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Disney Wonderland Tea

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Finally, my blog review of this tea!

I did it purely to show off the awesomeness of the tin the tea comes in, lol!

I did have some MTPB iced, it was okay. I wish there was less bitterness in the black base, and better, more natural ginger peach flavoring. Pretty ho hum overall.


I drank this today as well! :)


I still have a tin of this!!! This gives me so many memories~~~~

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My mom-in-law bought the tea pot for me and this tea came along with it. I must say that I’m rather impressed Disney. Or whoever it is that they go through to make their teas. This is befitting of the tea drank at the mad hatters party.

The tea pot it came in was really cool and the tea tastes good. The dry smell is my favorite part though. The peach/apricot smells overwhelm the rest of the scents but in a good way. Sometimes peach can over take in a way that’s obnoxious. Couldn’t imagine flying around in one (James and the Giant Peach anyone?) The taste is also somewhat over run by those flavors. But the black tea comes out enough to mellow it down.

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I’m here! Really I am! I haven’t had much time for Steepster because we drove down to San Diego last weekend for a wedding, and then I was just exhausted. The trip back was pretty much a nightmare. Now that I’ve recovered some, I’m back!

While we were down there, we stopped at Downtown Disney to have lunch with a friend, and guess what I got? Alice in Wonderland tea ware! So cute! I got a teapot and two cups with saucers. I was hesitating because I’m pretty frugal, but my husband convinced me. He’s a good husband. ;)

I was going to pick up a tin of loose leaf, but the tea ware came with a ton of bagged tea…the same flavors as the loose leaf, so I didn’t, although the loose leaf might be better. So, my review here is of the bagged version.

This tea turned out to be a pretty good, balanced blend. I definitely tasted the peach, apricot and ginger. I was happy that the ginger wasn’t overpowering. Not amazing, but not bad. And may I say, freaking CUTE packaging!!

Btw, I’ve re-watched the mad tea party scene from the movie on Netflix twice now. :D


The teaware sounds cute – I love Alice in Wonderland

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Favourite of the Disney blends.

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This is one of the better flavored black blends I’ve had lately. As other people have noted it comes in a cute black Alice in Wonderland tin. I still wished it had a bit more tea flavor, but I didn’t find it as bitter or acidic as most blends. It says Indian tea and I’m assuming Assam, but am not quite sure. I like the flowery fruity bits with hint of ginger. This is a very good summery tea and I liked it even more iced. The fruit flavor is quite sweet so it doesn’t really need sweetener. I found it was tasty with a smallish teaspoon and a longer steep didn’t make it bitter. A nice tea overall.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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So, seeing as today is one of my unbirthdays, I thought I’d try this tea!

This reminds me of drinking peaches in unsweetened ginger syrup. Which I happen to like. I did a short(ish) steep because Adagio has made me wary of oversteeping when trying new flavored black teas. The base here was still a little bitter, but very light on the astringency. The flavoring is naturally sweet from the apricot/peach flavor, but there’s very much ginger spice that comes through as well. It would still benefit from additional sweetener and possibly some milk or cream to add some creaminess and interest. The aftertaste totally is peachy gummy rings. Though I don’t get that during the sip.

It’s a fair flavored black tea. And I’d bet it would be really good cold steeped to kill some of the bitterness in the base. I also really like apricot flavors iced. Yum.

I also was hoping for my own personal Cheshire Cat to hop out of the cup and was sorely let down there. Thanks Rie for letting me try for some Disney magic here.

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The tea, it’s just not… Wonderland, enough, is it? :c
The tin though, is amazing. I’ll add the tin description to the tea info to make up for the lack of magic in the leaves themselves, haha.


“drinking peaches in unsweetened ginger syrup” sounds good to me.

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Thank you Rie for sharing some of this tea with me.

I didn’t realize that it had ginger in it when I first asked to swap for it. I do not like ginger except in cookies and other heavily spiced recipes, just not ginger alone. ginger tea makes me nauseous just smelling it. For the longest time, I didn’t realize that ginger was my problem. There was a flavor I frequently detected in some Chinese dishes and it was awful, but as I didn’t know what it was, it was impossible to avoid. I never suspected ginger, because it is common in all the yummy autumn pastries that I love, how could it be the enemy? Then one day, when I was eating some store-bought sushi, I sampled the pickled ginger that came with it. Yuck! that was it. That was the nasty Chinese food flavor that alluded me for so long. Finally! On a related note, I was in shock the day I learned that ambrosia fruit salad is made with mayo. Strange how ingredients can take on a life of their own in a blend. So far, I haven’t had any luck with ginger blend teas.

I read reviews of this tea and most of them say that the ginger stands out. Strange enough, I didn’t detect it at all. A case of ambrosia salad? This tea tastes like peach gummy rings. Oh man, I used to love those things when I was a kid. I had a bag of them in my candy stash at all times. The tea brings back memories, but I’ve largely lost my taste for candy. My sweet tooth aims for cakes and bakery goods, but generally not candies.

My husband on the other hand, who is not the biggest fan of peaches, likes this tea. He says he gives it an 88. Good thing since I have quite a bit left!

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Terri HarpLady

Mayo in ambrosia salad? blech! My mom never put it in hers, thank god!


Yeah, I’ve heard that some people use sour cream, cool whip, or both. And mayo is often mixed with cool whip too. My mother always used just mayo and coulda fooled me, I always thought that it was cake frosting!


I’m really glad this turned out okay despite the ginger! :‘D The gummy rings comparison is appealing, I’ll try imagining that the next time I attempt to like this, haha

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After a couple hours of traveling, a cup or four of this is perfect.

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I don’t usually drink my tea iced, but I can’t stop drinking this one. It is wonderful.

Iced 3 min, 30 sec

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It’s like a little hug from The Hatter himself every time I drink this tea.
No need for milk or suger for me. It’s perfect as is :)

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When I woke up this morning, I thought this tea would be a good way to start the day. Now, several hours after actually getting up, I am finally getting the opportunity to enjoy it!

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My actual drinking tea for the morning.

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Already making pot number two.

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Drinking a bit of this that was “cold”-brewed on the countertop, while I was out.

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Second pot of the morning, while I look for a pu’erh sample to drink at work.

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Emptied my cute tin and enjoyed my last pot of this tea. A great blend that I will miss in my cupboard

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