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It’s a dreary, wet day out – not raining, just wet. I’m so tired from traveling last night, and just kind of sad, that sad that slips into your bones and just hangs off of your skin.

So, soft white tea time. The little buds of this are fuzzy and sweet-smelling, with just hints of jasmine and a little peach as well. It’s a little lemony in taste, and I don’t taste an overpowering amount of jasmine, which is good. It adds to the tea without overpowering it.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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I was so excited about this one, I love kiwis!
I like this one alot. Cold brewed, it is very refreshing.
Lots of kiwi flavour, then notes of green tea, apple and tiny bit of lemon. Tad bit tart, but mostly sweet.
Too bad there is artificial flavouring in here. But, still really like it.


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drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
818 tasting notes

The mango is really good….but I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food, so I found it too spicy for me.
However, it delivers what it promises.
I will still give this a fairly good rating since it really is good.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Zing Me by DAVIDsTEA
673 tasting notes

Thank you TeaFairy for this sample tea!

I was running around a bit today at the Mall and the Post Office, mailing off a sample tea packet to of all places Denver! Yo Jason the tea is on the way! Got home a bit late but fortunately, last night I made dinner ahead. It was cheese tortellini and I put a tea basket with some …wait for it…Lapsang Souchong in the water (I’m hooked on that smoky flavor) and it was fantastic tasting. All I had left to do is heat and dress the pasta with a bit of olive oil. Then, a salad and done. After dinner I wanted a nice fruity tea. This Zing Me Tea was going to be the compliment I was looking for. The ginger, peach and apricot sounded just right.

When I looked up the steep time it said “steep 4-6 minutes” so I set the timer at 5 minutes and stopped right there. The aroma was very apricoty and delightful. Oh yes, I was anxious for a taste.

At first, the flavor was nice and fruity for a few seconds…and then…and then…something awful happened.

There was the worst, bitter ginger taste that completely ruined the tea. I mean the whole cup went gross. We know you can cook with ginger, do all kinds of things with it, make jam, candy it and stir fry it. How can you ruin ginger?! It was so bitter and tasted dirty. Maybe this batch had gotten mold on it. It certainly was not the fault of TeaFairy! How would she have known. The other reviews look good. But my batch, well, it went down the drain. Adios, bye bye.

My next step was to get my nightly square of dark chocolate and knock that evil taste right in the butt. Outta here…

Love ya TeaFairy!


Sorry this one didn’t pan out as well for you as it sounded.. It sure seems like there is a lot going on in that cup that would need to come together in harmony for it to be just right. And thanks for sending me some samples – can’t wait!


Doesn’t happen too often!


Oh ginger… :(
My rule: Only when I’m sick, or with loads of sugar!


Oh, noooo! how awful, sorry you had to go through that :(
It’s been in my cupboard for about 9 months and I gave you what I had left… I think last time I had a cup was in January, I had no idea it could turn like that…guess that’s not what you had in mind when you asked me for «older teas» from DT’s to try, hahaha!


Not your fault!

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drank Perfect Pear by DAVIDsTEA
14 tasting notes

I didn’t think I would actually like this tea because I’ve had a bad experience with pear flavors involving vodka…not good! But I decided to give it a go and made this one iced and it was so tasty. It had a tangy taste that I was not expecting but was quite good. Really refreshing and deserving of a chance from everyone!

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
14 tasting notes

If you like piña colada and getting caught in the rain!!!
This tea is probably my favourite of the summer collection. It’s so yummy. I made it as an iced tea and found that because of the candy hearts I don’t have to add that much agave. I fully intend on making piña coladas out of this tea and also am going to buy about a kilo of it. This is the new love of my life :)

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drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
19 tasting notes

I love the taste of a really ripe mango so Mango Madness had to really live up to my expectations. I brewed a cup and so far the smell was fantastic. I couldn’t wait to try my first sip, although I must admit I was a bit nervous for the tea’s sake. I have never tasted a mango tea that burst with flavor quite like Mango Madness! It’s so yummy and full of fruity goodness! I’ll be buying Mango Diablo on the weekend so we’ll see which one I like better.

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
19 tasting notes

I bought 100g of Cranberry Pear today, strictly based on the smell and the size of the cranberries. When I got home I made a cup of it and the taste blew my mind! It’s lightly sweet and super fresh. I will be sure to keep this one stocked up!

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I love this tea. One of the best green teas I have had. Such a nice light taste. If I’m looking for a gift for someone I usually buy them this tea and everyone always wants more! Mmmmm

185 °F / 85 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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drank Nepal Black by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

This is next on my list to buy! I tried a cup on the weekend and it was lovely. It was suggested to me by the person working there, and I really enjoyed it. I had it without milk or sweetener, but because most straight teas I prefer that was and because she said that it already had a sweet, honey like taste. I could definitely taste the honey but it wasn’t overly sweet – I definitely wouldn’t add anything to this one through.

It was way too hot to drink at first so I took the bag out after a few minutes and did some shopping! By the time we went back to the car it was still very warm and I was able to taste it a bit more clearly. I am still looking to try some more straight black teas, but so far this one was my favorite.

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drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

First, I am a huge mango lover and I am definitely a fan of heat! I had a cup of this iced when I was away last weekend. The girl at e counter warned me that it was actually spicy, which I found odd (the description seemed pretty upfront), but I think she must have had a few disappointed customers who werent expecting it!

Normally when I am home, I make my iced tea a little bit more on the strong side, but I understand that getting it made quickly in the store It is bound to be a bit weak. The smell was lightly fruity, but I could smell the chili as well; they sort of tickle your nose! My first sip was full of mango flavor, and the heat from the chilis came afterwards. It seemed like an ok amount of heat, but if it had been stronger I probably would have wanted a refreshing and cool (not spicy!) drink to go with it.

After my first few sips I was impressed, but as I kept drinking everything seemed to muddle together and I lost any specific fruit flavor. By the time I finished the cup I had decided that I definitely didn’t want to buy more….ick.

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drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

As a long time tea lover I’m skeptical about trying just ANY tea, but when the woman at David’s told me this was like peach juice I was in! After ordering it, another employee perked up and asked who was having the juju. I said it was me, and he came over and told me it would be the BEST tea I ever had. I was unsure about his claims but he was RIGHT! Now I am insanely addicted to this tea. I’ve had it iced and I have to say it’s just not as good. I drink it hot straight up and am just the happiest person because of it. It’s so tasty (who doesn’t love peach juice, right?). I have at least 3 cups of this a day and it has been really getting me through school. THE BEST! I highly recommend it.

EDIT! so this summer I’ve been drinking it iced non-stop and it’s been pretty good!! I still like it better hot. I make it in my glass mug and then put it in the fridge while it’s still steeping overnight. I feel like it needs to be steeped for an extra long time if it’s cold to get all of the yummy yummy flavors out.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

I didn’t much like it iced, but it’s the only way I’ve tried it!
I will definitely try it hot thanks to this review :D Sounds so good.

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drank Grand Cru Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

I’ve wanted to try matcha for a while, but being five hours away from anywhere that sells it makes it a bit tough. I was definitely worried I wouldn’t like it so I tried a cup of Matcha Matsu at DavidsTea in Halifax in Februay. I liked it and ended up buying 50g of the Grand Cru Matcha (not on the website but it was still at either the MicMac or shopping centre location last weekend. This one is a bit more expensive than the matcha Matsu, but when I went back to buy more than a cup this was all that was left!

I am definitely glad that I bought this, I love it! It has such a fresh, grassy (in a good way) taste that I have been trying very hard not to make it too often! My favorite way to have it is with just a little milk and honey! I have also been adding it to my yogurt and it is quite good :) I find this actually tastes better as it cools as well. I want to make another cup right now…but I have a cold and can’t really taste much, so it would be a waste!

I would definitely recommend this – my experience wit Matcha is definitely limited but the Grand Cru has been consistently delicious every time I’ve made it!

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drank Korean Sejak by DAVIDsTEA
109 tasting notes

I’m not going to lie to you-I bought this tea because it was Korean.

I’ve never had a Korean tea and this has good Steepster reviews, so I bought it.

This is the last of 3 teas that I purchased from David’s tea. Overall, I am happy with my experience buying from them. The $5 flat shipping to the States is great and it was fast. Tea was wrapped in brown paper and then white tissue paper with a sticker on top-nice touch. However, I ordered some colored tins and there was nothing underneath them but the bottom of the box-could have used a layer of brown paper there too. Tins are okay. Not as high quality as Teavana branded tins-but cheaper and colorful (sorry they were out of 2 other colors I wanted). Davids also included stickers for each tea I ordered so I could slap them on the tins. I would definitely order from them again if they had something I wanted to try. They did include 3 free samples, but I think they just grab them out of a basket because they certainly weren’t tailored to what I had purchased.

ANYHOW, Back to the tea. As others have noted, the dry leaves are various shapes and sizes. Some leaves are rolled and other look like broken unrolled leaves. Dry leaf aroma is not particularly fragrant. I detect perhaps of faint note of canned spinach. The brewed leaf contains slight vegetal and floral characteristics. Liquor is a very pale greenish yellow.

The flavor is light and delicate. Both slightly vegetal and floral at the same time. More floral than I would like, but not enough to significantly impair my enjoyment.

I was hoping for something truly unique with this Korean tea, but I don’t think it tastes that much different than some of the Chinese greens I’ve been trying lately. It’s good and I’ll finish it-but probably not that quickly.

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
35 tasting notes


This tea is way exciting! I was shocked to see that chili is in it, and even more shocked to be able to say that I actually liked chili in it!

Personally, I don’t think that it particularly tastes like chili. It tastes like mango and has the green tea background body. Where the chili really shines, is in the way it warms your mouth after each sip. I found it to be a pleasant warmth, not a building or distracting warmth, that makes the tea very unique and exciting.

My mom and I were unsure, so only purchased a 50g bag. But we quickly decided to split it 50/50, we were both so impressed!

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drank Cherry Potion by DAVIDsTEA
673 tasting notes

Thank you TeaFairy for this sample!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a cherry tea. Never, ever. The cherries in this tea are the small acerola type that you wouldn’t pick and eat like regular cherries you buy in the grocery store. Way too tart! But the health benefits are better than the kind we’re familiar with. Lots of vitamin C and antioxidents! But tart. The complaints about the hibiscus in this tea may be due to the cherry and not only the hibiscus. I think that if the tartness was taken out, the Bai Mu Dan would turn into cotton in my mouth. Cat fur! What is pleasing as a creaminess can get out of hand when it isn’t tamed with a tart fruit or flower. More about that later.

My steep time was 5 minutes and the tartness was fine with me. The body was creamy and floral. The cherry medium and good tasting. Adding sweetening was something I went to right away but did not overdo. The flavor was fine. Fine, just nice and fine.

Here I go again. I am not a big fan of this combination…to tell the truth I find Bai Mu Dan kind of wierd. I almost get the creepy mouth feeling that I had with Carrot Cake tea from DavidsTea… Ick!
But this tea delivered on what it promised, an acerola cherry, Bai Mu Dan. I would not drink it again myself but glad I tried it.

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drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
1398 tasting notes

Spicy. Mango… … …
Yep, that is all. No “tea”. Just overly spicy mango.
If you like a serious punch in your food, then this one might be for you.
However, the sample I had… it was so spicy that I couldn’t enjoy the other parts of the flavour. I like some spiciness in my food. In fact, I love me some jerk chicken or Tikka Masala. But those dishes are not ALL about the spicy. They have texture and other flavours.
Seriously, I think this should be labelled a tisane. Was there any camellia in there at all???
It might be interesting to cook with.


Oh boo. I have high hopes for this. I can’t wait for Wednesday to buy all the teas I’m behind on! Mango Diablo, the whole summer collection (minus Swampwater), Buddha’s Blend, Mamma Mia…


The devil mango is going to get you little girl. It will come in the night…wah ha ha….with spicy daggers in the stomach. Because for less money you could have bought dried mango, chopped it up, added hot pepper and put it in a bag. Wah hahahaha!

Daniel Scott

Sounds like I’m gonna like it. :P


Kristeleyn: beware of the mango! but I recommend trying it anyhow. I could never resist a tea no matter how horrible it’s said to possibly be :P
Bonnie: ahhhh haunted by the mango!! yes, I really could have made this myself and it would have probably tasted better :/
Daniel Scott: go for it! I look forward to that review :)


Really? I didnt detect any heat at all at first, in fact I usually add my own chilly flakes!


Hmm maybe it was just a strong batch that I tried


I got heat in mine too. Really didn’t like this tea though.


Odd how some people got a really spicy cup and others not so much!


I think I can pass on this. :-P


heh me to. Spicy tea is so not my thing

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drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
52 tasting notes

So, add me to the listen of people who didn’t know how dangerous over-steeping hibiscus could be. Because yiiiiiiikes, this tea…

After being introduced to cold steeping by Steepster and successfully attempting it for a few teas with Angusexpired, I thought I’d try this cold steeped. Results: not good. I used two teaspoons, like the instructions say, then I put two icecubes in a mug with the infuser and pouring some fresh water on it. I let it steep for about half an hour. The one good thing I can say about it? The colour was fantastic. It brews a gloriously saturated magenta-pink, and as a pink lover, I was incredibly happy—until I actually tasted it.

It was horrifically tart and bitter, with a strange basic texture that I can only describe as flat. I usually don’t mind hibiscus as long as the tea its in isn’t too tart, but yeesh; if it was really due to the hibiscus being over-steeped, I might withdraw my membership to the hibiscus club.

I decided to not give up, because I love how this tea smells dry (an absolutely amazing, intoxicating orange-y fruit cocktail), but I’m still not a big fan of this tea, even brewed the normal way.

I only used 1 and a quarter teaspoons and let it steep for six minutes, being careful not to let it oversteep. Once it cooled enough for my liking I did enjoy it more, but I’m just not a fan of Pink Flamingo. It just tasted predominantly of hibiscus and nothing else. Right now I’m getting a rather savory flavour, I’m assuming from the beetroot and carrot, but it’s nowhere near as orange-y and fruity as it smells. Maybe some agave or honey would help deal with the tartness, but I can’t see it helping with the other lack of flavour.

What I actually found really fascinating was that the liquor when brewed hot was much, much darker and had more depth than the liquor from the cold-steeping. The magenta had heavier purple tones, and my best guess is that regular brewing and cold steeping activate different ingredients in the tea.

All in all I’m INCREDIBLY disappointed with this tea. I was willing to overlook the use of artificial flavouring, and maybe I’ll give it a higher rating if a sweetener helps… but I’m just not a fan.

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drank Nightcap by DAVIDsTEA
1398 tasting notes

Okay so when this was hot… and I mean really hot, I didn’t like it at all. Bleh!
but then I added way to much sugar (for my liking, just to make it ok) and let it cool down… and oh my goodness it’s mulled wine! I can’t believe they made it taste like I am actually drinking wine. I even have the dry-mouth pasties!
I don’t think it’s worth buying again, but I certainly appreciate the experience. I certainly would never turn away a free cuppa…
The hibiscus works perfectly here. One time I really did not mind it.


Ooh! You were lucky enough to get the wine collection! Jealous. By the time I had “discovered” DT, it was unavailable.


yeah I was feeling badly about stuff and had some retail therapy. It’s in tiny little tins. 12g of each wine tea. After that, I’m all out :(
and this is a juice tea so there really isn’t much!

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drank Korean Sejak by DAVIDsTEA
8 tasting notes

No notes yet. Add one?

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Mamma Mia by DAVIDsTEA
85 tasting notes

This blend is not bad, but I was hoping for better. The cinnamon comes through with the fruit following. In terms of fruity-cinnamon teas, I prefer Kanpe tea hands down.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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I wasn’t expecting much with this one, but, since it was the only Summer Collection 2011 tea that I hadn’t tried, I figured it was worth a shot. The taste isn’t too bad, actually. I have yet to try it iced though, so my rating of this tea may improve if it is better iced.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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Citrus addict in me had to try this tea.
It smells like lemon zest with subtle dark tones.
Steeped and hot it smells like a lemon infused unsweetened Orange Pekoe.No real intense earth tones like you would normally expect in a pu’erh.
It is dark looking liquid in a typical pu’erh way,however this one is more red then brown.
It looks in fact like a long steeped orange pekoe.
I usually am overpowered by the earthy taste of Pu’erh so I’m hoping this one has a more delicate touch.
Taste wise it’s really lovely light and refreshing.
It has a lovely touch of zesty citrus and surprisingly no familiar Pu’erh taste.

I stand by my assessment of this being a properly lemony unsweetened Orange Pekoe.

Need the pekoe without the work of zesting or squeezing lemons? Like pekoe that is sweet without being sweetened?want a perfect properly tasting iced tea?

well this is it.

Next time:Iced.

this is the new designer Orange Pekoe.

However though I love Licorice I’m not sure about it’s little bite in this tea.


My first bag of this smelled super fishy and tasted the same way. And it was yucky brown coloured. Talked to someone at the store and they gave me a second bag and it was better but I don’t get citrus at all from it and it is still slightly brown in colour. I think maybe Bayshore got a bad batch of this one. Still fishy smelling. UGH

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