Cuida Té by Espressate

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Recent Tasting Notes

I seem to have accidentally stumbled upon Spanish tea in a random grocery store in Belgium. Mind you, this grocery store also carries Dammann Frères right on the shelf…

I grabbed it because it seemed unusual. Plus, I’ve get to grab any puerh for the trip, so why not a “diet” tea? (so named I’m sure because of the added artichoke and green tea extract).

Is it tasty? Sure. Can I tell what the “red fruits” are? Nope, although the bag doesn’t show red fruits, just tropical ones, and there’s definitely no strawberry (allergies). There’s a drying, astringent quality to this tea, and it needs sweetening. Do I love it? Nah. I enjoyed it much more last night for some reason.

Flavors: Drying, Raspberry, Stonefruit, Thick

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