Double Star Tea Co. Ltd.( Fujian Shuang Xing Tea)

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Thanks Sil for letting me try this one! (175)
It’s IS fruity; just as I was promised. I’m also tasting the tiniest bit of smoke, but it’s very delicately balanced. IT’s a nice wake-me-up cup as I struggle to take part in the day and be productive instead of surfing the internet, reading fic, and playing pokemon. (Some days, more than others, I really don’t want to be an adult!) Ha!

Here’s hoping this cup gives me the push I so sorely need!


Haha me either! Like, I should be analyzing data right now, yet here I am on Steepster.

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Another tea to explore from YYZ and the last of the “fruity” teas that she sent. I have to say it’s been nice trying out these different teas and i’m looking forward to the rizhao journey i have in store from her as well. I had this alongside the other my recollection is that i prefered the other to this one, while this was still a really nice cup. I’m at that point in my cupboard where i need to decide how many fruitier blacks i want since they are not usually my preferred go to blacks. I’m much more a fan of the malty, cocoa-y sort of tea, with a little smoke thrown in maybe. :) still though, fun to have and explore! thanks again yyz!


This ones’s mellowed a bit with time. I set it way for a while because it can be quite tart. Glad you enjoyed it!

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