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CURSE YOU INTERWEBS! I was looking at this note to see where the company was from, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Like it had been eaten by the levatious tasting note gods. Le sigh I am so lucky I write my notes on my computer and then post them. … usually.

First of my swap with Roswell! this was the first tea I dug into, because it was late and I all I wanted was some dessert. I have given Rooibos a bad rap in the past, and I think I needed to give it another chance.

This was a good second chance! The nutty honey Rooibos was accentuated by the other goodies inside. Or rather, I should say that the goodies were accentuated by the Rooibos. It was as crème Brulee as it could be. Silky, Creamy, and vanilla bean-y. As much as my chefs at culinary school made me want to hate this dessert… shouting in a French accent in my ear about how I am not using the right temperature to temper my egg yolks and cream… I go ahem apeshit for that delicious dessert.

Yay for swaps! when I got the package last night, I squealed at the stickers and promptly stuck r2d2 on my dog’s forehead. Man, Ros, I demand a re-do! If only a purple glitter monkey lamp would fit in a bubble mailer….

Flavors: Cream, Vanilla

2 tsp 15 OZ / 443 ML
Roswell Strange

Yay! I’m so relieved it made it to you! And I’m happy you liked the blend – I definitely thought it worth sharing since it’s got such unique ingredients :)


I love crème brulee.. This sounds amazing!

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Cupcake binge…

Tre gets back in from Regina sometime tomorrow so I thought it’d be nice if I made cupcakes tonight so he’s coming home to something sweet. It also doesn’t hurt that it’ll probably help with him feeling less ticked off that he was gone a whole week and a still haven’t done the dishes. For anyone curious, I made Butter Pecan Zucchini Cupcakes with a chocolate frosting! Instead of a cup of water, I used 1/2 of milk and 1/2 cup of Southern Butter Pecan creamer, which has only made them even more over the top rich and indulgent. Mmm; moist and yummy!

I am both the best and worst roommate.

Anyway, this was the tea I brought with to work today! I’ve only had it once before; cold brewed, and I think I felt pretty impartial to it – you know, it wasn’t necessarily really good but it wasn’t awful either. Hot was quite nice though!

There are a lot of ingredients in this blend, and so the combination of flavours is a little bit overwhelming. You’re tasting so many at once, and in different proportions – but it comes together to make one nice flavour. For me, I greatly tasted the sweet, floral rose among other floral notes from the oolong base and cinnamon, pineapple, coconut and a dulled down cranberry flavour. It kind of reminds me a little of DAVIDsTEA’s Alpine Punch blend if I’m being honest – but a touch more tropical and with no marzipan flavour. It’s like drinking a really, really good potpourri?

I’m confused about what time of the year/temperature it’d be appropriate to drink this though; it has the sweet fruity flavour of a summer tea (I mean common; Pineapple/Coconut) but the warm, snuggly comfort factor that a good winter tea also possesses. Have I sent this one out to anyone else? I’d really like to see what other people think of it…

Anyway; it was better the second time around! Gonna play around a little more with hot preparation styles since I have lots left and now know I prefer hot to cold with this one.


I just made red velvet cupcakes for my husband’s birthday for the first time. My goodness, they are dangerous!


a whole week with no dishes being done… oh man. i’d freak hahaha

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This is one of two new teas I picked up for myself in December when I was down in Regina. For my first time having it I prepared it as a cold brew; I actually wrote out much more thorough jot notes for this blend than I tend to typically do, and since I wrote out a lot of them I’m just going to paste them straight into the note instead of expanding on each point. I still have quite a lot of this one since I had to get 50g, so I can write a more structured review at some point down the road…

- Definitely not quite what I was expecting
- Notes of cinnamon, roses, cranberry, and pineapple are most present
- With lesser notes of coconut and vanilla and other less descript floral qualities
- With so many additives, the oolong base was well masked
- It seems, really, more like an afterthought
- I was expecting a more fruit heavy tea similar to Pina Colada but with a twist
- That’s definitely NOT what this is, though it wasn’t bad either
- Curious where the name comes from: none of the ingredients scream PINK to me
- And the liquor was more an amber colour than anything else
- So far not something I’d want more of, but happy to have tried it!
- And will try it again several ways because this seems worthy of exploration

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Next up in the queue; I wrote lots of jot notes for this one since I was very excited about it.

I picked this one up in store when I was in Regina mid December; I had planned to get at least one new blend to try, but I definitely wasn’t anticipating it being this one. In part because I picked up two other rooibos blends at the same time, and in part because I already stock another Creme Brulee blend that also uses rooibos (albeit green rooibos) for the base.

But the ingredients in this were rather unique in my opinion, and I’d never seen a blend with them sold by any other retailer so I got swept up in the excitement and bought this one. I mean, it’s got sweet blackberry leaves, puffed rice, and tonka beans. Definitely a bit different. I even had to look up tonka beans because while I’d heard the name before I was so unfamiliar with them I didn’t know what the flavour was supposed to be like and I’d never seem them mentioned in tea before.

A brief lesson of sorts on tonka beans: They’re most commonly used in perfume because they have a sweet, almost vanilla like taste and smell but they’re uncommon in food/drink because they got a “bad wrap” years ago for being toxic. Except, they’re toxic in the same way that nutmeg is toxic: you have to consume a whole lot of it. More tonka beans or nutmeg than any sane/rational person would ever or could ever consume at one time. So really, they’re not harmful at all. Just kind of… taboo.

And so now you know!

And guys, as soon as the water hit the tea leaf my house smelled incredible. This tea is really, really aromatic with such a smooth, soft vanilla/caramel kind of smell to it. I’m sure it must be from the beans – I really did immediately kind of understand why they’re so often used in perfume. It really carries, and lasts!

Taste wise, the liquor in this scrumptious smelling tea isn’t nearly as smooth as the smell would suggest it should be, but it’s still really good regardless. The vanilla (or rather “tonka”) flavour in this is really silky and powerful, and the most noticeable thing in the blend, but there’s also this lovely caramel flavour that feels just a little burned. Toasty, gooey caramel. The puffed rice contributes a roastiness that I didn’t realize I wanted to be there until I tasted it – and now I’m sure that it needs to be there. And it’s so subtle too; just a fleeting roasty quality made noticeable right before that first taste of vanilla and then again right after it’s faded.

As for the base, it’s decently masked but still a little present. I actually like rooibos though so I don’t mind it at all though. I’m gonna love having this sweet, accurately named dessert tea around for before bed though. I’m sure of it!

What a fantastic blend to come out of a fairly quaint little store. I really don’t know anywhere else I could find such a unique Creme Brulee blend. Just dying to know where they sourced it from!


Sounds yummy! Never heard of tonka beans before, so thanks for the lesson!


I always dreamt of a tonka bean tea since I fell in love with the essential oil. Sounds awesome.


I think LUSH uses tonka bean in some of their products…I’ve never heard of it outside of there though, til now. This tea sounds really appealing, even if it is a rooibos.

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Thanks to Lala for this tea! I immediately thought of using this to cold brew, and one litre later, I’m sharing some with my mom. It makes without-a-doubt-lemon iced tea without all the scary sweetness in Nestea and the like. My mom even swears the base has a floral note? I see where she is coming from.

Thanks again, Lala!

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Not wonderful, but a pleasant enough rooibos. None of the flavours particularly stand out in this blend and it is pretty unoffensive. I left one serving for the SSTTB.

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Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing this tea. I made this last night in my carry mug and as I sip, I am happy it is still warm but I am finding this to be quite bland. It is slightly orangey and has a hint of nut but any flavor there was may have been drowned out by its long stay in the thermos. Luckily my tea twin shared enough that I will be able to try this again.

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I got this in a sample swap from Roswell Strange – thank you! I have wanted to try this one for a long time. I love melon teas and was intrigued that this one is a black tea.

I enjoyed this last night while sitting in my floofy chair watching TV, after a 2 hour nap. Isn’t that the life?

The tea was good, for sure. I’m the first to say that my palate isn’t the best, I know what I like but I can’t always pick out exactly what I am tasting. So when I was drinking this it had a top note that I recognized, but didn’t recognize as melon. I liked it, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

It’s very different from other melon teas I have tried, and a really enjoyable tea. Thanks RS! I hope your end of the swap comes today.

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So I have had several cups of this one iced this afternoon. I used 6 tsp of tea in about 1/2 litre of boiling water. Then added a whole lotta ice. I didn’t need to add any sweetener as it is sweet on its own.

This one is definitely better iced than hot. The artificial lemon taste is quite blunted. It tastes like a light black tea with candied lemon. Kind of like those little candy lemon drops, but there is no sour, just sweet.

I would say this one is not a favourite but it was nice for an extremely hot and humid day.

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I purchased this one quite a while ago with the intention of making iced tea. I never did, it just sat in the bottom on the tea cupboard. I have been getting sick of some of the iced teas I had been making on the weekends so I decided to pull this one out.

I did make it iced, but it is currently chilling in the icebox. I also decided I should try it hot for completion.

Hot, the tea is ok. Honestly it reminds me a bit of no name brand lemon dish soap.I really feel this one was designed to be iced. I hope the same taste does not translate over to the iced version. The black tea base is mild. There is a definite candied lemon taste to the tea, it is bordering on artificial though, hense the lemon dish soap reference. It is a little more sweet than I would like my hot black teas, but I did not add anything to it, that is the way it came. The liquor is very thick and there is a slight astringency at the end of the sip but only if you hold the liquor in your mouth for a little bit before swallowing.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Jeez, I’m really going through the teas I got from Roswell Strange. Every time I go into the kitchen to choose a tea, I end up with one of hers. This one is “generic” black tea leaves with a few slices of almond and some red flower petals. It smells of sugar and caramel with some almond and cinnamon in there too. I did a 3-minute steep at 200 degrees, next time I may go for longer.

The brewed aroma is cinnamon and honey roasted almonds. Yum! I added sugar to mine, and it’s lovely brown sugar-candied almonds with just a little touch of cinnamon. There’s a definite caramelized taste here, and a little hint of buttery pastry. Mine came out just a little bit weaker than I would have liked, so I will probably try a longer steep for the other half of my sample. Overall, I love the flavors here. :D

Flavors: Almond, Brown Sugar, Butter, Caramel, Cinnamon, Pastries, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Roswell Strange

Very rarely do I criticize Butiki teas; but this one is the flavour I really wanted from Almond Indulgence, but didn’t get. Plus it’s cool supporting a local company, too. :)

Cameron B.

I considered ordering Almond Indulgence, but it didn’t end up making it into my order. I really like most almond flavored things.

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Sipdown!! (160)

Lately I have been reaching for lighter teas – those with whites and green bases and fruity flavors. I attribute this preference to the warmer weather. And yet, tonight, I wanted something rich and dark and flavorful – something I could hold in my hands to warm me up and with a scent that is cozy and comforting. Honestly, I was thinking about Nutmeg Cream but I figured I should focus on swap teas and older teas first before diving into that. Plus, last time I had it, it was rather astringent. Then, I considered Brioche and as I rummaged through my draws, I remembered the sample of this tea, courtesy of the amazing Roswell Strange that definitely reminded me of Brioche tea, at least when it came to smell. So I settled on this because it was both a swap tea and one I felt could fit my mood.

Brewed up, the smell is definitely something that is fun to just hold and sniff (wow, that sounds weird). Like Brioche, it is bready and nutty and reminiscent of delicious baked goods. Yum! Unfortunately, compared to Brioche, this falls a bit short. It has the nuttiness but lacks the bready element I love so much. Also, it is a touch more astringent than I would like. That is not to say it is not a good tea in its own right, but seeing as I have Brioche in quantity in my cupboard, I don’t think I will be stocking this anytime soon. Nonetheless, I am grateful to Roswell Strange for the chance to try something new so thank you tea twin!!!

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drank Ice Princess by Cuppa'T Specialty Teas
5793 tasting notes

roswell strange sent this one my way and i’m glad that she did. While it’s not the crazy intensly delicious melon flavour that lupicia has…it is also a black tea! and that makes me happy. I much prefer this one of the black melon that the teafairy sent me. I’m finding this one to be just the right balance of fruit and black tea today. Thanks a bunch RS!

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I put roughly 5 teaspoons of mix to steep into 1 litre/35 oz of cold water for approx 22 hours. The result is a pink/red liquid (watermelon coloured) that has a sweet, refreshing yet tart fruit scent. Very dragon fruity.

Flavour is very sweet with a slight tart after taste but liquid is quite thick and sugar syrup like. Similar to some instant iced tea mixes I’ve had before (I think they were Lipton). My cup even has some sort of white sugar like substance on the bottom, if I hadn’t known it was a fruit mix my guess would have been instant blend. Despite that though this is very nice, the flavour is nice, clean and refreshing yet it has enough sweetness to work well as an iced tea and a pinch of sour to stop it being too sweet. Fruit flavour wise it is heavy on the dragon fruit but also has a peach, mango and light mixed berry tones.

I have enough for another cold steep with the same parameters so I will do that for tomorrow, two of my husbands brothers are over for a drink and sleepover before they go to Wembley on Saturday to watch a football finals match. I don’t see them often, I live in Leicester and my husband is from Derby but moved here for me and though our cities are next to each other his family rarely visit and I rarely visit them. I’m putting it down to the fact that none of us can drive. Still it will be nice to have family over and this iced tea will be great with a splash of vodka or scotch :) Party iced tea.

Iced 5 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

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I believe this tea was from Lala so thank you Lala for my night time cuppa.

Once steeped the tea smells like almond, it’s sweet and nutty yet light and with some rooibos scent. Like a sugar almond sweet mixed with rooibos.

Flavour isn’t as almond like, in-fact it’s thickly rooibos with an almond after taste. Has some sweetness though it’s more from the rooibos than the almond and there is dryness in the after taste.

Not as nice in flavour as it was in scent but it wasn’t a bad rooibos blend, it was something I happily finished a pot of which is a rarity for me and rooibos. The almond just gives it a nice subtle touch.

Flavors: Nuts

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 5 g 20 OZ / 600 ML

It was me, and you are welcome.

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My swap arrived from Roswell Strange!

This one is tasty! The melon comes through clearly and the base tea is neither over- nor underwhelming. It is slightly strange to have a melon black tea, but it actually works really well.

Thanks Roswell Strange!

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I waited in all day for a re-delivery that failed to actually be re-delivered, my early morning and severe tiredness from lack of sleep was all for nought. Now I just have to hope my parcel isn’t being sent back to Asia, customer services said they will contact me in a few days. Pft, bloody Royal Mail!

Now I’m tying to relax by watching House MD (on my fourth or fifth re-watch in completion) and by sampling this tea, I do love almond and am in need of something sweet.

Served with a splash of milk. Once steeped it has a subtle nutty scent (like almond and walnut ie sweet yet creamy) and a hint of cinnamon spice.

It tastes strongly of mixed roasted nuts which is a little dry with some sweetness in the after taste. I think it’s one of the nuttiest teas I’ve ever tasted, though I’m not digging it’s dryness (which nuts tend to be) I am liking the flavour. From time to time I do like nuts, I eat them often as their good for vegetarians. It tastes a little like candied almonds but more like old stock from a pub machine that isn’t used often.

I do like this one, not sure if it would be something I would purchase (if I could) but I could certainly drink it again happily.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Nuts

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML

Loooove House. I miss that show. I don’t want reruns though, I want more new episodes. :)

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Sipdown (110)!

Well, this is the last cup. I managed to squeak one last one into the night because I had some serious tea cravings left unchecked, and this was a caffeine free sipdown just waiting to be pounced on!

This cup was warm, comforting, Autumnal and delicious with oranges, cinnamon, and pistachio ruling the cup. I never really wanted this tea and when I got it as a birthday present I definitely was not excited but I have to say that on the whole it far exceeded my expectations and I never did really have a bad cup of it – which is something I can’t say about ever some of my favourite blends.

So not too shabby on the whole.

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Sipdown impending (may finish it off tonight).

Made in my timolino; very juicy orange and sweet pistachio heavy complimented by lighter notes of almond and a very faint “spice” present in the end of the sip in the back of your throat. Like a little “tickle”. Mmm!

Mental note to myself: I should eat more pistachio stuff!

Also, dropping this link here for future reference so I can pull it up again for Starfevre when she’s not on her work computer. I totally recommend watching this music video if gore/sex stuff doesn’t make you really uncomfortable! It’s a really interesting, albeit mildly mentally scaring, video.

Cameron B.

Yum, pistachio orange!


oh good, linked here forever for posterity.


Dude someone from work showed me this video weeks ago and when it starts he looks at me and goes “I swear I am not a perv” and then it continues and he is like “no really, I swear I am not a perv…this is a well known video” and it just kept getting worse and he just kept protesting he wasn’t a perv. I am glad to know his is actually a thing.

Roswell Strange

You can rest easy; your coworker probably isn’t a perv. Probably.


hahaha. Now I really want to watch it and I’m at work again. I need to not be exhausted and fall right into bed when I get home.

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I woke up this morning to a phone call from Bobbi asking if I could take her shift today; reluctantly I agreed since she said she’d take mine tomorrow – so I wasn’t giving up my day off. Still, I’m horribly exhausted now and even though I get tomorrow off I feel kinda gypped. Plus side; my swap from Cameron B. arrived today; so now I can spend tomorrow sampling things and doing sipdowns, so there’s at least that.

Today this one was a cold brew; it was pretty good but it’s definitely better hot, that’s for sure. I think there’s more depth and layers to a hot cup, and unexpectedly I feel like the “spice” (really the cinnamon) is milder and the orange juicier. This was tasty, but it was very strong orange and cinnamon without much else present/showing through.

Probably gonna finish off what I have left (I’m giving most of what’s left to my friend Robyn; I just saved about a tablespoon for myself to sipdown) as a hot cup. I like the nuttiness/orange flavour better hot. But again, it’s not that this was bad cold.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Orange

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Apparently I didn’t rate this the last time I had it; not really so sure why but I’ll do that this time around!

When I made my mug of this I was kinda in a “meh, this’ll do” mood in regard to picking out this tea; I knew I wanted rooibos, but I wasn’t sold on this particular blend. However, it ended up being delicious and very satisfying. The orange was very, very juicy and made my whole mouth sorta salivate (as sorta gross as that is to share?). I felt like the orange flavour kinda penetrated every surface of my mouth. And then, the orange was complimented by a vaguely generic nut flavour; although I think I can somewhat confidently say it was slightly more specific to Pistachio – just from the sweetness of it. Next time I have this I’ll have to look specifically for that pistachio flavour; this time around I was more fixated on the orange. I guess there’s also almond in this one and I suppose that could also contribute a sweeter nut flavour; you know, Amaretto and Marzipan are sweet almondy nut thingers (words; what are they)…

As for the spice (as always, my biggest concern) it was very light handed and I more so just picked up a “cinnamon sugar” lightness and sweetness on the end of the sip with some faint coriander. On the whole I think that just contributed to the warmth and comforting quality of the whole cup, and made the orange even juicier.

Kudos to Cuppa’T for that fantastic orange flavour.

Unrelated, my tooth pain is sorta coming back. Not in the same place as before (exact opposite side of my mouth) and not to the same tear inducing degree, but it’s been somewhat consistent all week. Guess I gotta book another dentist appointment. Man, I hate doing “adult” things and adult responsibilities. But hey, at least I’m at a point where I can afford dental work now, without assistance from the parental units.


Flavors: Orange


:( I hope your tooth feels better quick!


I had intermittent tooth pain in varying locations. The culprit was me clenching my teeth due to stress. Apparently I was the third grad student that morning with the same problem. It was 9am

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Taking advantage of the day off to try some new teas! This one was a birthday present from my mom from a local loose leaf tea shop; it’s not one I asked for and not a flavour I would have ever chosen for myself, so I’m a bit surprised how much I’m actually liking it.

I think the orange flavour is the best part of this one: it’s not soapy, which I find is a real issue with orange flavouring in rooibos blends, and is in fact very juicy and fresh tasting in a pretty natural way. It’s also relatively sweet. The nuttyness in this blend is also present but in a more subtle “lurking in the background” kind of way. As for spice? Not really all that present – which is odd because there’s a metric butt fuck of peppercorn in the dry leaf: something which is very responsible for why I was so hesitant to try this one initially…

Also, I might as well post this here: There are a couple 52Teas blends that I’m looking to get rid of. I don’t want to trade them: I’m just looking to decrease the amount of black tea in my cupboard which I currently don’t drink. If no one is interested here I’ll just post them in the “Take it Away” thread. Also, my preference is that they go to the same person – but if I need to split them to get rid of them that’s ok too. Only shipping within North America, though…

- Maple Bacon
- Pancake Breakfast (and possibly)
- Butterbeer

All are in their original packaging, but not sure exactly much is left of each one.

EDIT: There are a few Tea Desire blends I’m ok with parting with too. I’ll list those ones here as well, and same deal as before: I’ll ship anywhere within North America and would prefer if I didn’t have to split them. Original packaging, etc.

- Oreo Cookie
- Amaretto
- Walnut Orange


I would happily take all of them off your hands and paypal you the shipping fee if you would like :)

Roswell Strange

Done (but I don’t need the shipping fee back from you)! I already have your shipping info so I’ll send all six out to you as soon as I can (either Wednesday before work or Thursday since that’s payday). I’m gonna try and get in one more cup of each though – if you don’t mind: I’d like to give them each a proper “farewell”.


Haha sure thing! Hope they are good farewells! I just sent you a message…I would be happy to add any of the teas listed as a “Thank You” for being so generous :)

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Another from Roswell Strange!

I saw both Roswell Strange and VariaTEA had this one cold, so I thought I would take the road less travelled.

This one is reminding me of Watermelon Mint Chiller from Teavana, because yes that one tasted like raspberry. This one isn’t bad at all. I am tempted to cold-brew it, but I’m not getting any coffee-like flavours, and I don’t think I want them haha.

Thanks Roswell Strange!

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This is actually a decent rooibos. I’m always wary of rooibos, since I generally do not enjoy it at all. With the one exception of Fauchon’s L’Automne. Sigh.

The rooibos base here doesn’t overtake the other ingredients completely, which is great. The apple is apparent, though I’m not so sure about the pistachio or strudel aspect. There is something dimming the apple a bit so those things are there, just not distinguishable to me. Overall, an enjoyable cup, especially for a rooibos.

Thanks Roswell Strange!


This is definitely a good rooibos.


Sounds like a good one. I prefer when the rooibos isn’t an apparent flavor of the tea, but blends well with other flavors. L’Automne is great … I agree!

Roswell Strange

I actually just made a cup of this…

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