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drank Riot Proof by Custom-Adagio Teas
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Another gift sample from my friend KiTT!

Ok, first of all, I am not much of a TA fan, so no connection there, but the flavors in this blend are all the things I enjoy, gunpowder green, orange, a hint of spice. This day has been ramping upward since it started, feeling like a scene from Inception with the rioters getting closer and closer…so, by building a wall of green, a covering of gunpowder and the clear-eyed focus of orange, this tea is providing the protection I need.

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Thank you “KeenTeaThyme” for sending me such a generous sample of this deliciously creative tea. I was surprised to get a taste of toasted marshmallow. I tasted a hint towards the end of the sip. Overall, I wish it was a bit stronger in flavor but I will say it is smooth and just the right amount of smokiness. Yum!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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2nd infusion – just as tasty as the first. Sweet!

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I’m continuing the tradition of not rating my own teas. Since Vampire Lemonade is one of my Adagio creations, I’ll just comment on its awesomeness. (And I am beyond biased, here.)

Love the aroma – tangy and orangey. Fun! Summery!

Love the taste – like an orange lollipop. A sweet blend of juicy orange with white tangerine and mellow lemongrass makes this just pop!

Named Vampire Lemonade for its liquor – bright red.

Please note, I am not a Twilight fan. I am a fan of Vampires, though, as long as they are done right: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc. Not Twilight! OK, I’ve stated my piece.



If you like Vampires like me as well, you should watch the Hellsing OVA’s or read the manga(comic books)…

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Special Thanks to Rachel for this one! This has an amazing aroma! Just when I think Chai with Vanilla then I think Snickerdoodle, too! Maybe a cross between the two! It’s lovely! It ‘brews’ very dark and the flavor is super yummy! I can taste a perfect amount of the spices and a wonderfully-done vanilla but I can also taste the naturally-sweet notes of rooibos…it adds the sweetness of the rooibos without having that over-the-top stereotypical rooibos linger if you know what I mean. This exceeded my expectations and is a really great custom blend! WOW! Very nicely done!

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I won’t give this an official rating as it’s another one of my own blends.

BUT…I have to say I am REALLY liking this! WOW!

I can smell and taste each one of the featured flavors…Apricot, Orange, Vanilla. They are very nice. They are sweet. They place nice together. The flavor is pretty strong. The rooibos and honeybush are delightful but there are more flavors going on to make it much different than any other Honeybush/Rooibos I have tried so far.

Again…I’m REALLY liking this one…if I were to tag a rating on to this – officially – it would probably be in the lower 90s maybe higher with some tinkering…


I see an Adagio order in my future! This sounds yummy!

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Another one of my blends I will not be giving an official rating. I have many swap packages I am waiting to mail out this week and next week and after that am looking for people who might want to sample a few of my blends…I will include them in a mystery package – so you will be getting other teas too! If you are interested PM me. If I owe you a package I will be including some of them in your packages already.

This smells like spearmint, white tea, flowers, and Adagio’s Tropics! An interesting aroma. The Tangerine isn’t that strong aroma-wise.

As for the taste it’s tropical tasting like floral and and maybe a hint of coconut. I can taste the Tangerine and there are nice notes of the tangerine thru-out the sip. The mint isn’t overpowering and evens out the whole blend.

I have to say I am really enjoying this one. If you like tropical, citrus, mint…give this one a whirl!

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Because this is my own blend I will not be giving it an official rating.
This smells like white tea and blueberry.
The taste is mostly a blueberry flavored white. The black tea is barely there (by design).
This one is pretty good. If I were to rate I would say about an 80 or so. It comforting hot but I think it would be even better iced.


Sounds delish! How did I not see this?! It’s on my shopping list now…


More blueberry love. . . .Yum!

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Having another cup of this this morning! More cream and less berries today but still a nice treat! YUM!

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Another cup this morning…I suggest infusing for 3 minutes at the most so it doesn’t turn bitter…if you want it strong add more loose leaf but not a longer infusion time…just a heads up! I tried this last night just to see and there is a difference. My cup this morning is quite tasty, indeed!!! YUM!

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HOLY COW this aroma is CRAZY strong!

Before infusing it’s a strong lemon, tangerine, grapefruit combo
after infusing it’s a little bit mellower but still strong orange, lemon, white tea type

The color is a reddish-orange – very vibrant!

The taste is orange and tangerine and then lemon pops in. It’s puckery and tart but a good puckery-tart. I like that this has the White Tea in it…I think it would be too tarty for me with out it. Having said that…I really like this. Right now I am drinking it HOT and it’s a really good fruity flavored white tea and it is really true to it’s description.

I am looking forward to this iced…I am predicting it will be pretty freakin’ awesome!!!!


YAY! :) I haven’t even tried this yet (it’s one its way), so I’m so glad you liked it. And I agree, the white tea component must help keep it mellow. :)

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Since Nichole purchased my Krueger’s Kiss Blend I decided to buy this one of hers!

I have to say this aroma prior to infusing is truly amazing! It’s everything you would expect it to be…magnified!

I have a cherry and a half in this mixture AND 2 blueberries! I’m fairly excited to see what this will taste like based on the aroma!

After infusing the aroma is still cherries, berries, and creamy but also bakey – like danishes!

The post infusion liquid is VERY dark brown!

The taste is a nice surprise because the black tea base is strong which I really like and the cherry is a little bit more intense than the blueberry and the cream adds to the end sip on to the aftertaste. The flavors are present and delightful but blend well with the strong black tea! I really like this! Very nicely done!!!!!

I’m so glad I purchased this one!


I’m so glad it turned out :) and that you enjoyed it. :)


Oooh, sounds good…plus a pic of Andrew-Lee Potts! :) lol I am so boy crazy.

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Another one of my Custom Creations so I won’t be rating it officially…

Aroma before infusing: Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake was the first thing that come to mind
Aroma After infusing: Vanilla and Chocolate mostly with a hint of fruit. It also smells cake-like
Liquid Color: Dark Brown
Taste: A bold black tea with interesting flavors. The vanilla and chocolate meet in the middle but neither are too over powering. There are hints of berry hanging out in the background, too.
Aftertaste: mostly a cake-like black tea with sweet notes

This one turned out better than I expected. I am going to share with several people I am currently swapping with to see what they think :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I miss that show. Especially, Ronan and Shepard.


Nice review sounds yummy.


Rachana – I KNOW it!!! Me too! That’s why I created this blend, actually! :) BTW…I added a little bit to your box I am gathering to send your way!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Thanks, can’t wait to try it.

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Smells very much like Blueberry! Post infusion color is a light yellow-brown. The aroma tones down a little bit once infused. The taste is incredibly juicy and mouth-watering. It’s more white tea and blueberry than black tea…but I think that little bit of Black tea gives it some heft.

This is one of my blends so I am not going to give it an official rating but I will say I like it. I’m thinking 80s or so…I am eager to try this one ICED as well!


Sounds awesome!! Gotta love blueberry tea!

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drank Tea Burger by Custom-Adagio Teas
140 tasting notes

Yep, another tea I bought purely b/c it had an awesome name. . .But I’m going to wait on this one to give it a rating. . . .Right now all I’m tasting is the White Cucumber so its good but I think if I mess with the prep a bit more, I can get the other flavors to pop.

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drank Penzi by Custom-Adagio Teas
1589 tasting notes

Creamy blueberries! Yummy! This one tastes great with milk and sugar. It goes down smoothly. My boyfriend is going through this one fast!

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 30 sec

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