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LOVE! I absolutely LOVE the teas that I’ve tasted from Darjeeling Tea Lovers. The tea is simply fantastic.

This tea smells amazing, it really does have the almond and vanilla aromas that the description promises. I love it when a tea delivers what the description promises!

The flavor is earthy with notes of vanilla and nut, it is delightfully sweet. Creamy with a really lovely, indulgent flavor. It has all this sweetness but I love that beyond the sweetness there is a beautiful complexity to the cup revealing mellow woodsy tones and a mild earthiness.

Read more about this tea here: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/06/goomtee-autumnal-classic-autumn-flush-2013-black-tea-from-darjeeling-tea-lovers/

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Maybe my expectations were the problem here, but I normally really enjoy a Darjeeling. This one was a little bitter, though, and not my favorite Darjeeling.

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This was the first Oolong that I’ve tried from Darjeeling Tea Lovers. An Oolong from a Darjeeling region? I was excited to try it.

Earthy and sweet, with a fruit note that … tastes fruity but it’s difficult to discern what that fruit note is. Something between plum, apricot and nectarine. A distinct sweet note that is similar to cocoa with caramel.

A superb Oolong – definitely one I’d be happy to drink again.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2013/10/08/goomtee-black-dragon-oolong-first-flush-from-darjeeling-tea-lovers/

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I love Darjeeling! And my favorites tend to be the 2nd Flush.

This is a really nice 2nd flush darjeeling. Notes of fruit, earth and a woody undertone. Sweet but not overly so. Wine-like. A very enjoyable darjeeling from a company that offers some of the finest darjeeling teas I’ve ever encountered.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2013/04/27/jungpana-estate-2nd-flush-golden-tips-darjeeling-tea-from-darjeeling-tea-lovers/

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The moment I removed my brew basket from my cup I could smell the distinct muscatel aroma in this Castleton Muscatel 2nd Flush from Darjeeling Tea Lovers. My mouth watered in eager anticipation for that first sip. Even though this is not the freshest Darjeeling, since I got it as a sample from one of my SororiTea Sisters, and have had it tucked away for awhile now, it is still delicious! The muscatel flavor is simply divine.

After looking at their website, I am seeing some of my favorite Darjeeling and some I have yet to try, all in one place, it is like a smorgasbord of Darjeeling, my eyes widened in excitement just browsing the site! Seriously I am having to hold myself back from placing an order until I sip down some of the teas I already have in my stash, plus saving for college for my daughter in the Fall is a bit more pressing right now.

As for this tea, well this tea, and me, will be spending some precious time alone with a good book, in the sunshine, while it lasts, both the sunshine and the tea.

Full review this evening at 6 central time on http://sororiteasisters.com/


been really interested in ordering from them as i looooooove darjeeling and saw LiberTEAS had recommended them years ago. thanks for the info!

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Full review on March 16th on http://sororiteasisters.com/ but here are snippits:

2012 Margarets Hope Muscatel (2nd Flush) from Darjeeling Tea Lovers is such an easy tea to drink. It’s light but full bodied, has that wonderful muscatel wine like flavor of fermented grapes, but is accompanied by an almost bubbly mouthfeel.

The more the tea cools the more rich and full it becomes. I find it reminding me almost of a pu-erh with notes ranging from peat, oaky, and other aged woods. While the cup begins rather light by the end of the more cooled cup it thickens up and becomes far heavier in the sip.

What an interesting tea! One everyone should try in order to understand a truly wonderful Darjeeling!

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Thanks Liberteas
I totally agree with your notes about this being the definition of MUSCATEL!
So much so that at first I was thinking it was a bit bitter and woodsy/grassy and peppery and even a tad sour. After a few more sips…it grew on me! I started to appreciate it and enjoy it more. After pondering this flavor combo I realized…KAPOW! That’s what they were going for! It’s rare, unique, and makes you think! This is a conservational-piece-tea right here, folks! But VERY Muscatel!

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Liberteas thanks for this!
This smells airy and fresh but even a little fruity and crispy!
The flavor is brothy and creamy and vegetal with a nod at sweet fruit underneath.

There are specs of sweeter floral notes right smack-dab in the middle of the sip, too.

This is SO comforting, SO delightful! SO GOOD!

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A trip to ‘Instant Bliss Nirvana’? Humm…I had to check this one out! Thanks to my Sista, LiberTEAs, I was able to!

This kind of smells like a Vegetable Broth and Rice Soup. The taste is identifiably Darjeeling but with a hint of pine. It’s soft, smooth, sweet, and slightly sweet-woodsy and fruity. I like it very much!

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Thanks Liberteas – she also did a perfect write-up on this! I don’t really know if I can add much else…bit in brief…

A little winey, muscatel, peppery, etc.

My first thought was gently toasted croissant.

It says to sip luke warm and I tried that and it was good but I do like it better piping-hot :) More flavor, IMHO.

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Thanks Liberteas for this one!

This just might be one of the smoothest Darjeelings I have ever tried! It’s near velvety yet fairly muscatel and slightly dry…almost like a dry-wine…especially towards the end of the sip. Backtracking to the beginning of the sip I can pick up a few HINTS of fruit, too, even moreso as it cools – naturally – at room temp!

This is impressive!

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Another tea consumed during the W-O-D. I really liked this Darjeeling, it had a very crisp, distinct flavor, a bit lighter on the muscatel than I would have thought given the name of the tea, that’s not really a complaint just an observation. I noticed the faintest notes of mint in the background that sort of took me by surprise. There is a fair amount of astringency to this one, it is both a cleansing astringency as well as slightly drying. I find that the astringency plays to the muscatel quite well, giving the tea a very wine-like finish.

Very pleasant, agreeably sweet, I found this to be one of the more energizing Darjeeling teas I’ve tasted. Most Darjeeling teas, for me at least, tend to be more relaxing and calming, and therefore I usually save them for afternoon enjoyment after I’ve had my stronger teas. But this tea had that kind of profile to it that I could easily enjoy in the morning and I don’t find that true with most Darjeeling teas.

A really nice Darjeeling.

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LiberTEAs Thanks for this!

Chapagne-Y-Sweet-Woodsy-Darjeeling aroma fills my cup and the air surrounding it.

It’s very clean and crisp and a bit bakey. It encourages me to ‘chew’ the tea as it swirls around in my mouth. It’s slightly floral but as I continue to sip it grows stronger and stronger with that lovely baked-bread-crust darjeeling combo of flavors!

This is REALLY REALLY nice!
Excellent, even!

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Hurray! My taste buds are back in action!

I was really starting to get worried there, when last night I could still sense that my taste buds were still not quite working right. But, today, my husband took me out to breakfast and I could taste everything, and while I don’t quite have my appetite back to what it was (I couldn’t finish breakfast), I could taste all the wonderful flavors again.

But after breakfast I was still feeling a little weary so I needed a nap … so believe it or not this is my first cup of tea of the day! (The tea that they served at the restaurant was not worth drinking) And what a lovely cuppa this is.

This is a fantastic Darjeeling, MUSCATEL! A lovely muscatel note – sweet and fruity, with a fermented grape like flavor (wine-y), and also a very clean … almost effervescent kind of taste that ties into the astringency. That is not to say this is overly astringent, in fact, I find it to be very lightly astringent when considering this is a Darjeeling and I often find them to be more astringent than this. But the bubbly, I almost want to say it tastes almost like sparkling mineral water … and this taste together with the slight astringency gives it a very light, crisp, clean taste that is really quite lovely.

Notes of oak in the background, vaguely earthy … these flavors are especially noticeable in the aftertaste. A beautiful, complex cup.

It’s so nice to have my palate back!


Oh this sounds absolutely wonderful!
So happy you can taste again – a great tea to start back up with too!


Yes… I am so glad I can taste again… fully taste. Not muffled by what seems to be a blanket over my tongue. LOL! Really, the only symptoms that still bog me down now are my eyes (the conjunctivitis is REALLY putting up a fight), and my ears. I can hear certain sounds, but not all. I will be in the kitchen right next to my Breville and I don’t hear the “ready” bell from it. I can hear my husband in the living room right now as he talks to the TV, but, when he’s standing next to me, I have a hard time hearing him. Muffled ears … but at least not muffled taste buds!


Some snarky person (not I, of course) would have some choice words to say about you not hearing hubby when he’s right next to you. :D (I kid, I kid.) Welcome back, tastebuds!

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Aaaand the Darjeeling binge continues, but this time with an offering courtesy of LibreTEAS. She passed on this little beauty in a care package, given my ravings for all things Giddapahar. After all, the estate was the first in Darjeeling I ever fell in lust over – thanks to their Musk. (That sentence does NOT sound right.)

This time it was a Darjeeling white! One of my favorite types of whites. This differed from the usual Darj fair because aromatically (at least dry) it smelled like a Bai Mu Dan – floral, grapy, and full-bodied.

On taste, it was even more compelling. It, honestly, tasted like a whiter version of their Giddapahar Musk, only not as perfect. It is a great tea from that estate but not the absolute best they’ve made. Still, for a late-night, last-minute, lighter-than-usual caffeine kick, it’s a tasty treat.

UPDATE And I just learned you can boil the BLEEP out of it, forget about it, and it will still turn out good. Hurray for steep negligence!

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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If you’ve ever read a tasting note or tea review and read the word “muscatel” and wondered exactly what it might taste like – this is the tea to try. This tea will show you through its amazing flavor what muscatel is. It is more than grape. It is a wine-like taste, grape, sure … but a fermented grape. Sweet and dry. Hints of black currant. Even notes of musky spice and wood. This tea has that. And it is SO good.

This is quite possibly one of the most pronounced muscatel tastes that I’ve yet to experience.

The tea itself is also a bit different from other Darjeeling teas that I’ve tried – which tend to be light, crisp and even a bit sparkling in nature. This tea has more of a Ceylon-like body, not quite as crisp and sparkling, it is more substantial. Smooth and silky. Sweet. Dry without a overwhelming astringency.

Just plain … amazing.


Mmmmm Muscat! So good!


So I’m still learning about Darjeeling teas, but do you know if this is spring/summer/first flush/whatever. I’ve got a Margaret’s Hope (which is guess is the estate) Autumnal so I was just wondering. :)

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Lovely! Absolutely lovely!

The aroma of the dry leaf is very vegetative and earthy – reminiscent of where I live – the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, the forest areas … it smells deep and green with notes of earth and even hints of wood. After it’s brewed, it has a stronger vegetative tone, not so much of the woody or earthy notes to it now that its brewed… it almost smells grassy, but it doesn’t taste “grassy” … this tastes more like a light, gentle and soothing vegetable soup!

I love this Goomtee Silver Green. It tastes so fresh and vibrant … and it’s oh-so-smooth. Sweet and pleasantly vegetative. Light fruit notes along with gentle (very gentle) spiced tones… tasting a little bit like what I’d expect from an oxidized Darjeeling but, this one is much softer and smoother in its approach. It is still very clean and crisp … and very enjoyable.


This makes me want to have a cup while preparing for the move!

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Wow! This is amazing!

This is a white tea? That is what surprises me most about this tea. When you think “white tea” … what comes to mind? Something pale and delicate? This tea will shatter those thoughts and change how you think about white tea. It has an amazing complexity to it, sweet, fruity, hints of air and vegetation… but that is not what is so different about it. In the foreground, ahead of this delicate complexity is a BOLD floral note that really lives up to its name “White Orchid” There is no need to seek out this floral tone … it is there, evident, present, and unmistakeable.

And I think that is what sets this white tea apart from most white teas. It really is a forward tea – it doesn’t approach the palate quietly, it offers its sharp orchid note right up front. Once the palate moves a bit beyond that, the flavors become less intense, more delicate, but still very flavorful. Delightful fruit notes that morph between that of a soft white grape and hints of peach, and even a honey-esque note that evoked thoughts of honey crisp apples. These background notes are crisp and light and Darjeeling-esque.

Truly a remarkable white tea.


Just made me add another tea to my wish list lol

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This is a fabulous white tea from the Darjeeling estate of Margarets Hope. It has notes that are very Darjeeling-esque: I can taste the sweet, crisp, clean fruit notes of a Darjeeling, but this is even lighter than a black Darjeeling as it is a white tea… then again, it is not quite as light as a typical Bai Mu Dan or Silver Needle might be.

I find this tea to be fascinating and so good that my mouth seems to water in anticipation of a sip! Delightful … absolutely delightful. I’ve tasted a few “White Darjeeling” teas but this one might just be the best I’ve tasted yet.


Hi LiberTEAS..

We thank you for your valuable comments. Keep up the good work.. Cheers!!!

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