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Enjoying a nice large cup of this one on a rather cold day – seems to hit the spot. When I drink this one, I typically use the same leaves over a three day period – the quality and maturation of the leaves allows me to do this. The first day (phase) offers a woody, mellow tea which is also quite smooth and mellow with the complexity slowly revealing itself. Good choice for this afternoon with more promise tomorrow.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

Good Choice! This one of, if not my favorite Shou. I have a Tong at home and it was well worth it(it was cheaper back then), I think this cake still will improve over time the fermentation is perfect for aging, I could see this one tasting awful when it first cake out! lol.


i sampled it and loved it. Pricy…


Unfortunately, you always need to pay more for aged tea – in this case, fourteen years of aging.


Also.. If you’re looking for rationalizations to buy good tea. Despite this being $89, the tea is really just $0.25/g, ~price for average quality Taiwanese oolongs!

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Playing around with these same leaves over a three day period. Finally combined (2) longer 8 oz, 10 minute steeps; chilled both together; drank as iced puerh. This was really quite enjoyable. Why throw out good tea leaf until you’ve tried to squeeze out every bit of taste?


Good call

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This is the oldest cake I own. Picked it up during Yunnan Sourcing’s recent sale and when it arrived I had to open it up and pull out the leaves that had collected in the bottom of the wrapper. 7 grams of dry leaf with ; 4 oz boiling water; 15 sec rinse; I began steeping the tea at about 10 seconds and added 5 for every succeeding infusion. It yielded a very clean red-brown colored liquor but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in the flavor. There was the earthy and musty taste one might expect but it was rather flat. The third steep, however, produced a smooth and sweet taste with a rich, medium body and not a hint of bitterness. In steep five, I began to detect notes of fruit and chocolate. I’m drinking steeps seven and eight now and find them very enjoyable.

Boiling 7 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

One of the few shous I own and drink. Very nice stuff.


Yes indeed!

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A nice mature full flavored ripe tea, with somewhat light body. It has a very good flavor, a bit woodsy and mushroomy, and it just tastes ‘old’ though I’m not even sure myself what that means. Definitely worth trying at least a sample to see what you’re in for, since the price is somewhat steep.

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Not a Tasting note
I was drinking the last of my sample piece and comparing to other ripes I’ve had. This one deserves a better score. I already miss it. A really complex and juicy ripe.

The scent is nice, sweet and complex. The liquor is a beautiful Bright Burgundy color. The whole thing is a pleasure to steep and then drink. If only I could afford several cakes!

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Quick Notes I bought a sample from Yunnan Sourcing of this tea, so even though the infusions are ‘traditional’, they are slightly shorter because most of the sample came loose so there was no need to wait for the cake to open.

Dry Leaf Smooth earthy sweet, slightly fruity.
Wet Leaf Sweeter, mellow, slightly fruitier, some complex scent.
Liquor Red/Burgundy and clean.

1st 20secs The pitcher smells incredibly sweet and fruity. The liquor is sweet, fruity almost ‘juicy’ with some tanguiness that opens for a roasty/chocolate finish when it washes down. The aftertaste is somewhat like fruity tasting chocolate.

2nd 20secs The pitcher smells sweet and fruity with tangy notes. The liquor is sweet, fruity, juicy and tangy that becomes heavy as it washes down. This heavy taste has hints of chocolate with fruity/tangy notes. The aftertaste is fruity with chocolate and camphor.

3rd 20secs The pitcher smells sweet, fruity and creamy. The liquor is sweet, creamy, fruity and tangy tha becomes heavier roasty/chocolate tasting as it washes down. The aftertaste is smooth roasty and fruity/juicy/tangy notes with refreshing camphor.

4th 30secs The pitcher smells sweet, fruity and creamy. The liquor is creamy, sweet, fruity and chocolate/roasty with some tangy notes. As it washes down it is cleaner before the sweet, juicy and camphor aftertaste sets in.

5th 40secs The pitcher smells sweet, fruity, creamy and slightly tangy. The liquor is creamy, fruity/juicy and slightly sweet. The roasty/chocolate notes are faded and the juiciness is more apparent. The aftertaste is fruity with some chocolate notes and refreshing camphor.

Final Notes
I made two more steeps with this tea. The 6th 1 min was juicy and sweet an refreshing and slightly faded. The 7th 1:30 mins was faded and weak, I used it to ‘clean’ my pot.

Overall, I liked this tea. It is sweet mellow and has some slight complexity to it. The description in Y.S. refers to ‘Persimmons’. I didn’t use this because I feel it depends on your experience with the fruit. But I agree that it has ‘traits’ rather than the taste. It is fruity/juicy sweet with some tangy notes that are almost acidic in a good way. All that can resemble a Persimmon but I don’t think it tastes like it, rather reminisent of it.


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