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drank Bai Hao Yin Zen by David's Tea
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It’s really the classic white tea, this is where it all started. I have definitely tasted something like this before… Well, all the flavored white teas have an underlying white tea flavor (kind of obvious) So that is probably why the tastes is so familiar to me.

However, this is not just any mainstream tea, it’s high quality, hand picked (apparently) and expensive. When you drink it, you can tell how incredibly high quality it is. On the website it says that it tastes sweet and grassy at the same time, but honestly, I don’t taste anything sweet; actually it’s a little bitter! But I definitely taste the grassy-ness.

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drank Bai Hao Yin Zen by David's Tea
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I received this with my last online order, and it is really delicious. I am hesitant to say what it tasted like but let’s just call it vegetal. Well, ok, if I searched my taste memory hard I thought maybe it tasted like peaches and cream corn (but uncooked). I don’t know. And then I looked it up on the website. Of course it’s flippin good, it’s unbelievably expensive. I think it might be the most expensive tea they carry. Now I have seen — and purchased — stuff at similar prices but it looks cheaper when it lists “1 oz = $10.00” or even “1/2 oz = $4.99”. For some reason my eyes popped out a little when I saw $19.00 for 50 g.

Maybe one day…

The leaves are so beautiful, fuzzy, white, almost unprocessed looking, if you know what I mean. Almost like it went from plant straight to package. They don’t smell like much to me in dry form — or in wet form for that matter.

I was in the mood for a tea today, not for a juice type thing. I stared for a while at my plain choices and decided against the pu’erhs and the oolongs and went with this one, not knowing what to expect. Didn’t look it up beforehand but with a name like this I assumed it was unflavoured. It really was so very good. I must have been thirsty because I finished it so fast. I am not into straight teas and certainly not into straight whites so I expected this to be a struggle. Surprise! said Bai Hao Yin Zen…

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drank Cookie Dough by David's Tea
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When I tried a sample of this in the store I really liked it. Enough to bring home a tin of it. I couldn’t get it right at home. I always found it too tart, which I really don’t like in teas. After several brewing attempts, I had no luck, and tried it cold brewed. Still no luck – but my fault as I brewed too long and it became bitter as well. I was able to finally finish the tin, but will probably not buy again. This was just too tart for my liking.

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drank bai hao zhen by David's Tea
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