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drank Snore & Peace by Clipper
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Not bad, but a bit heavy on the lemon balm for my taste. I like the mint here – it doesn’t come out in the flavor so much as the sensation. Tingly! The chamomile and lavender are fine. The flavors all work together nicely, it’s just kind of tart for a bedtime tea. Many thanks to adagio breeze for the swap! Where’d she go, anyway?

adagio breeze

I’m still here :) Just haven’t been drinking much new tea (I really need to get on that, though)


Aw, yay that you’re still here! Hope you had a lovely trip! I’m happy to send you some new tea to help you get motivated :)

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I absolutely love this tea- it’s naturally delicious and has a beautiful cool licorice zing at the end of the sip. I really do suggest it, as its good for you and your tastebuds :)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Love Me Truly by Clipper
22 tasting notes

I found that the licorice root flavour tended to overpower the other flavours in the tea, but otherwise a very nice chai blend.

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Another from the box of wonder cteresa sent me after I broke my elbow! I made the first cup of this right after drinking the Destination Ceylon, which was a mistake, especially as I probably left it steeping too long. (BTW, love Clipper as a company, but it makes me so irritated that they have exactly the same brewing instruction on every tea they sell – white, everyday breakfast blend, green, you name it! Even I’ve known better than that for years, and I’m not a long-established tea company!) I drank it again a day or two ago and gave it just under 3 minutes and liked it much, much better. No bitterness, not overly-astringent, and I loved the delicate level of vanilla. I could have taken more vanilla, but didn’t feel the tea suffered from not having it. Oddly enough, they sell probably over 30 types of Clipper teas in our local produce/health food/gourmet shop, and I’ve never seen this one there. Lots of other places to look for it, but it just seems strange.

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drank Cloud Nine by Clipper
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Feeling a little woozy this afternoon, possibly from too much caffeine. Perhaps a full pot of that English breakfast is not the best way for me to start the day. So I figure now is as good a time as any to try an herbal.

Aroma while steeping is apple-y and somewhat grassy, with a floral note. I don’t really know how to describe the taste, though… there’s the definite sweet aftertaste from the licorice root, but everything else seems to be blending together. I’m not too impressed by it, but it is helping to ground me a bit (contrary to the name, hurr hurr). Next time I’ll go for a longer steep.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Fairtrade by Clipper
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Well, I came to this tea quite by accident when I happened to run out whilst we had COMPANY. Mr Porridge ran to the supermarket and returned with this. I know not why he bought it, as embarrassingly enough, his social awareness is practically non-existent. I can only presume it was on ‘special’.
What a pleasant surprise, a real ‘weighty’ (can I use that word? No moderators, so I guess I can..) tea. Full of flavour; good and strong, even when brewed in a mug, not a pot, and given the ‘quick 2 squeeze against the side’ treatment.
Delicious swally. Well worth a go.

Carol Wattberg

I think ‘weighty’ is fair.


A squeezer! I like you already.

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Huge mug, very tasty indeed.

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drank Black coffee by Clipper
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drank Vanilla by Clipper
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Best vanilla tea I’ve had yet! The black tea base is strong, and the vanilla does not taste like chemicals, as some can.

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drank Earl Grey by Clipper
765 tasting notes

Had this one in Amsterdam.

It was much better than I had anticipated. The bergamot was very strong and the tea was very strong.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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