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I got a sachet of this tea at the World Tea Expo 2014. Weirdly, they have pretty nice looking loose leaf, but only samples of the bagged stuff. I asked a question about the bagged tea leaf being different (and it is, ground up for bagged tea) and they opened the package to show me how it still smells good – and gave it to me along with some other sachets of other stuff.

Decided to drink this one as its open (and mysteriously did not get tossed about or wrecked in my shopping bag) and I prepared it iced. Actually, a pretty decent bagged tea – the ceylon black is not bad and the mixed berry flavor comes out strong – I can taste blueberries mostly. Slight tart, but pretty fresh overall. Good level of fruityness that I didn’t add any sugar.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to secure more of this tea, but it is pretty solid for bagged – much better than the usual grocery store tea offerings and a tasty fruity iced tea. Wish I had it in loose leaf form tho.


My sister will be sharing her samples from the trade show with me…. can’t wait to compare notes with you! :)

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My coworker brought in this tea for me to try. She bought it from a woman at the farmers market whose husband brings back this brand of tea from Sri Lanka. It is a pretty decent black tea. According to the website, the black tea is Ceylon.

This is a nice low-cost tea that’s pretty delicious on a chilly fall day. I’m going to ask my coworker what other teas this woman sells because I may be giving her some money to be my tea mule.

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