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Bought this at a tea store in the Byward Market in Ottawa, since you could get individual bags. Sadly, we are very disappointed – no juniper flavour at all, just a vague herbally-ness. with a touch of sweetness. Very uninteresting.

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Maddy Barone

What a bummer. It sounds like it would be interesting.

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A local Canadian tea I picked up one day. I only picked up a sample pack, but I will definitely need to purchase more.

Very cranberry-ish, but with a hint of spice and earthiness. Very enjoyable.

Also, I like to support a company with such social and environmental equity standards.

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drank Ukiurtatuq by Délice Boréal
93 tasting notes

Another fine inuit herbal tea!
Again, I am so happy and amused by the tea of Délice Boreal, that I find myself wondering where to start my description.

So, lets start at the name. “Ukiurtatuq” is the name of the teaplant.
This, in my dialect/language, has something to do with winter. Greenlandic and inutitut are somewhere as far and as close as Danish and Sweedish. If that wasn’t bad enough, our words can have various meaning after what context it is in. So, to not make any big blunder – I’ll just say that the name is something about winter ;)

And WINTER-ish it is.
The smell of cinnamon leads your thoughts back to christmas, of very sweet cakes from the bakery, and stormy nights. The tea itself is sweet and a little sharp in the back of the mouth. Not as sharp as labrador, but it is notable.

I love these teas (From delice) because its made of herbs and tea that grows in my town.
So it gets a good rating by me.

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drank Labrador by Délice Boréal
93 tasting notes

Whahahaha…That is so funny!
My friend gave me some teabags of “Fine Inuit Herbal Tea”, and it’s so great to comment those since I am partly “inuit”. People think’s that Inuit is people from Nunavut, but it’s actually a group of people spred across Russia, Canada and Greenland. We share the same genes, the same myths and partly the same language. People also call us Eskimos, but we resent that. Inuit means “humans”.

The reason to my outbust of laughter was not the that, but the name of the tea. Not only is it “Labrador” but over that “mamaittuqutik” is written. In my languages, roughly translated, this means: “with-good-tasting”. (This kan be translated to “Aromatiset with”)

So when I took this tea out I read:
Aromatised With Good Tasting Labrador


…This tea does not contain dog. Labrador is a ingredient (Tea or herb).
Anyways. The colors orange, there small amount of “dust” in the cup (like your typicall tisanes) It smells minty and taste minty. A little too sharp, so the steepingtime should be short.

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