justify placing a Verdant order for their genmaichas….. :)

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drank Genmaicha by Choice Organic Teas
39 tasting notes

Had this tea a few hours ago to soothe my sore throat. This tea was the first genmaicha I ever tried – I really enjoy the roasty, malty flavor of this tea. Overall this is a great bagged tea.

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Steep Information:
Amount: 1 teabag
Water: ~500ml at 195°F
Steep Time: a little over 3 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: paper, floral, toasty
Steeped Tea Smell: toasty, hint floral
Flavor: smooth, toasty, floral finish
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: slightly perfume, toasty
Liquor: translucent light yellow-brown

not bad for a bagged tea

Rating: 2/4 leaves


195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I just bought my second box a few days ago while looking for a different tea.

Can’t say it’s anything spectacular, but perhaps a good staple tea.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Darjeeling by Choice Organic Teas
1538 tasting notes

I arrived early to work, so I went to the nearest place to fortify myself with more tea. Unfortunately I wasn’t early enough to go to the really good coffee shop, with the nice selection of tea, so I had to settle for a place that has all its tea in a basket near the front, that you pick out what you want and dump hot water on it.
So I picked this, as I like Darjeeling, and I’d never tried this brand before.
Meh. Its drinkable, but not exciting. One dimensional and weak. Will I never find a truly exceptional Darjeeling?


Not in a basket where you pour hot water on it. :)


Margaret’s Hope is pretty awesome, and I was only having 2nd flush! I imagine first must be wonderful! And Harney and Sons has some great ones, I think one is called Punjab? I should look it up!


Ohh, thanks Ashmanra, I will look those up.


If you message me your address I’ll send you the Butiki Giddhapar Darjeeling I have. I had it once and it wasn’t my kind of tea. I might have just one more cup to make up my mind about it, but I’d rather it go to someone who likes darjeeling.


Thank you, Fuzzy_Peachkin! I will do that.

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Not bad. The vanilla is quite pleasant.

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Originally published at The Nice Drinks In Life:

Origins: India
Type: Green Tea
Purveyor: Choice Organic Teas
Preparation: One teabag steeped in about eight ounces of boiling water for 2:30 (as recommended on the box), sipped plain

Now here is a pleasant cup of tea. More and more often lately, tea purveyors try to make a cup of tea into more than just a cup of tea. And that collective endeavor certainly has its merits. New places are planted with tea, new styles of tea arrive, new blends and flavors are offered, and so on. Imagine if instead of the fast-paced world of tea we have now, we had a world in which the menu had not been augmented in a couple of centuries: a handful of black teas, a couple of greens, an oolong, and maybe a couple of herbals; and nothing else. Instead the tea drinking world is vibrant, growing, experimenting – in a word, thriving. I am glad that I live in this world and not an alternate.

However, nothing is perfect. There are some drawbacks to the fast pace, and notable among them is the fact that it becomes difficult sometimes to just get a nice, simple tea. Very often nowadays, a tea list will include a few standard varieties hidden among dozens and dozens of zany flavors and odd roastings, strange combinations and weird herbs. Those are all very nice, and many of them have people who think they taste good, but can’t tea purveyors pay at least as much attention to tea-flavored tea?

Choice Organic Teas’s Oothu Garden Green opens with a somewhat sweet nose, fruity and tannic. The palate is also tannic. It is smooth and buttery (that is to say, both rich and light), with a somewhat mild finish. This is not an intense tea. It is not malty, it is not brisk, it is not packed with a million different elements, and it is not trying for anything in particular. It is just a good brew, sort of like that one great friend who is always relaxed, level-headed, a good listener – the one who has plenty of fun but does not always feel the need to be wacky about it. When sipping the Oothu, I thought to myself how nice it is that I can have a cup of tea that I do not have to “deal with;” I can just sit back and enjoy it, letting the mind unwind and thoughts pass by without interference from all sorts of elements in my beverage.

A rare treat in a crazy world.

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Originally published at The Nice Drinks In Life:

Origins: Assam; Ceylon
Type: Black Tea
Purveyor: Choice Organic Teas
Preparation: One teabag steeped in about eight ounces of boiling water for 4:30 (as recommended on the box), sipped plain

Choice Organic Teas promises that, with a “rich touch of malt from Assam,” and “smooth yet striking” notes from Ceylon, the Celtic Breakfast blend will be “delightful whenever a strong cup of tea is the favored refreshment.” Yes, that is certainly true.

The tea opens with a tannic and very brisk aroma. It is not fruity, and yet one gets the sense that a lemon has already been squeezed into it. The color of the tea is a very rich caramel. The first thing noticed when sipping it is a thin body, but that should by no means be misconstrued for weakness. It has a very deep, rich flavor of malt with hints of citrus, much briskness remaining from the aroma, and the tannins just keep coming. The flavor is balanced by a light and buttery texture, which is good because if it were any thicker I might have choked on all that flavor. But, the harmony works out just right.

On a whim I brewed the same teabag a second time. The tannins are mostly gone now, having used themselves up with reckless abandon the first time around, but the flavor remains strong with a brisk aroma and malty taste. Let there be no doubt: this tea is rough and tough. It has earned its tag of “a malty tea of strength.”

The Celtic Breakfast blend does indeed make for a good breakfast tea. It stimulates, encourages, holds up, gets the back. It is thoroughly reliable. And thoroughly tasty. Go try some in the morning.

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drank Earl Grey by Choice Organic Teas
37 tasting notes

It’s drinkable. Maybe an Earl Grey for people who don’t really like Earl Grey. Very mild flavor, the tea is stronger than the Earl Grey itself.

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Rich bagged tea, almost breakfast all on its own with some milk and honey. I’ve been keeping a box of this at the office for those mornings when I’m too bleary to think about making a nice loose-leaf cup

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