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The color of this is awesome…dark brown with reddish or amber hues! LOVE the color!

Taste-wise it follows suit! A nice, smooth milder-to-medium black tea. I can associate the aftertaste with a dried apricot type taste, I suppose, but not overly so.

This is another very VERY good black tea from Drink T. Another Thumbs-Up!!!

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drank Organic Gaba Tea by Drink T
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I usually try and break up my teas so I am not drinking teas from all the same company but I have so many new teas from Drink T that I cannot get to the rest of my pile! LOL So…here is another one!

I’m interested in this tea because of it being considered ‘new’ (see product description)…as it has only been an idea or in the mainstream since about 1987-ish.

I’m also interested in this one because of the Anti-Stress/Anti-Anxiety and calming claims. I am going to my very first chiropractor appt today and I am so scared! I figured ongoing severe neck pain for 13 or 14 years – I finally gave up the other day! I think they are just doing scans of neck and spine today but still…scared to death!!!!

So…on with the tea review, eh!?

This has a nutty-sweet type taste and a cinnamony-sweet hint hiding underneath! It’s fairly refreshing which surprises me. This is tasty and I would certainly drink again! YUM!


Don’t be worried about your appt! I used to love going to the chiropractor – very relaxing. You’ll be fine, just relax!


thx!!!! Still worried tho!


Oooh I love the chiropractor! You’ll be fine ;-) see if you can have a massage first (many offer them before hand in office) and then after you are relaxed you can go see the chiropractor…muscles and joints all in perfect harmony ;-)


Yeah the chiropractor is great! If you start early enough you only need a few sessions and its very relaxing.

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This is a lovely cup. Too bad it has a morbid story behind the estate (see product description). Anyhow…I am really enjoying this tea! It’s medium to strong leaning more toward the stronger side. It’s has a pleasant and even (not overly done) non-bitter-black tea/chewy/floral type smell to it. It’s pretty flavorful and yummy! Nice even taste from start to finish!

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VERY Bold – ideal for your morning pick-me-up! It’s Loud and bold and malty and peppery…spicy/peppery tastes throughout the sip! I’m not picking up on the fruit hints but I will say pepper – NOT hot but peppery notes! VERY bold black tea!

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This ‘brews up’ extremely dark brown. This is VERY BOLD and gives you a nice swift kick in the butt for your midday blah’s!!! It’s semi-malty and (again) bold and flavorful!

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Sometimes I think most Darjeelings are darned-near the same! At least in taste. It’s not that I don’t like them…I do…but I haven’t really found one I LOVE yet. I mean really LOVE.

So far…this just may be my FAVE

It’s nutty but not like a peanut or almond. It’s bold but not astringent. It’s vibrant and seems to energize me! It surely grabs my attention. It’s not your run of the mill Darjeeling! It’s also semi-sweet yet smooth! This is lovely!

This has changed my thoughts on Darjeeling! Lovely!

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