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drank Fruit Punch by Compass Teas
6770 tasting notes

I was skeptical about this one. But I’ll tell ya – I’m impressed and quite the believer now after trying it! It’s Green Rooibos based. In addition to that there are lovely flavors! The only way to describe it is Fruit Punch Flavored Green Rooibos! It’s tasty!

I’m sure it would be just as good iced if not better!

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drank Banana Pancakes by Compass Teas
156 tasting notes

I was so excited to try this today. The dry leaves smell like a banana cream pie, but the fragrance definitely lessens once brewed. I was afraid that would mean there wasn’t much flavor, but luckily I was wrong. It’s not a strong flavor, more like someone dipped dried bananas in your Assam tea for a bit…not that anyone does that. It’s a deliciously subtle flavor with a kick of caffeine, definitely going to drink it every morning during the work week. I got it during their 50% off Cyber Sale, I think it’s regular price now, but I’d say it’s worth it!

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Smells like Cherry Cola
Tastes like flat Cherry Cola.
I used a little cooler water for this one – not quite a cold brew – but still not hot.

It has a gold/orange/reddish color to it – it’s really beautiful!

This one is tasty. Sweet. Flavorful!
Yup! I like this one! The more I drink it the more I like it!

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It’s been a while since my last YELLOW Tea. I’ve been super excited to try this one but wanted to save it for the right moment. NOW is that moment.

First – LOVE the name! Very posh!

The aroma is out-of-this-world! Slightly peppery aroma meets yellow tea meets Mimosa/Champagne/Orange flavors all working hand-in-hand.

I would have to say I can taste the yellow tea along side the orange – first and foremost. Then I can taste a bit of spice – a mild pepper – perhaps – almost like a white peppercorn, maybe. Then…a subtle champagne type flavor on the end. Even with the flavors – it’s incredibly clean. There is a nice amount of ‘juiciness’ to it, too!

This is a very lovely flavored yellow tea from Compass.


What exactly is yellow tea?


It’s similar to green tea but with a slower drying process.
There is more info about Yellow Tea here…

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I was reading a bunch of reviews here on steepster about Rooibos but I didn’t really want a regular Rooibos so I went with this one – a GREEN Rooibos. I like both Rooibos’s, tho! I also went with this one because it doesn’t have the dreaded hibiscus! YAY! Just Green Rooibos and 3 different berries!

This smells MARVY! Much like my Very Berry Cheesecake Blend I sell…Wildtree is the product line!

The flavor is more gentle and flowing than I assumed it would be but I like it. It’s calming yet fruity and fun.

The 3 berries work really well together to come up with its own flavor – of course by pairing it with the green rooibos.

This is nicely done!


nice to find a berry blend that didn’t add hibiscus. It seems that far too many companies do that. UGH.


Haha yes I agree. Not a huge fan of hibiscus either…

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Green tea, spices, nuts…oh my!

The green tea is a bit on the light side. It’s not grassy but it’s not really sweet, either. The spices are at a favorable level for a green chai. I do LOVE that there are almonds in this, tho! You can’t really taste them – individually – until you get to the after taste tho.

Overall this is pretty good, not my fave from Compass, but they have so many I do LOVE do it’s hard to narrow it regardless! Pretty good, still!

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WOWZA! This completely exceeded my expectations! This is amazing! The green rooibos worked great! The pineapple flavor is delightful! It’s not overdone and don’t taste like the ‘other’ pineapple flavored teas/tisanes out there! This is tasty-tasty! It’s sweet, pineapply, and even tastes a bit sugary – even without me adding sugar, and there is a spec of ‘green-ness’ to it and/our floral trying to hide underneath! This is really neat! And a great surprise! Kudos on this one!


This sounds great, I’d love to try it iced.

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This smells absolutely AMAZING!

This is a combo of juicy strawberry or even like a strawberry water with a flat champagne flavor to it! I can pick up on the floral notes, too! The White tea base is lovely! I’m really enjoying that! I agree with Indigobloom – this is a little cuppa happiness!

Liberteas a chunk of it is coming your way!

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Will be starting my 2nd cup of this soon! First one wasn’t hot enough. Still tasty, tho!

See the Discussion/Threads for a special message from me about a Chocolate Giveaway on my blog today!!!

Happy Weekend!

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Had a couple of cups of this and it was dandy this morning! See other notes!

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First, I want to say, I contacted Compass Teas and this is a VEGAN Tea.

Having said that…this DOES smell like a Marshmallowy type aroma. The dry loos leaf is just that…loose leaf…there are no novelTEAs added…it’s a flavored leaf.

It does lose a bit of the aroma once infused. I’m ok with that, tho.

It brews-up very dark brown.

The taste is quite good. It has a medium-strong black tea base. It has a little bit of a sugary-type flavor to it as well as almost equal parts black pepper type flavor to it. In the middle to end of the sip there is a nice amount of woodsy-ness to it, too!

This is an interesting, unique, festive, and tasty flavored black tea! Neat!


that sounds good :)


I love the name of this tea!!


it does sound good yum! the type of seasonal tea i can get excited about.

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drank Watermelon by Compass Teas
6770 tasting notes

Smells like wonderful Watermelon!

This has a solid and bold black tea base and the watermelon flavor works nicely but isn’t over powering. I would say strong black tea base and medium strength on the watermelon flavoring. The black tea base barrels thru in the end. Neat!

I really like this flavored black tea, too! WOWZA! One of the better Watermelon flavored teas I have tried!

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I’m going thru this one WAY too fast! Not sure what it is but I’m LOVING it! Had 3 cups so far today!


Just looked at the description…that tea SOUNDS SO YUMMY! onto the shopping list…


donut tea?! I need this in my life


If it’s half as good as it sounds, I want this one too.

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Drank several cups of this earlier today. Even good cold!

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I started my day with 3 cups of this – backlogging – and I really enjoyed them – especially the aroma! See previous notes…

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This takes me on a trip to YUMSVILLE!

This is one of the better chai’s I have tried and one of the best specialty-flavored chai’s I have come across!

It reminds me of a Spiced Donut from Tim Hortons! It’s like drinking chai and eating a donut at the same time!

The spices are just-right for my liking! The Vanilla is a wonderful touch! The pastry-likeness to a donut is right around where it should be! Overall this is a real winner! WOW! I really like this one!


Sounds good. Hard to find an exceptional chai.


This sounds like such a unique tea.

Terri HarpLady

OK, now THIS one sounds awesome!! Looks like you know who might have to check out the compass teas website…any other teas from there you recommend, T=Bliss?


Need. And the photo isn’t helping! There is an irrepressible NOMNOMNOM building up inside…


I don’t think I’ve ever done tea and doughnuts… oh the possibilities :D


I want to live permanently in YUMSVILLE please!

Tea Sipper

WHAT?!?! Donuts! This sounds (and looks) great!

Tea Sipper

oh crap. I just looked at their site and they have so many unique sounding teas!!


Thanks Bonnie! And a flavored one/themed one at that!
DaisyChubb – miss ya girl! Glad you commented!
Terri – Let me know if you do!!!
Nik – teehee It tastes like it looks!
Helena – Guilt-free alternative :)
TheTeaFairy – LOL YUMSville :)
Tea Sipper – You Changed your name??? Compass Teas is great! AWESOME Selection!

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Started my day with at least 3 cups of this one today!
I’m a little behind logging, sorry!

See other tasting notes on this one!


Mmm coconut

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Backlogging from late yesterday. See previous notes!

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It’s amazing how much TEA can really turn my mood around!

This is the first of MANY from Compass Teas I will be writing about over the next few days/weeks! I’m so excited!

Dry this COMPLETELY smells like coconut and Macaroons! Awww-YEAH!

Once the water was added and had time to work it’s magic I sipped and sipped!

Yup! Crusty/Bakey/Cakey/Cookie with coconut and macaroon goodness! Nice taste-match! Really neat flavored black tea! YUMMO!

Terri HarpLady

Yum! That sounds like something I’d like!


Yep yep, gotta try this one.

Terri HarpLady

Nik, it looks like you and I will be putting in tandem orders from Tea Compass!


If you guys do let me know!!!


yummm… I like all things coconut!

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Azzrian Thanks, girl!

First – I want to say that I have been blogging like a crazy person again and would LOVE for you to FOLLOW ME – also – if you have a blog please let me know as I would LOVE to follow you, too!

Here’s the URL to mine:

Anyhow…I must say I do LOVE Compass Teas as they have a HUGE selection to choose from, MANY Organic Ingredients, and interesting flavors, not to mention a neat website.

This Buttercream Frosting one is pretty good, mainly, because of how sweet it is…and I like the fact it’s made with the Green Rooibos instead of regular Rooibos. It IS sweet and creamy.

HOT – it is a little brothy but I agree with my Sororitea Sister Azzrian that it’s better cold, too!


interesting, never heard of this company before :)


They are a goodie!!!!


bah..another non canadian shipping company :(


DOH! Sorry!


Not to worry…at least once i year i get to send oodles of “presents” to my friends in florida to hold for me to come pick up. They love letting me take over their closets for a few weeks before the visit!


You are more than welcome my Sista! :)

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drank Smooth Earl by Compass Teas
168 tasting notes

I see we meet again, Monday.
Earl Grey is definitely required for Mondays.
When I spotted this sample from TeaEqualsBliss I thought I would give it a try.
Smooth Earl, eh?
Well, My Earl is normally more of the strong, silent type, but maybe I would like to try a Smooth Earl for a change.
Is he going to tell me how I look real hot in this old tee shirt with my hair a mess this morning?
Or how it musta hurt when I fell from heaven.
Or some other smooth line.
Well, lets see…dry, the leaves are not overly bergamot-y but it is there.
Scent of the tea is almost a cologne-like bergamot, not strong but different then some of the bergamot’s I am used too.
There is supposed to be a hint of vanilla, but I am not getting that when I smell the tea.
Taste is good, I can taste the bergamot and the black tea is nice and smooth.
Still no vanilla.
Overall, a nice Earl Grey.
He has flattered me enough to get me moving on this Monday Morning.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I just know there’s a tea bar somewhere with those kind of imaginary ’Earl’s’ ready to serve up a good cuppa! (the guys are going to scold me for this comment and I don’t care!) …tea!


Sounds like a great idea! There’ll be all sorts of earl grey teas and earl infused desserts. And all the servers will be Earl of something!

Hesper June

LOL! I like how you ladies think!

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for letting me try this tea! I was a bit nervous as a lot of cookie type teas I have been trying lately have been major let downs. This tea doesn’t have an obvious cookie scent like some other teas, but boy oh boy does it have the flavor! The sugary almond notes blend so well in this tea, and with a bit of rock sugar it tastes like I’ve frosted the top of the treat! Glad I was able to try it and can’t wait for my next cup. In fact.. I might make another right now!

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drank Chai Chi by Compass Teas
168 tasting notes

Smells a little chocolatey.
Tastes like it would be a good dessert tea.
A bit of spice at the back of the throat.
Over all, a nice tea.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Christmas Cookie by Compass Teas
807 tasting notes

Mmmmmmmmm I do love this one! Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for this LOVELY tea! You know it is so much like my beloved Almond Cookie from Joy’s Teaspoon and a couple other teas I have that are very similar except this actually has TEA in it! LOL I think this is one I will fall in love with and order more of! I absolutely LOVE the flavor of this tea yet it has the black tea kick I need in it. Oh yes I am in love here. SIGH sweet but not sappy, almond, crusty baked good flavor, nutty, buttery, what more could I want in life?
Thank you thank you thank you TeaEqualsBliss yes tea does equal bliss! :)

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