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Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing so much of this with me. I brewed up some of this at my friend’s place however she doesn’t have a kettle so we are using the pot on the stovetop method of water heating. Then we just waited a long time for it to cool. Unfortunately I think we waited too long because the water was fairly cold and even after steeping for like 5 minutes, this tastes like generic sweet, fruity water. I will have to try this again when I am reunited with my fancy kettle.

Roswell Strange

BUT DID YOU TASTE THE COFFEE!? (Also, I had this today too).


No. Literally just sweet water. And of course you did. We are just bound to live parallel lives.

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Sipdown (175/181)!

This whole being sick thing blows! Everyone is drinking tasty teas and getting lots of sipdowns and here I am; haven’t written a tasting note in three bloody days, everything hurts like a motherfucker and I can count the number of teas I’ve had over the last three days practically on one hands!

I miss my tea!

I’m praying to the Gods that when I wake up tomorrow, on my day off, I’ll feel better and miraculously healthy so I can drink some good stuff! If I’m still sick that’ll make for seven days in a row… Wah!

But yeah; tea and stuff. It was peachy; too peachy. I didn’t like it this time around but I needed it, because the thirst from breaking down pallets is a thing. A BAD MOTHERFUCKING THING. So even though it made me wince with its peachy peachness not a single drop went to waste.

Not gonna miss this.


feel better now


I want peachy peachness! I will try to hunt this down. Also feel better.

Roswell Strange

Oh shit! I totally should have saved some of this for you for project peach… If I’m in Regina again anytime soon I’ll pick up some for you!

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Twelve hour cold brew for work. I actually remembered to keep my water bottle in the fridge during my shift so it was perfectly icy fresh all day! Basically as refreshing as could possibly be! I definitely needed it too, my shift was pretty iffy.

We started out the day just completely fucking swamped with last minute Easter shoppers who cleared out all our Easter stock, including the candy and baskets. For the rest of the day we had pissed off shoppers upset that we were sold out of Easter stuff. I pretended to be apologetic to all of them; but really after the third or fourth I just wanted to shout at all of them “if you needed Easter candy this badly you shouldn’t have waited until the last minute!”.

Then the other keyholder who was supposed to be closing with me (it’s a two person job; one for paperwork and one for cash) called in and said she wasn’t showing up. So, I had to get a cashier to stay the extra hour for closing – but I still had to do all the work (paperwork and cash) because she had no closing training/wasn’t a keyholder. She still had to be there though, because since I’m handling thousands of dollars two people must be present for security reasons…


This was pretty decent as a drink though; it was like a combination of Tim Horton’s peach drink and an overripe peach puree, heavy on the “stone” taste of the stone fruit. You all know that taste; it’s hard to explain but very distinct.

Other than that, I didn’t pick up a whole lot of other flavours.


ugh, retail. We certainly had our fair share of cranky customers today!

Christina / BooksandTea

I gotta admit, I was one of those last-minute shoppers yesterday. We were at the local grocery and I really wanted to get a cheesecake. They didn’t have any in the display, but they did have some at the back. After a few minutes I came back and they had one ready for me, but I felt so bad – the ladies who were working the bakery looked like they were crazy-busy, what with all of the cakes and putting special icing on cookies and cupcakes. I bet the shift couldn’t end quickly enough.

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Cold brewed this while I was at work, and when I got home i immediately strained it and started to drink it. I’m trying really hard to remember what I wrote last time, but I know I had some difficulties finishing it and something was bugging me. Some sort of weird taste…

Whatever was bugging me isn’t anymore though; a shorter cold steep time must have been the solution.

This tastes flavourful and refreshing with sweet peach, apricot, and… pear(!?) notes. It’s pretty decent overall – and better from what I’m remembering it being. So that’s a pretty good thing. I still don’t have the “fireworks” I’ve been wanting all day, though! I think, once I finish this any my other timolino tea, I’m going to break out the stuff from Dexter and see if I have some success…

Still; this has improved and that gives me hope!

EDIT: I realize this is all over the place. It took me like 40 minute to write it; I kept getting very distracted by loads of different things and my thoughts weren’t coherent.

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Part of my birthday present from my mom/little sister. I didn’t ask for this one, but I was still pretty happy to receive it because it’s yet another blend for me to try cold brewing! It smells pretty good; like fuzzy peach candy without the sour sugar (so just the chewy peach part) and apples. It also has the same “stony”/pitt and overripe smell/quality that I thought RiverTea’s Sweet Helen pear blend had. How interesting.

The leaf cold brewed for nine hours, and I can’t figure out whether or not it needed more of less time sitting, because as far as the taste goes it’s a little… funky?

Like, there’s a sweetness to the tea and I am reminded of overripe peaches and faintly of pineapple – but there’s also this background flavoured that reminds me of unsweetened apple juice or applesauce, and I think that’s the flavour that really lingers the longest. It’s not all that lovely. Maybe it’s the chamomile doing weird things, or maybe it’s just my general fickleness towards peach.

My theory, anyway, is that less steep time would maybe make this softer with less of the weird underlying taste or that more steep time would make this juicier and cover up the ickyness. The fear? That either way the ick will be more noticeable (either because there’s less peach in the case of less steep time or because it’s gotten stronger from more steep time). There’s room for experimentation, though! And – I can always still try this one hot too!

Flavors: Apricot, Peach, Stonefruits

Iced 8 min or more 5 tsp 25 OZ / 739 ML

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Sad Sipdown (114)!

This is a queued tasting note.

Cold brew to finish off this tasty, but “out of season” blend. The melon was very exaggerated with lots of sweet vanilla notes to soften it up, and a brisker, more bold black base than usual. I love this blend but having the extra tin space for incoming Dammann Freres blends is probably a good thing, and this is not a blend I’ll be drinking regularly during the summer.

More than likely I’m going to be going up to Regina again for Christmas though, so I’ll stop in to Cuppa’T like I usually do and take a look to see if they’ve brought it back for the Winter season – I’d definitely like to get to drink this one again.

Today’s word of the day is… Pittance.

Pittance is “a small portion or allowance, especially of money”. It’s funny; this last paycheck I kind of started doing that with my money without knowing there was a word for that. I just considered it a kind of budgeting. But basically I set aside the amount of money I normally do for rent/food and stuff, and then I divided the rest of the money by the amount of days left before next payday – the number is the amount of spending money/impulse money I have each day, and if I want to spend more than that I have to not spend money on a prior day. It’s working well so far!


I do miss this tasty tea!

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Drinking this right now for breakfast (last note to write; I’m caught up after this one). It’s got that usual vanilla/melon flavour, and then also a milder mintiness to it. Unfortunately I gave it maybe two minutes too long steeping, so there’s a bitter edge that’s actually making me feel a little nauseated drinking.

I don’t think that bitterness would usually make me feel sick; it’s likely just that I’ve yet to have anything to eat today so my stomach is especially flippy floppy. Maybe if the girl at the store next door isn’t too busy I’ll ask her to watch my Kiosk for a few minutes, and I’ll go grab something from the food court…

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Made in my timolino, and I drank about half of it hot at work and it was delicious (I shared a bit with Bobbi and she liked it too; which is very redeeming since the last one I shared was the awful Mujicha). However, then I came home from work and still had half a timolino with tea, and as I expressed in my Coconut Grove note this morning I fell asleep soon after getting home…

Well, I’m drinking the second half of the timolino now; and it’s gone ice cold. For perspective, this was made over 24 hours ago. But you know what, it still holds up really well. I mean, it’s a bit bitter which wasn’t the case yesterday when I had it hot; but it’s still very flavourful with lots of really yummy vanilla/melon notes (and banana?). I think if you made this one iced by flash chilling it (as opposed to letting it sit 24 hours) it’d be really good!

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Apologies for the TMI, but I just felt the need to share that I just made hot, sloppy, passionate love with the Ice Princess, and now we’re going for round two. Keychange might have her love affair with The Queen, and VariaTEA might have her thing with Japon, but I think what the Ice Princess and I have is pretty real too!

But no, in all seriousness; this tea is AMAZING. It’s the best vanilla/melon/mint/whatever is actually in this tea I’ve ever had and every cup is pretty damn spectacular. I still have probably around 30g of this one left, but already I’m feeling that sense of impending panic that it’s not going to be enough and that I’m going to run out and not be able to restock.

That last part might be kind of true; you can’t really order online from Cuppa’T, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back in Regina next to pick more up. But you can be sure that I will when I do make it back there again, whenever it is.

You know what though? It feels silly, but if I had to describe this tea in one word (I mean, it’s pretty hard to describe using as many words as you want; the flavour is just so damn unique) it’d probably be melancholy.

But yeah; can’t wait for my next love making session with my princess.

Flavors: Green Melons, Melon, Vanilla


I NEED MORE OF THIS ONE TOO!!! It is soooo amazing!!!


You should try Lupicia’s Melon Oolong. You would be a fan.


why not just call them and order? you’ll have to give them a CC number, but if you’re enamoured a well placed call will bring you your princess in all likelihood… 1.306.352.4411 =0)


Holy shit I need to try this!

Roswell Strange

@James, it’s easier to just wait until I’m in town next. It’s bound to happen eventually, all my family lives there and I don’t think I can escape them forever. Jules (the woman who owns Cuppa’T) is pretty fantastic, but I think she only does large orders through calls/online – and I just want the one tea (or two, if she has Dragonfruit Cranberry back in stock).

Roswell Strange

@Keychange, remind me to add some to our next swap, whenever that happens to be.


it does quite awesome……
ew family…. sorry, that’s me and mine.
most of my family live on the island together-ish….. we avoid each other like the plague but use the excuse ‘sorry, i’ve been busy,’


it does SOUND quite awesome. sigh. semester’s almost over….

Roswell Strange

Yeah, I feel your sentiments. The “ew family” ones, not the school ones – I’m not in Uni so I can’t relate to those ones.

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Looks like the houseguests cleared challenge #2, and now they’re onto challenge #3 and have to tether themselves together. Should be interesting…

I really wish I had the ingredients list for this blend because it’s fascinating in flavour but very hard to describe. I love it though. I can see this as an instant favourite and something I’d need to always have stocked. I just don’t own anything like it.

Pretty much, I get a very light black base with no bitterness or astringency, and then sweet notes of vanilla (this flavour is strong), some kind of mint (I want to say wintergreen), melon, and some very light (and not “rind” or “Pledge like”) lemon. But no clue how accurate that ingredients list/summary is. I don’t even have a product description for this one – which is a little frustrating. Maybe I’ll email Jule (the owner) and ask for the ingredients list. I know it’s there in store, but this blend isn’t up on the site. She was really helpful when I wanted the list of ingredients for the Pumpkin Pie Fruit Tea she sells.

But yes – I adore this one already, and fear that it’s going to be quickly consumed. If you’re up in Regina and can stop at the store, I highly recommend picking this one up! It’s enchanting.

Flavors: Melon, Vanilla


Sounds quite tasty :)

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Finally have this in my cupboard!

I really regretted not picking it up when I went to Cuppa’T early/mid January – so I made a request for it from my family in Regina to get as a birthday tea! My mom may have goofed and picked up some less than stellar looking blends instead of my precious Monk’s Blend – but she delivered by picking this one up!

I wish I had an ingredients list – but it smells/tastes like some glorious combinations of vanilla, lemon, and wintergreen mint. Mmm! It also has these amazing sugar snowflake crystals which are so cute, and as I learned today delicious.

This was my Dad’s pick for tea this afternoon and I couldn’t resist stealing some to try. It’s in the kitchen cupboard right now, because I’m going to need a cup to myself sooner rather than later!

Also, that’s the last of the backlog! Hip hip hooray! So, yay for hopefully not getting this backlogged again for a long time.

Reserving my rating until I’ve had a cup to myself.


The way you describe this makes it seem so tasty!

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I have a lot of green teas in my cupboard. I used to kind of like green tea so I bought a bunch of different kinds of tea, some large amounts, some samples, some straight, some flavoured, a couple bagged, the rest loose. I was just trying things out.

Then I decided I am not the hugest green tea fan. I much prefer dark roasted oolongs and black teas. I don’t mind greens, but I have much more in my cupboard than is feasible to drink. But like any good tea drinker [addict], I will keep them in my cupboard until I drink them, or drink most of them.

In saying that, I do like to have a small cup (4oz) of green tea after lunch at work, I have to a lot (and I mean A LOT) of talking/verbal teaching at work. No matter what I eat for lunch, I always feel bloated and burp-y when I have to immediately launch into a speech after lunch. So I like to have a bit of green tea which seems to help calm my lunch-stomache. Of all green teas, sencha is my all time favorite, dragon well is a close second, but I like to have my sencha. And some of you may or may not agree, but it is hard to find a good sencha.

I picked this one up at my local tea shop. It smells like delicious sencha. Like buttered steamed greens. The taste is a bit bland. Not as strong as the smell. I would like it to be a bit more buttery. But it is smooth and silky. The vegetal part of the green tea is a bit more steamed cabbage than steemed spinach. I will definitely be able to drink this at work. I may try for a bit longer steep next time.

170 °F / 76 °C 1 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I’ve not been in the mood for Pu Erh lately but I can always drink cinnamon based teas, and as this one was fairly chosen at random I will try this tea next. I don’t think I’ve tried a cinnamon based Pu Erh before so this will be a new experience.

I’m happy to say that this is cinnamon bark and not the ground spice, the spice is nice but too much in a blend makes it dry and bitty…not good. But with this I can see the Pu Erh and medium to small pieces of bark amongst the leaves, and it smells sooo good. Like cinnamon candy. :)

The strong cinnamon scent matches the flavour, it’s wonderfully cinnamon heavy which is both sweet and spicy, also rather thick. I can also taste the Pu Erh a little, I think the earthiness of it works well with the cinnamon. I also think that the Pu Erh base helps to keep it lighter, while it’s think it could easily be thicker (for example if it had a black tea base it might be too thick).

I really like this blend, it’s rather basic but very tasty and something I would recommend to my fellow cinnamon lovers. I could actually drink quite a bit of this tea, it’s yummy. Reminds me of a few Della Terra heavy cinnamon based teas.

Flavors: Cinnamon

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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This tea is one I took from the GCTTB.

I like it. It’s almond – in an amaretto sort of way and it’s rooibos. That’s all the name promises, and that’s what it is.
Sweet, tasty works for me.

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Sipdown (119)!

Another tea that I knew would be a sipdown the next time I had it, but wanted to wait until I had found something to refill the tin with before making it. And since last time I made a major grocery shopping trip I grabbed some of Tea Squared’s Honey Fig Tree I feel like that time has come.

Being honest; this tea is basically juice. But the best motherfucking juice. It’s refreshing and hydrating and the dragonfruit flavour is so clear and well conveyed! Plus, the other fruit flavors are on fleek. Now that I’m living in Regina again I’m hoping that, come summer when this gets restocked, grabbing more will be more of a cakewalk because there never seems to be enough of this tea. It’s perfect.


I was wondering why you were replacing this but I see it’s just not available now lol. Also, I giggled at “on fleek”. You are pretty great :)

Roswell Strange

I wish it was available now; but Jule only orders it in the summer and it’s a really popular/fast selling blend unfortunately so it never sticks around long.


I am definitely getting more of this too!


This sounds amazing. I wish they shipped to the US.

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This is a queued tasting note.

I wonder if Jules, at Cuppa T, still has any of this in stock; I’d love to pick more up! Since moving back to Regina I haven’t made a trip down to the Cathedral area to shop at Cuppa T even if I’d been meaning to.

I’ve done a really remarkable job with hoarding the 100g I bought over a year ago but I’m nearly out now and not only is this probably the best cold brew ever but whenever I do end up steeping it up instead of hoarding it’s next to impossible to not pick some of the dry leaf out of the tin too. This cold brew thankfully ended up well balanced though: I could taste every ingredient/element of the tea except for the Sea Buckthorn and Pineapple which is a success because I was a little worried I’d eaten too much of the actual dragonfruit pieces…

Since dragonfruit appears to be ‘officially’ out of season again and no longer in grocery stores I’m gonna have to rely on this tisane for my dragonfruit fix.


I haven’t had this one in so long! It is so refreshing!


Sounds like it would be lovely on ice as well!

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This made for a SUPER delightful coldbrew today at work!

The flavour of the dragonfruit was sadly very masked, but the strong juicy blueberry, cranberry, chokeberry, and goji notes more than made up for it since they came together to create a very smooth, refreshing sweet medley of berry flavours. Absolutely no sweetener necessary.

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Tea Soda!

Made as the ‘last tea of the night’ last night, and it was pretty much perfect in every way possible. The sugar used to make the simple syrup proved to be exactly what was needed to really bring out the natural flavour of the dragonfruit and make this a sweet, truly ‘dragonfruit dominated’ drink.

However, the cranberry did cut in a little bit to provide a touch of sharpness, but it was nice because it made the tea/soda feel a little more fleshed out and well rounded. Not that soda really needs to have a whole bunch of “layers” to it, though – I mean most soda is just a monotone or duotone flavour anyway.

I also felt like I tasted a bit of guava and fig, but more in the background. Really, really good regardless though! I definitely want to try it again but may not; this is a heavy blend so 100g doesn’t really stretch that far…

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Cold Brew!

This one was a sort of surprise find in December when I was in Regina, and stopped at Cuppa’T to pick some stuff up. I hadn’t expected to see this available for purchase since it’s one of Cuppa’T’s summer blends and last year when I was hunting for it back in January and March I was told it’d be unavailable until the summer – and then I wasn’t back in the summer to look for it!

I’ve had this one once previously, but I adored it. Seeing it again and fearing I wouldn’t see it again anytime soon after I purchased 100g of it hoping that my tastes hadn’t drastically changed in the year since having it, and that I’d still love it.

- As amazing as I remember it being!
- Strong notes of dragonfruit, sweet cranberry, and passion fruit(?)
- Not sure about the passion fruit since it’s not in the blend; that’s what I got though
- Lesser notes of kiwi/pineapple/blueberry
- It’s just so juicy and flavourful with an ALMOST “punch” like quality
- Uber refreshing! Not too juice like or sickly/sticky sweet

The fact this tasted as perfect as I’ve built it up to be in my head was such a big relief!

EDIT: I should note, that because of this tea I’ve started eating actual dragonfruit!

Even though, for a fruit, it’s pretty expensive I’ve been aiming to eat at least one (but usually more) a week! It’s delightful in fruit salad or cut into fine cubes with just a small splash of white rum mixed with it. The fruit itself isn’t super flavourful and there’s a high water content, but what you can taste is phenomenal.

It doesn’t dethrone Pineapple as my favourite fruit – but it’s up there! Top 3 favourite fruits for sure!


Omg this sounds AMAZING!

Roswell Strange

For the record, since you have easy access, the closest I’ve ever seen another tea come to this one is the Dragonberry blend from Cornelia Bean!

Roswell Strange

Actually, I just looked up the two and they have identical ingredients – though I’ve had both, and I think the Cuppa’T blend has more dragonfruit in it than the CB one?


I feel like fresh-picked dragon fruit would be amazing. I don’t trust most exotic fruits in stores :P

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Sipdown (202/205)!

Thank you very much Lala for the sample of this! I was really disappointed when it wasn’t in stock during my trip to Cuppa’T, so it was amazing to receive a sample and get the opportunity to try it out despite that, since it was one of the few teas I was looking for ahead of time when I went.

I made this up at a cold brew in my mason jar, and that used up the whole sample. To be perfectly honest, I was a little worried it’s be underleafed for the full 25 oz. but when I strained it this morning after a full 12 hour steep, it looked and smelled pretty well steeped up.

Taste wise, this is amazing! It’s very flavourful without being too strong – in fact it kind of reminds me of the pink dragonfruit vitamin water that I used to sometimes get when I worked at the movie theatre. That was my favourite one that we sold, but it was also really expensive and honestly probably more sugar than vitamins. But anyway, what I’m getting at is that this is definitely very strongly dragonfruit flavoured which is great because I was worried that the cranberry would be too strong. I actually don’t know whether or not I’d realize there’s cranberry in this if it wasn’t in the name and I hadn’t seen the large cranberry pieces before making this up.

For anyone who hasn’t had dragonfruit before, you really really should! It’s like a kiwi in texture, but the taste kinda citrusy and kind like melon. It’s just a really characteristic flavour overall once you’ve tried a few dragonfruit flavoured things. They’re also good chocolate dipped or with a little lemon juice on them.

Ultimately, this is delicious and I’m very, very sad to see it go. I’m hoping I’ll be up in Regina sometime this summer and I’ll be able to pick some of this up. I’d easily and without hesitation buy 100g of it, perhaps more because I know it’s a fruit blend so it’ll be heavy.

Amazing! And again, a thousand thanks Lala


Glad you liked it. I hope Jule brings it back in stock for this summer. I have been rationing what I have left of this.


The dragonfruit vitamin water was my favorite too!!

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This is another tea I took from the GCTTB.
I’m having a good time with this one tonight. I’m getting apple, I’m getting strudel (?) or sweet pastry something. I didn’t taste any pistachio, that’s disappoints me. I LOVE pistachio.
Steeped this using the MissB trick – I love how that works out.
All in all I liked this one. Nice to have an apple tea that isn’t ooooozing cinnamon.

Roswell Strange

Mmm, I love this one! It’s buried in my closet, but now I want to go find it…

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After the success of Apple Strudel Pistachio, I decided to try the second Cuppa’T Specialty Tea Roswell Strange sent to me in our most recent swap. This smells great and when my sip began, there was a nice pumpkin spice flavor but then it hit me…hibiscus. Ugh. My nemesis! I do not like being lied to and hibiscus is the biggest liar of them all – hiding in all the teas and then jumping out to surprise you with its tartness. Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing but this is just not for me. I probably should have read the ingredients more closely before asking to try it out.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

It’s okay. One miss among so many hits is not bad. I mean if I liked all the teas I would be in insane debt.

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