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A decent loose leaf shu pu erh. Dry leaves have a slight citrus smell to them prior to being infused.

Nice earthy flavour with a rich red liquor. Doesn’t brew as dark as other shou pu erhs out there.

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This is basically my every day tea. I actually have an yixing pot seasoned for Dong fang mei ren and this is the particular tea I use most. Makes a really nice, full cup. The first couple infusions have a slightly barky, nutty flavour. Later infusions produce a sweet honey/melon flavour.

I’ve gotten my best results with this tea in my yixing pot using short infusions with a moderate amount of leaves. Because of the robust flavour , a little leaf can go a long way with this particular tea.

0 min, 15 sec

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This one’s got the dark, almost smoky aspect of Mangalam, but it lacks the complexity I was expecting based on the company description. The finish is more sweet than malty, and there’s a considerable gap in the taste that makes this one a good candidate for milking or as a chai base.

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