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drank Vanille by Dammann Freres
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Hmmm this is a nice vanilla black, and I haven’t had a tea from DF yet that I don’t like, but it doesn’t stand out as memorable. Other DF flavors, especially those with red fruits and Bourbon (wow so good!), have spoiled me and set a very high bar for DF. I have noticed that I don’t tend to appreciate straight vanilla teas as much but vanilla bean is my favorite ice cream, so I am always surprised.


My husband loves this one, he says it tastes like a vanilla cookie to him.


I really wanted to love this one! :(

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Sipdown (132)!

Thanks for the sample Liquid Proust, I had it today at work!

Since I haven’t done one in a while, I decided that I’d do a blind tasting with this blend! Obviously it’s got rose in it, but I wanted to see what I noticed by drinking my cold brew prior to do any reading on it. I actually had some interesting results this time around:

My immediate observation was that this was a highly floral from the rose but also from the natural floral notes of the greener oolong base; specifically I thought I picked up notes of both orchid and sweet jasmine. There were a few sips where the intensity of all the floral elements felt a little overwhelming and I definitely think those wary of floral teas in general will find this too much, but overall I think they were all pretty well balanced/in check.

The big surprised was that throughout the entire cold brew I kept tasting the same juicy fruit note that I thought tasted pretty obviously of lychee. I was quite surprised when I finally did look up the tea ingredients only to see that there’s no added lychee flavouring. For me, that flavour was unmistakably present. I suppose, since lychee is quite a floral fruit, all of the other floral components of this tea could have contributed to the flavour, though.

Regardless, I thought this was a really pleasant cold brew; quite refreshing and thankfully with flavours other than a flat, monotone rose note. I’d definitely revisit this one, perhaps trying it hot instead of cold brewed.

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Dammann Freres does great floral teas for sure.. but as for smoked, I don’t think they do it well at all.

This was kind of rough for me to get through which was surprising because the Lapsang Souchong I had in Japan made me smile with every sip (different company though)

I have so much of this too ____

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Such a good summer wake me up cup. I find I still drink hot tea for most of the nmorning as long as it isn’t too humid, or one of those days where it is 75 by 9am. Something about it is soothing to me. I enjoyed the fruity/nutty mix in this a lot, and love how this brand doesn’t underflavor the flavored teas.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Drowning myself 6-26-15 #3

I don’t believe I ordered this tea… but, whatever!
This has flowers in it… bleh… BUT, this is some mighty fine tea. Interestingly I resteeped this tea which I generally don’t do with white teas. I enjoyed this one for sure :)

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drank Citron Vert by Dammann Freres
418 tasting notes

I love this tea. The lime is balanced perfectly with the base and I have an awesome lime aftertaste in my mouth.

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drank Fleurilège by Dammann Freres
1250 tasting notes

How delicious are you, Fleurilège! Hazelnut marshmallow in the pouch and in the cup. And my tastebuds agree. Gooey hazelnut-crusted marshmallow. It even reminds my mom of s’mores. For anyone who has tried Bayswater’s Divine Temptation, it’s kind of like that but not as creamy and sugary. This would be splendid with milk and/or cream, I imagine.

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drank Bougainville by Dammann Freres
1250 tasting notes

Finally, finally thought it was time to write about these DF teas from the group order. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Marzipan for organizing it! I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

I’ve actually tried a few already but thought I’d write my first note about this one. Its fragrance isn’t as distinctive as some of the others I chose, meaning that I can’t detect the individual fruity notes of strawberry, fig, plum, etc. I can even say that about the flavour. The base is extremely smooth, but the flavour is like a slightly generic mix of dark fruits with a swirl of creamy vanilla. It’s tasty, but if I were to taste this blind, I couldn’t tell you, “Ah, that’s apricot. And strawberry! And there’s definitely some plum in here too.” I wouldn’t buy more but I’ll happily finish up the amount that I snagged.

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Thanks Marzipan for getting this order together. . .This tea is amazing cold brewed. So so good! Sweet Fruity iced tea goodness. This would be great with fresh berries in it. I already finished one pitcher and have another going. Haven’t even tried this hot yet.

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Having no idea what this was I just steeped it and drank away. For whatever reason I thought all the Dammann Freres teas were flavored, but let me know that I was wrong. This dark oolong is decent, but I don’t get the fruity notes that their website says that it has in it. The roasted oolong flavor is nice, but not as smooth as I woiuld want it to be.

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This is a splendid tea :)
The leaves are big, the smell is sweet, and the taste is complex in the good way.
Nice notes of sweetness, but the green oolong is still in there. I enjoyed resteeping this tea to watch the leaf just sit there and communicate “That’s right, I’m a boss” to me.
As for overall taste, I’m not too big on caramel with a lighter tea of any sort. For me, caramel compliments strong brisk flavors.

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A big thanks to Marzipan for being awesome and organizing a group buy for Dammann Freres.

I decided to drink through few of these tonight and started with the worst smelling one so they would get better :)
Not sure what the heck is going on this mix… there is really dark pieces of oolong and then green oolong in there. The battle for what this is suppose to taste like clashes against my taste buds and I have no idea what I should be tasting :(

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This is a queued tasting note.

Made the mistake of making this in a timolino on a morning where I was just really, really craving LS. It took three denture bathes to get the smoke smell out of the thermos. Wont be repeating that again…

With a splash of milk this was pretty tasty, but not as smooth as I remember it tasting the first time I brewed it up which is kind of odd ’cause milk is usually really good for smoothing out rougher/choppier blends. It was fairly smokey, with a bit of a leathery note to it. Some sweetness as well. Ultimately, I think I liked it better plain though.

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The ‘Crocodile’ in the name of this tea is certainly intimidating; I picture it snapping at you when you take a sip. Almost like getting whiplash from the intense smoke I suspect I’ll be tasting. The smell of the dry leaf certainly seems to support my theory; however some very quick research seems to indicate the name comes more from the fact this is a Formosa Lapsang Souchong, and less because it’s gonna bite me.

This is actually really good though it’s a little less naturally sweet than some of the other Lapsang Souchong blends I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s got a very brisk black base, and the smoky notes are indeed biting, but in a way that stimulates taste rather than assaults it. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and finally BBQ season but I’m picking up flavor notes that resemble the smell of burning hamburgers on a grill. The finish reminds me a little bit of molasses or those ‘tar candies’ that are sometimes given out around Halloween.

I enjoyed this one best when it was lukewarm; but the entire cuppa was pleasant. I don’t think I could call it any better or worse than another Lapsang Souchong though. It’s certainly very smoky; so if you like your Lapsang light I’d veer away from this blend.


One of our favorite lapsangs! My youngest daughter loves it. I think I read that it was called crocodile because it was loved by rugged men on safari or some such thing. LOL

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The oolong is very present, very vegetal. It smells heavenier than heaven but the caramel is not present enough in the cup in my opinion. The liquid is pretty light-coloured; I’m surprised about this since the oolongs I drank were usually darker (almost like a black tea). This one looks somewhere between a white and a green tea.Like it, will finish it, but not buying again.

Flavors: Vegetal

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drank Breakfast Tea by Dammann Freres
6865 tasting notes

picked up a couple bags of this while in paris from the hotel. preferable to lipton but still a relatively middle of the road tea. must have ceylon in it as those are the dominant flavours…a little astringency but overall not too shabby for a hotel room tea :)

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, it could have been Lipton, LOl

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This was a cold brew, but not a memorable one though. All I wrote down for notes for myself was “possibly experiencing flavour loss”. I hope that’s not true, and it was just a bad brew though ’cause I quite like this tea.

EDIT: Apparently I’ve had bad luck with this tea cold brewed in the past. Definitely, definitely need to remember that in the future.

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Notes of:

- Fig
- Stonefruit
- Dried Fruits (“Fruit Leather”)
- Honey

So, Pottermore got an update/redesign! In honor of that I figured I’d retake the Sorting Hat quiz to find out what house I’m in. The quiz isn’t actually up on the website right now, but thankfully there’s another site you can take Rowling’s ‘official’ quiz at in the meantime!


I’m very curious to see what houses my fellow Steepsterites get sorted into! Back when I first took this quiz when Pottermore launched I got sorted as a Ravenclaw which made a lot of sense with the person I was at the time. Even before taking the quiz again, I was pretty confidant that’s NOT how I’d get sorted this time; I’m simply not that same person. And not surprisingly, I was right: this time around I’ve been sorted as a…


Tbh, that was probably my least favourite house when I was a kid/teenager reading the books. Wasn’t it everyone’s? But the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve identified with the Hufflepuff house and their valued traits (loyalty, hard working, acceptance, fairness) and the idea that they’d take in everyone and anyone. Plus, Tonks is a bad ass!

I’m a proud Hufflepuff.


Good points about Hufflepuff! I’ll have to read HP again sometime :)


I was Huffle puff with the original launch of Pottermore. I have not been on in a while though…


And the Hufflepuff common room is like a Hobbit hole…


Still Hufflepuff, with 82%!


88% Ravenclaw.


77% Hufflepuff, 69% Ravenclaw

Roswell Strange

Interesting that most people seem to be Hufflepuffs so far :)


I was close tie with Ravenclaw, then Gryffindor.


Ravenclaw. It was fun doing the quiz.


I know this is an older tasting note but I decided to take the quiz. 83% Ravenclaw and 45% Slytherin. Which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Roswell Strange

Meh, not that old :P Besides I’m curious where everyone falls – so far only Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff?


Thanks for posting this! I am a tie with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor… which made my day!

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This is a queued tasting note.

Did this one up as a cold brew ‘cause I’ve been curious how it would fair as one since I first got it; I remember liking the other two Fig tisanes I’ve previously owned (Honey Fig Tree and Fig Rose/Rose Fig – whatever it was) quite a lot cold brewed. Unfortunately this didn’t work quite as well for me.

Sadly what wound up happening was the base got really strong and the flavouring was swallowed up by it; and on it’s own the base did not taste that great. Actually, it had the same wonky/starchy sort of flavour that I find incredibly distinct and unlikeable that Frank’s (the ‘old’ 52Teas owner) newer black blends used. Very artificial and unpleasant with a really ‘cheap’ taste…

I’m sticking to hot cups because at least then I can taste the fig and the base isn’t so unpleasant and in your face.

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So, I made a couple cups of tea to enjoy during class tonight; it was the first one and…

I was 40 minutes late. Shit.

Here’s what happened; the class is held at 7PDT – which is not the time zone I’m in, I’m in CST. Using an app on my phone I looked up what time that worked out to: 9! So, I was casually making tea, and eating suppper at about 8:30 when I decided to click the link for the group on GoToMeeting just to familiarize myself with the platform. To my SHOCK it had already begun. What!? I apologized profusely for being late; and my instructor was very understanding but damn, hell of a way to make a bad first impression.

I’ve always struggled with time zones; I just don’t get how I got the time wrong? I triple checked. When you Google “7PDT to CST” you even get 9PM. Ugh. I guess I know for next class…

But hey, the latte was delicious. It was very plump, if that’s a thing it can be. The flavor of fig was full and rich; and the cashew milk complimented it and gave it more roundness. There’s something about the combination of figs and nuts; had I not have had class sprung on my twenty minutes early (well, earlier than expected) I would’ve whipped out the cranberry goat cheese from my fridge to nibble on along with this.

Meh; I can always do it another time.

Maddy Barone

Sorry you were late. Glad the latte was delicious!


Oh man, we have collaborators in Sask and we always get confused as well. Google doesn’t seem to understand that there are places in CST still in the summer and always just returns CT or CDT.

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This is a queued tasting note.

From the Dammann Freres group order; I ended up with 50g of this one, which I probably wouldn’t have normally purchased given it’s not super highly reviewed and I’ve never tried it – but fig teas, that aren’t herbal, are so far and few between that I really wanted to try this one. And, on a really superficial note, I have a really fun time saying “Fraiche”.

For my first time trying this I just did a simple hot cup, Western style – though my gut has been telling me to do this as a latte since it showed up in the mail. But I think it’s important to try it plain first. It’s not as strongly flavored as I was hoping, but I did really like it; the fig flavor is nice and very well defined even if it isn’t incredibly strong, and the black base was really smooth and well balanced. I picked up on some other mild, stonefruit notes and I thought maybe the finish was the faintest bit cocoa-y but otherwise this is a pretty monotone blend.

But that’s ok; this isn’t advertised as anything other than a good fig blend so I’m not disappointed at all. And I actually do think it would work well as a latte, maybe with a tiny bit of honey? At the store we were sampling a fig goat cheese with a honey drizzle and it was to die for; I have the honey and the goat cheese here at home – this could easily be the fig! That would make for a decadent and delightful afternoon snack sometime!

Otherwise, I think I’ll finish this off fairly quickly; it seems like a good casual drinking tea; just need to test if it travels well in the timolino…

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drank Bali by Dammann Freres
652 tasting notes

Another samples from Equusfell
Okay, I shouldn’t have taken this samples because it has rose in it and that is a nasty taste in my mouth. However, this smells like an edible bath bomb so I decided I would give it a shot. This is actually a day trip to the spa in a cup. While I don’t like the taste completely, I am able to tell that this is a balanced blend that is smooth. Drinking this does make me calm because of the aroma :)
This cup makes me excited as I think about the oolongs I have from them that I have yet to try


Told you the French knew how to blend with florals!

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Got a sample from Equusfell because it smelled very sweet (like skittles as it is said). I brewed this for 90seconds like I tend to do with most green teas and it came out smooth and tasty. The only problem with this tea is that it includes ingredients that I am not a fan of. The after taste is a bit dry as well, which may be from the flowers

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