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Made in my timolino, and I drank about half of it hot at work and it was delicious (I shared a bit with Bobbi and she liked it too; which is very redeeming since the last one I shared was the awful Mujicha). However, then I came home from work and still had half a timolino with tea, and as I expressed in my Coconut Grove note this morning I fell asleep soon after getting home…

Well, I’m drinking the second half of the timolino now; and it’s gone ice cold. For perspective, this was made over 24 hours ago. But you know what, it still holds up really well. I mean, it’s a bit bitter which wasn’t the case yesterday when I had it hot; but it’s still very flavourful with lots of really yummy vanilla/melon notes (and banana?). I think if you made this one iced by flash chilling it (as opposed to letting it sit 24 hours) it’d be really good!

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Apparently I didn’t rate this the last time I had it; not really so sure why but I’ll do that this time around!

When I made my mug of this I was kinda in a “meh, this’ll do” mood in regard to picking out this tea; I knew I wanted rooibos, but I wasn’t sold on this particular blend. However, it ended up being delicious and very satisfying. The orange was very, very juicy and made my whole mouth sorta salivate (as sorta gross as that is to share?). I felt like the orange flavour kinda penetrated every surface of my mouth. And then, the orange was complimented by a vaguely generic nut flavour; although I think I can somewhat confidently say it was slightly more specific to Pistachio – just from the sweetness of it. Next time I have this I’ll have to look specifically for that pistachio flavour; this time around I was more fixated on the orange. I guess there’s also almond in this one and I suppose that could also contribute a sweeter nut flavour; you know, Amaretto and Marzipan are sweet almondy nut thingers (words; what are they)…

As for the spice (as always, my biggest concern) it was very light handed and I more so just picked up a “cinnamon sugar” lightness and sweetness on the end of the sip with some faint coriander. On the whole I think that just contributed to the warmth and comforting quality of the whole cup, and made the orange even juicier.

Kudos to Cuppa’T for that fantastic orange flavour.

Unrelated, my tooth pain is sorta coming back. Not in the same place as before (exact opposite side of my mouth) and not to the same tear inducing degree, but it’s been somewhat consistent all week. Guess I gotta book another dentist appointment. Man, I hate doing “adult” things and adult responsibilities. But hey, at least I’m at a point where I can afford dental work now, without assistance from the parental units.


Flavors: Orange


:( I hope your tooth feels better quick!


I had intermittent tooth pain in varying locations. The culprit was me clenching my teeth due to stress. Apparently I was the third grad student that morning with the same problem. It was 9am

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So I have had several cups of this one iced this afternoon. I used 6 tsp of tea in about 1/2 litre of boiling water. Then added a whole lotta ice. I didn’t need to add any sweetener as it is sweet on its own.

This one is definitely better iced than hot. The artificial lemon taste is quite blunted. It tastes like a light black tea with candied lemon. Kind of like those little candy lemon drops, but there is no sour, just sweet.

I would say this one is not a favourite but it was nice for an extremely hot and humid day.

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I purchased this one quite a while ago with the intention of making iced tea. I never did, it just sat in the bottom on the tea cupboard. I have been getting sick of some of the iced teas I had been making on the weekends so I decided to pull this one out.

I did make it iced, but it is currently chilling in the icebox. I also decided I should try it hot for completion.

Hot, the tea is ok. Honestly it reminds me a bit of no name brand lemon dish soap.I really feel this one was designed to be iced. I hope the same taste does not translate over to the iced version. The black tea base is mild. There is a definite candied lemon taste to the tea, it is bordering on artificial though, hense the lemon dish soap reference. It is a little more sweet than I would like my hot black teas, but I did not add anything to it, that is the way it came. The liquor is very thick and there is a slight astringency at the end of the sip but only if you hold the liquor in your mouth for a little bit before swallowing.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Jeez, I’m really going through the teas I got from Roswell Strange. Every time I go into the kitchen to choose a tea, I end up with one of hers. This one is “generic” black tea leaves with a few slices of almond and some red flower petals. It smells of sugar and caramel with some almond and cinnamon in there too. I did a 3-minute steep at 200 degrees, next time I may go for longer.

The brewed aroma is cinnamon and honey roasted almonds. Yum! I added sugar to mine, and it’s lovely brown sugar-candied almonds with just a little touch of cinnamon. There’s a definite caramelized taste here, and a little hint of buttery pastry. Mine came out just a little bit weaker than I would have liked, so I will probably try a longer steep for the other half of my sample. Overall, I love the flavors here. :D

Flavors: Almond, Brown Sugar, Butter, Caramel, Cinnamon, Pastries, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Roswell Strange

Very rarely do I criticize Butiki teas; but this one is the flavour I really wanted from Almond Indulgence, but didn’t get. Plus it’s cool supporting a local company, too. :)

Cameron B.

I considered ordering Almond Indulgence, but it didn’t end up making it into my order. I really like most almond flavored things.

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I made some rhubarb muffins with rhubarb from my garden, so this seemed to be a good pairing for my snack. I was completely right because this was delicious together.
This tea isn’t sweet at all, it is a little creamy, and maybe a little bit malty? I don’t know, I am not even sure how to describe it.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML


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Sipdown (151/156)!

It’s pouring outside again. Ugh, this rain is never going to let up. But hey, at least it’s not snowing, right? I’ll take non stop rain over non stop snow, which is what we had for our long ass Winter this year…

This was phenomenal. I’m sad to see it go. Although technically there are a few cups worth left but I added them to the box because I thought it would be cool to add something local(ish) – and this is one of those teas that should be shared. Besides, if all goes well I’m have another 50g bag of this in my greedy little paws soon enough.

Really hoping Tre follows through and stops at Cuppa’T for me when he’s in Regina! So many tasties that I want restocked…


I hope he follows through as well :P.

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Sipdown!! (160)

Lately I have been reaching for lighter teas – those with whites and green bases and fruity flavors. I attribute this preference to the warmer weather. And yet, tonight, I wanted something rich and dark and flavorful – something I could hold in my hands to warm me up and with a scent that is cozy and comforting. Honestly, I was thinking about Nutmeg Cream but I figured I should focus on swap teas and older teas first before diving into that. Plus, last time I had it, it was rather astringent. Then, I considered Brioche and as I rummaged through my draws, I remembered the sample of this tea, courtesy of the amazing Roswell Strange that definitely reminded me of Brioche tea, at least when it came to smell. So I settled on this because it was both a swap tea and one I felt could fit my mood.

Brewed up, the smell is definitely something that is fun to just hold and sniff (wow, that sounds weird). Like Brioche, it is bready and nutty and reminiscent of delicious baked goods. Yum! Unfortunately, compared to Brioche, this falls a bit short. It has the nuttiness but lacks the bready element I love so much. Also, it is a touch more astringent than I would like. That is not to say it is not a good tea in its own right, but seeing as I have Brioche in quantity in my cupboard, I don’t think I will be stocking this anytime soon. Nonetheless, I am grateful to Roswell Strange for the chance to try something new so thank you tea twin!!!

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Had this as an evening tea a few night ago; it was it’s usual decadent, spectacular nutty self! I’ve working towards a sipdown on it right now, but I absolutely have plans to pick up at least another 50g more next time I’m in Regina.

It’s just so damn good, but I could use the extra cupboard space just for the time being.

Flavors: Apple, Butter, Candied Apple, Nuts, Pastries


OOooohh next time you are in Regina, what would it take for me to persuade you to pick up some for me??? Also Ice Princess :P

Roswell Strange

Not a lot. Can definitely do :P Not sure when that’ll be, though.


Yay!! And no worries, I am in no rush. I have quite a bit of tea to tide me over.

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drank Ice Princess by Cuppa'T Specialty Teas
4818 tasting notes

roswell strange sent this one my way and i’m glad that she did. While it’s not the crazy intensly delicious melon flavour that lupicia has…it is also a black tea! and that makes me happy. I much prefer this one of the black melon that the teafairy sent me. I’m finding this one to be just the right balance of fruit and black tea today. Thanks a bunch RS!

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I put roughly 5 teaspoons of mix to steep into 1 litre/35 oz of cold water for approx 22 hours. The result is a pink/red liquid (watermelon coloured) that has a sweet, refreshing yet tart fruit scent. Very dragon fruity.

Flavour is very sweet with a slight tart after taste but liquid is quite thick and sugar syrup like. Similar to some instant iced tea mixes I’ve had before (I think they were Lipton). My cup even has some sort of white sugar like substance on the bottom, if I hadn’t known it was a fruit mix my guess would have been instant blend. Despite that though this is very nice, the flavour is nice, clean and refreshing yet it has enough sweetness to work well as an iced tea and a pinch of sour to stop it being too sweet. Fruit flavour wise it is heavy on the dragon fruit but also has a peach, mango and light mixed berry tones.

I have enough for another cold steep with the same parameters so I will do that for tomorrow, two of my husbands brothers are over for a drink and sleepover before they go to Wembley on Saturday to watch a football finals match. I don’t see them often, I live in Leicester and my husband is from Derby but moved here for me and though our cities are next to each other his family rarely visit and I rarely visit them. I’m putting it down to the fact that none of us can drive. Still it will be nice to have family over and this iced tea will be great with a splash of vodka or scotch :) Party iced tea.

Iced 5 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

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I believe this tea was from Lala so thank you Lala for my night time cuppa.

Once steeped the tea smells like almond, it’s sweet and nutty yet light and with some rooibos scent. Like a sugar almond sweet mixed with rooibos.

Flavour isn’t as almond like, in-fact it’s thickly rooibos with an almond after taste. Has some sweetness though it’s more from the rooibos than the almond and there is dryness in the after taste.

Not as nice in flavour as it was in scent but it wasn’t a bad rooibos blend, it was something I happily finished a pot of which is a rarity for me and rooibos. The almond just gives it a nice subtle touch.

Flavors: Nuts

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 5 g 20 OZ / 600 ML

It was me, and you are welcome.

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Sipdown (175/181)!

This whole being sick thing blows! Everyone is drinking tasty teas and getting lots of sipdowns and here I am; haven’t written a tasting note in three bloody days, everything hurts like a motherfucker and I can count the number of teas I’ve had over the last three days practically on one hands!

I miss my tea!

I’m praying to the Gods that when I wake up tomorrow, on my day off, I’ll feel better and miraculously healthy so I can drink some good stuff! If I’m still sick that’ll make for seven days in a row… Wah!

But yeah; tea and stuff. It was peachy; too peachy. I didn’t like it this time around but I needed it, because the thirst from breaking down pallets is a thing. A BAD MOTHERFUCKING THING. So even though it made me wince with its peachy peachness not a single drop went to waste.

Not gonna miss this.


feel better now


I want peachy peachness! I will try to hunt this down. Also feel better.

Roswell Strange

Oh shit! I totally should have saved some of this for you for project peach… If I’m in Regina again anytime soon I’ll pick up some for you!

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My swap arrived from Roswell Strange!

This one is tasty! The melon comes through clearly and the base tea is neither over- nor underwhelming. It is slightly strange to have a melon black tea, but it actually works really well.

Thanks Roswell Strange!

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I waited in all day for a re-delivery that failed to actually be re-delivered, my early morning and severe tiredness from lack of sleep was all for nought. Now I just have to hope my parcel isn’t being sent back to Asia, customer services said they will contact me in a few days. Pft, bloody Royal Mail!

Now I’m tying to relax by watching House MD (on my fourth or fifth re-watch in completion) and by sampling this tea, I do love almond and am in need of something sweet.

Served with a splash of milk. Once steeped it has a subtle nutty scent (like almond and walnut ie sweet yet creamy) and a hint of cinnamon spice.

It tastes strongly of mixed roasted nuts which is a little dry with some sweetness in the after taste. I think it’s one of the nuttiest teas I’ve ever tasted, though I’m not digging it’s dryness (which nuts tend to be) I am liking the flavour. From time to time I do like nuts, I eat them often as their good for vegetarians. It tastes a little like candied almonds but more like old stock from a pub machine that isn’t used often.

I do like this one, not sure if it would be something I would purchase (if I could) but I could certainly drink it again happily.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Nuts

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML

Loooove House. I miss that show. I don’t want reruns though, I want more new episodes. :)

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Cracked this bad boy open this evening! The 50g sealed package has been sitting in my closet since buying it in January and I just thought to myself “Hey, why not!?”.

Man was it ever good! It both makes me feel good for delaying opening it because it feels extra special and rewarding now, but I also am a tiny bit sad I could have been drinking it but haven’t been. But hey, I get to enjoy it now and that’s what counts!

The tea tasted really similar to something I’ve had recently but I’m heavily struggling to figure out what. Regardless, it had delightful notes of fresh baking – not bread, but similar to bread. There was also a sweet, borderline marzipan like nutty quality from the candied almond slivers, and a light dash of sweet cinnamon to give the whole mix a little depth and character. It was a very nice evening tea!

This is something I can see myself taking outside to enjoy in the backyard at like midnight. Just a serene sort of warm cuppa to cradle while looking at the stars…

Mental note to myself: drink more tea in the giant backyard you now have but haven’t put to use since moving!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Cinnamon, Nuts

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I can’t put off trying something I ordered that long :) Sounds like a good one. The name makes me thing of Teavana’s Caramel Almond Amaretti (which to me tasted like roasted candy almonds when I bought a cup at the store) or Davids Forever Nuts which I have a sample of that I need to try.


We bought our house eight years ago, and I still feel like I’m not making proper use of our yard. I spend a lot of time working on it but not near enough time enjoying it.


Sounds yummy!

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Taking advantage of the day off to try some new teas! This one was a birthday present from my mom from a local loose leaf tea shop; it’s not one I asked for and not a flavour I would have ever chosen for myself, so I’m a bit surprised how much I’m actually liking it.

I think the orange flavour is the best part of this one: it’s not soapy, which I find is a real issue with orange flavouring in rooibos blends, and is in fact very juicy and fresh tasting in a pretty natural way. It’s also relatively sweet. The nuttyness in this blend is also present but in a more subtle “lurking in the background” kind of way. As for spice? Not really all that present – which is odd because there’s a metric butt fuck of peppercorn in the dry leaf: something which is very responsible for why I was so hesitant to try this one initially…

Also, I might as well post this here: There are a couple 52Teas blends that I’m looking to get rid of. I don’t want to trade them: I’m just looking to decrease the amount of black tea in my cupboard which I currently don’t drink. If no one is interested here I’ll just post them in the “Take it Away” thread. Also, my preference is that they go to the same person – but if I need to split them to get rid of them that’s ok too. Only shipping within North America, though…

- Maple Bacon
- Pancake Breakfast (and possibly)
- Butterbeer

All are in their original packaging, but not sure exactly much is left of each one.

EDIT: There are a few Tea Desire blends I’m ok with parting with too. I’ll list those ones here as well, and same deal as before: I’ll ship anywhere within North America and would prefer if I didn’t have to split them. Original packaging, etc.

- Oreo Cookie
- Amaretto
- Walnut Orange


I would happily take all of them off your hands and paypal you the shipping fee if you would like :)

Roswell Strange

Done (but I don’t need the shipping fee back from you)! I already have your shipping info so I’ll send all six out to you as soon as I can (either Wednesday before work or Thursday since that’s payday). I’m gonna try and get in one more cup of each though – if you don’t mind: I’d like to give them each a proper “farewell”.


Haha sure thing! Hope they are good farewells! I just sent you a message…I would be happy to add any of the teas listed as a “Thank You” for being so generous :)

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Twelve hour cold brew for work. I actually remembered to keep my water bottle in the fridge during my shift so it was perfectly icy fresh all day! Basically as refreshing as could possibly be! I definitely needed it too, my shift was pretty iffy.

We started out the day just completely fucking swamped with last minute Easter shoppers who cleared out all our Easter stock, including the candy and baskets. For the rest of the day we had pissed off shoppers upset that we were sold out of Easter stuff. I pretended to be apologetic to all of them; but really after the third or fourth I just wanted to shout at all of them “if you needed Easter candy this badly you shouldn’t have waited until the last minute!”.

Then the other keyholder who was supposed to be closing with me (it’s a two person job; one for paperwork and one for cash) called in and said she wasn’t showing up. So, I had to get a cashier to stay the extra hour for closing – but I still had to do all the work (paperwork and cash) because she had no closing training/wasn’t a keyholder. She still had to be there though, because since I’m handling thousands of dollars two people must be present for security reasons…


This was pretty decent as a drink though; it was like a combination of Tim Horton’s peach drink and an overripe peach puree, heavy on the “stone” taste of the stone fruit. You all know that taste; it’s hard to explain but very distinct.

Other than that, I didn’t pick up a whole lot of other flavours.


ugh, retail. We certainly had our fair share of cranky customers today!


I gotta admit, I was one of those last-minute shoppers yesterday. We were at the local grocery and I really wanted to get a cheesecake. They didn’t have any in the display, but they did have some at the back. After a few minutes I came back and they had one ready for me, but I felt so bad – the ladies who were working the bakery looked like they were crazy-busy, what with all of the cakes and putting special icing on cookies and cupcakes. I bet the shift couldn’t end quickly enough.

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Another from Roswell Strange!

I saw both Roswell Strange and VariaTEA had this one cold, so I thought I would take the road less travelled.

This one is reminding me of Watermelon Mint Chiller from Teavana, because yes that one tasted like raspberry. This one isn’t bad at all. I am tempted to cold-brew it, but I’m not getting any coffee-like flavours, and I don’t think I want them haha.

Thanks Roswell Strange!

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I’m internally freaking the fuck out right now. For several reason though – some of which are tea related, and some of which are not.

1. This cup is sweet and fruity, and buttery and pastry like, and nutty and just DELICIOUS. It’s heaven in a cup, and very needed to help keep me from freaking out even more about reason #2.

2. I just finished watching the double eviction episode of BBCan2 and it was an emotional roller-coaster of emotions and hurt. On one hand, some of my favourites got more power and are safe and on the other one of my favourites (the sexy bearded guy) was blindsided and sent home. Literal fangirl tears right now…

3. I’m almost out of this tea, which is crushing. Not sure when I’ll be able to buy more again…

4. I burnt all of my mozza fingers, and that was supper for the night. Boo.


Just the name of this tea makes me want some. YUM! (Sorry about your night.)

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This is actually a decent rooibos. I’m always wary of rooibos, since I generally do not enjoy it at all. With the one exception of Fauchon’s L’Automne. Sigh.

The rooibos base here doesn’t overtake the other ingredients completely, which is great. The apple is apparent, though I’m not so sure about the pistachio or strudel aspect. There is something dimming the apple a bit so those things are there, just not distinguishable to me. Overall, an enjoyable cup, especially for a rooibos.

Thanks Roswell Strange!


This is definitely a good rooibos.


Sounds like a good one. I prefer when the rooibos isn’t an apparent flavor of the tea, but blends well with other flavors. L’Automne is great … I agree!

Roswell Strange

I actually just made a cup of this…

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Apologies for the TMI, but I just felt the need to share that I just made hot, sloppy, passionate love with the Ice Princess, and now we’re going for round two. Keychange might have her love affair with The Queen, and VariaTEA might have her thing with Japon, but I think what the Ice Princess and I have is pretty real too!

But no, in all seriousness; this tea is AMAZING. It’s the best vanilla/melon/mint/whatever is actually in this tea I’ve ever had and every cup is pretty damn spectacular. I still have probably around 30g of this one left, but already I’m feeling that sense of impending panic that it’s not going to be enough and that I’m going to run out and not be able to restock.

That last part might be kind of true; you can’t really order online from Cuppa’T, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back in Regina next to pick more up. But you can be sure that I will when I do make it back there again, whenever it is.

You know what though? It feels silly, but if I had to describe this tea in one word (I mean, it’s pretty hard to describe using as many words as you want; the flavour is just so damn unique) it’d probably be melancholy.

But yeah; can’t wait for my next love making session with my princess.

Flavors: Green Melons, Melon, Vanilla


I NEED MORE OF THIS ONE TOO!!! It is soooo amazing!!!


You should try Lupicia’s Melon Oolong. You would be a fan.


why not just call them and order? you’ll have to give them a CC number, but if you’re enamoured a well placed call will bring you your princess in all likelihood… 1.306.352.4411 =0)


Holy shit I need to try this!

Roswell Strange

@James, it’s easier to just wait until I’m in town next. It’s bound to happen eventually, all my family lives there and I don’t think I can escape them forever. Jules (the woman who owns Cuppa’T) is pretty fantastic, but I think she only does large orders through calls/online – and I just want the one tea (or two, if she has Dragonfruit Cranberry back in stock).

Roswell Strange

@Keychange, remind me to add some to our next swap, whenever that happens to be.


it does quite awesome……
ew family…. sorry, that’s me and mine.
most of my family live on the island together-ish….. we avoid each other like the plague but use the excuse ‘sorry, i’ve been busy,’


it does SOUND quite awesome. sigh. semester’s almost over….

Roswell Strange

Yeah, I feel your sentiments. The “ew family” ones, not the school ones – I’m not in Uni so I can’t relate to those ones.

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Sipdown (181/183)!

This is a cold brewed sip down; for a short six hour steep too, which is nice because it didn’t allow the sharp, fruity hibiscus to become overly drawn out and powerful enough to drown out the more subtle pumpkin flavour.

So, this is definitely more of a creamy pumpkin, with light fruitiness and apple notes and a wee bit of cinnamon. It’s one of the better cold brews I’ve produced of this, so I’m happy it’s the one I’m ending on. Better to leave on a nice note than a sour one – almost literally, in this case.

I wont be restocking though; it just wasn’t that good. I’m glad I tried something from a local store, though, and that I was able to share it a little with some other Steepster members (even if they didn’t really like it much either).

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Sipdown!! (169)

Thank you so much Roswell Strange for sparing some of this for me to try. This is a hard one to say good bye to as I think it is my favourite melon tea, as in I think I like this even more than Butiki’s Cantaloupe and Cream. It captures the flavor of honey dew perfectly, which is not an easy feat as it is a pretty subtle flavor to begin with. Plus, on top of all that melony goodness, there is a nice hint of vanilla sweetness. Delicious!!

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