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This is the second straight green rooibos I’ve tried. This tastes less sweet than the one from Mountain Rose Herbs, but it’s also less astringent. It tastes mostly like hay and green growing things, with a mild sweetness and not even a hint of bitterness. It’s a very light, summery flavor. I bought this on Amazon, and it’s super cheap, but you have to buy a pound at a time. I think I like green rooibos well enough that I’ll drink it before it goes bad, but I guess now I’ll know for sure!

Flavors: Green, Hay, Sweet

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Boiling 8 min or more

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This was my first taste of rooibos, and I must say I fell in love. It’s rooty and mellow. I think this brand is just fine. And the tea is just fine to re-steep. Sometimes I mix it with some fruit tea that I have and it works just fine.

8 min or more

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drank Carob Mint by Davidson's
15 tasting notes

I had high hopes for this tea, which is marketed as a “dessert” tea having the chocolate notes of carob alongside the mint. The problem that is nearly a deal breaker is the smell. I suspect its the fault of the barley (why barley in tea??) but there is yeasty unpleasant head to the smell. The taste is nice enough, sweet and smooth from the rooibos and mint/carob combo – but smell is very big for me and the smell at the front of each sip grows very unappetizing by the end.

Flavors: Chocolate, Spearmint

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Not very impressed. It isn’t horrible but like another reviewer of this tea said, “It is uneventful.”

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 7 OZ / 221 ML

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drank Meyer Lemon by Davidson's
512 tasting notes

I am trying hard to complete some sipdowns. I’m excited to say SIPDOWN to this one. It isn’t bad but it isn’t fantastic either. What I do really like about this tea is the honey like flavor. Plus it is easy to steep up at work.

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I was really disappointed with this tea. The scent is an on-point bing cherry, but the flavor can only be equated to warmed pool water. No cherry, no almond, mainly a heavily diluted honey. I gave away my box. Should have gotten Caramel Peach.

Flavors: Musty

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Really yummy and nutritious. High quality with a very faint (mysterious) undertone of jasmine.

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drank Lemon Mango by Davidson's
614 tasting notes

I had a cup of this while cat sitting. I was surprised by how flavorful it is – most bagged teas don’t do anything for me. I used two because this a big mug and it was pretty flavorful. Not strong enough to be a big wake-me-up in the morning, but pleasant. It is definitely citrussy and tropical, though I can’t say I taste mango specifically.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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A sample from KittyLovesTea. I quite like orange in fruit teas, so I was interested to give this one a go. Interestingly, there’s a whole lot of chamomile in this blend. I can also see pieces of dried orange peel, cranberries, rosehip and hibiscus. Maybe good or maybe bad. I used 1 tsp of leaf, and gave it 4 minutes in boiling water. The resulting liquor is an odd reddish-grreen, and smells distinctly herbal. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact scent, but I wouldn’t say orange or cranberry.

Similarly with the taste, which is mostly chamomile and hibiscus. The hibiscus comes our first, as it usually does, and adds a tart, slightly sour, overtone. Second to emerge is the chamomile, which is sweet and honey-like. Not a great combination with hibi. I can taste a tiny bit of orange right at the end of the sip, but it’s nothing like as strong as I was hoping. Mostly, drinking this one reminds me of berocca.

It’s not unpleasant, per se, but it’s not a winner with me either. I can’t taste cranberry at all, so it’s mostly a hibiscus-chamomile tea, with an aftertaste of orange. Drinkable, but disappointing.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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Not very good on its own. Pretty spectacular infused into gin.

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drank french vanilla by Davidson's
726 tasting notes

Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize this was a chamomile tea. I totally thought it was rooibos. My cousin in Oregon sent me tea last summer from a tea store up there. I hadn’t had much tea up until then. She sent me a few random RoT tea bags, and a couple tea bags of this tea. I totally fell in love. Thought this was the best vanilla tea ever.
Then a couple months later, I bought a pack of 100 tea bags of it because I loved it so much, and it was a way better deal than anything else I found.
But after entering the tea world, I got wrapped up in trying other teas, and kinda forgot about this one.
Not trying it again today. The chamomile totally caught me off guard. Totally oversteeped it too which made the chamomile have more of the sour bite to it. xD
I remember why I liked it though. It’s super sweet. It’s not a subtle vanilla at all, it’s very in your face.
But since I oversteeped it, it just tasted like super sour chamomile and a crap load of sugar in my mug. xD Anyway, I will definitely not over-steep it next time. And I’ll remember it’s chamomile. xD
On the bright side, the chamomile did relax my muscles some. And it’s been a horrible day, so chamomile is much needed for today!

Flavors: Sour, Sugar, Sweet

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

ewww accidental chamomile :P I like chamomile, but only when I am expecting it! I am glad it helped though!


Haha yeah! Well now I know for next time. Then I’m sure it will be more enjoyable!

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Made a pitcher of this iced today. I really enjoy the minty flavour cold. Refreshing!

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This is a nice, light green tea with a light mint taste. I quite like it. I find it soothing and refreshing. I drink a lot of green tea but sometimes I get bored with it so I like to change it up by drinking a green tea that has another flavour added. I find any tea with mint added, helps settle my stomach if I’m having tummy issues.

Flavors: Green, Mint

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Sipdown! Made a pitcher of this iced. Used up the last of it. Time to move on to a new green tea!

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