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I really enjoyed this one it’s very nice some earthiness with astringency of a black tea and roasty oolong nuances. Nutty smooth on it own and slight fruity notes with sweetner added almost muscatel some one else said like “licking a grapevine” thats was about right not in a bad way at all tho. Many steeps for this one I enjoyed the first steep to me could have even been tossed and considered a rinse because the second and third steeps were much more flavorful. Wonderful tea I want to get some more of this.

205 °F / 96 °C

Why only 67 points for this one if I may ask ?

Tommy the Toad

Oh I didn’t really go by numbers I just moved the sliding scale thing under the smiling face :-)


I wondered the same thing. I wish we could type in our rating number.

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This is tied with the Pou Chong for favorite sample from Fong Mong Tea!. Thank you, Fong Mong!

I made this gong fu style this morning. A quick rinse, maybe five seconds, released buttery aromas, and the scent of sweet green veggies.

I kept the steeps fairly short and made five so far, tasting a sip in my tiny cup as I first poured it, then adding the remaining tea in the pitcher to my tetsubin to meld each steep together so that I will have an impression of the flavor western style as well.

The liquor is a soft golden color. The aroma is buttery sweet greens, and there is a slight astringency, not unpleasant and quite possibly due to my steeping. This is excellent and very enjoyable.

There is a sweet fruit flavor that rises in the throat after drinking this. Delicious!

Thank you again for the opportunity to sample your tea, Fong Mong Teas!

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Oh lookie! ANOTHER Oolong! :)
Not that I’m complaining…it’s the complete opposite, actually!

This Oolong SURE IS a beauty! Sure…I have had other Oriental Beauty oolong before…but how is this one different? Well, the first thing I noticed was the dry leaves smelled like a formosa-type with a bit of natural citrus notes.

The taste was delightful! It’s gentle, a bit floral, but a sweeter-floral, maybe a touch of sweeter-nuttiness, too. I could also taste those subtle citrus hints, too! This is juicy and – dare I say – succulent? YUM! This is great!


Me thinks you is oolong drunk!


Pretty much! LOL


Man oolong is so good! I love these type of teas. Great review.

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Toasty-Roasty Oats but on the greener side! Nice!

It’s slightly bitter but in an interesting savory sort of way.

This is pretty goo!

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I don’t usually wait so long to post a review, and I hate that I didn’t post it sooner. :// I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few minor mental notes. A special Thank You to Fong Mong Tea for this sample! :))

Right away I knew this was a deeper tea than the Jinxuan tea I sampled previously. While still green, this Dong Ding has more of a roasted aroma that really comes out in the wet leaves [which also exhibit floral qualities]. The cup is slightly darker, with roasty, peach-like fruitiness on my palate that is smooth and delicious. :))

The second cup has more aroma and flavor with the most balanced roasty/peachy character. the flavors are so juicy and smooth on my palate! [1 minute at 180F].

The third cup was more mild yet still flavorful. The wet leaves had more of a green floral character reminding me of honeysuckle. The flavors were lighter as well, with lighter peach notes, and the gentle touch of a white tea [1.5 minutes at 195F].

My last cup was like a white tea with light fruit qualities, and serene smoothness that calmed my spirit. :)) [5 minutes at 212F]. Overall, a great tea, that I enjoyed for it’s slightly deeper, peachy flavor, with every steep showcasing a smoothness that is so inviting and enjoyable! :)) I can’t wait to try the rest of the samples. :))

Cupped: Monday, June 18, 2012.

Reviewed: Sunday, June 24, 2012.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Nice and sweet!


mm I’ve been saving this one as my last sample! Perhaps today is the day to drink it down :D

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Many thanks to Fong Mong for the samples! I have a feeling that I will thoroughly enjoy them all! I received the box last week but have not had a chance to truly appreciate an oolong until work yesterday. Armed with my Teaopia Teamaster (probably not ideal but great for watching the leaves unfurl) and an eight hour workday I set out to sample this tea.

The result- ahh-mazing! Oolong’s like this almost make me want to never drink anything else. So smooth, so sweet, so deliciously yummy…

Before steeping observations: Not really any smell to the leaves, leaves are curled tightly but white tips are evident.

1st steep: Tea came out to a deep brown colour, which I wasn’t really expecting. The smell is mostly sweet, like honey or baked goods. I am getting gentle earthy tones and a lot of natural sweetness. After the first steep the leaves had fully unfurled and were almost shiny.
2nd steep: Unbelievably smooth with a sweet kick at the end, almost tastes fruity, but I can’t put my finger on which fruit… Definitely some lovely honey notes in there!
3rd Steep: This is where I turned into a tea criminal… I left it steeping for way too long as I got busy at work, and then proceeded to let it get cold in my mug, and you know what? It was still amazing! This tells me that this tea doesn’t need to be babied to taste amazing, which is something that I absolutely look for in a tea!
4th Steep: took it home so that my dad could have a try- he loved it, said he couldn’t believe how sweet and smooth the taste was. I couldn’t agree more! I probably could have easily gone for 7 steeps, but I ended it here.

Overall, the best oolong that I have tried and it will definitely become a staple on my tea shelf!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Scott B

Good to hear. I have this sample too. Hope to try it this weekend.

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A review Fruity (Sijichun) Oolong Tea by Fong Mong Tea

I am enjoying another oolong sampler from Fong Mong Tea Company in Taiwan. This oolong was processed with the fragrance of fresh flowers making for the fruitiness that is to be found in this cup of tea.

I am using half of the leaves for this brew. I place freshly drawn water into a small pan on the stove and left to boil. Having placed the leaves into the cup, I then pour the boiled water over the leaves (which are tightly rolled/pressed) and left to steep for several minutes with covering on the cup.

After the set time I remove the lid to find that the tea leaves did indeed unfurl to fuller leaves and there is not a particular smell to the tea at first. Tea’s color is light yellow almost, especially once the leaves are removed from the cup. Tea leaves are light green in color, they are partial cut leaves and smells mildly vegetal…broccoli like.

Anyhow, I take my first sip of the tea and it is fine. No drying effect, and very light in the body and I take more sips of this tea I am thinking of broccoli and rice. Steam rice when cooking, at times so very faint and yet one can know of such a smell. It is warm moisture, steaming from the heat as it moistens the face of the cook.

In all, this tea has no astringency. It is very light in body and tea color is light yellow when the leaves have been removed from the cup. From the first steep and sipping this tea tastes of steaming broccoli and rice. It is very faint.

It is tea and it’s drinkable. I am looking forward to trying the remainder of the unused portion as iced tea, at a much later time.

Thank you Fong Mong for making me aware of this tea and for sending the samples.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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My first Oriental Beauty oolong. I am so excited and very thankful to Fong Mong Tea for providing me with this lovely sample. I used 3 grams per 4oz.
1st This steep was a little short. I probably should have kept it going a little longer, but I am still satisfied. It was 45seconds and the liquor is similar to clear, dilute beef broth. There is a lovely black tea quality to this oolong for me. It’s a similar astringency, and I don’t mind it at all. Definitely juicy and thick… would be so much thicker with a longer steep!
2nd Longer steep and less water = cider colored liquid. Hmm.. I’m getting toasty, maybe a thickness at the back of my tongue?.. I’m not getting anything and the broth is 2x as dark as the first steep (which tasted juicier). Im going to steep a little longer… I get almost bergamot flavours. Interesting. It’s tasting like an earl grey to me in ways. What is up with my taste buddies? They’re crazy!
*3rd*OOps.. I got caught up in genetics and forgot about it. Probably a 2-2.5 minute steep. Taste? A little astringent with hints of honey, roasted things, mmm it’s pretty good. Little creamy buttery roastedness.

Thank you again for my first Oriental Beauty experience Fong Mong! I greatly appreciate it.

200 °F / 93 °C

I wish I had gotten this sample. Earl Grey qualities?! Very intriguing review. :))


I was surprised as well =) and thank you!

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Thank you to Fong Mong Tea for their generosity in providing me with this free sample!

This is one of those teas that gets its flavor from being bitten by leaf hopping insects, I almost forgot!

I’ve had a few Oriental Beauty type teas in the past and have always enjoyed them. I wish I had a gaiwan to steep this in, but this afternoon I don’t. I did steep in the infuser mug for around 90 seconds.

I got a light yellowish infusion that is slightly toasty with a slight floral aroma. The tea reminds me a bit of sandalwood and has a nice sweet, finish. At first I doesn’t seem too impressive but a few seconds after you take a sip, there’s a honey like sensation on your tongue and the back of your throat. This tea stay with you in a good way. Very nice!

My second steep was similar to the first, but the infusion is a bit darker, I think I steeped it for around 2 minutes. There’s a bit of rose in the aroma & flavor of this tea. Roses and sandalwood is quite a nice combination! I have another Eastern Beauty but would certainly consider purchasing this once I’ve finished the other one off. A very enjoyable afternoon tea, relaxing and brings you back to sanity.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 30 sec

I don’t think this was one of the samples I got from them – I have only reviewed one so far – I need to get back on it! Been too busy playing with my breville but won’t steep this in the breville – as you said – more gaiwan worthy!

I do feel intrigued by the mention of sandalwood however! Going on my shopping list!


I notices that there has been a nice mix in the samples sent out. Not everyone received the same samples! Smart! This is a nice exotic!


They asked me to pick 4 of my choosing…


I don’t think I got this one. ://


I was asked too but just mentioned the black since the rest was mostly oolongs that I saw.

Scott B

Glad you liked it. I’ve never had an Oriental Beauty before so I picked this as one of my samples too. I need to try it soon.


Insects? O.O Gosh, I didn’t know that. How interesting.


That is rather awesome! I never knew about the tea bugs.

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Thanks to Fong Mong for this sample. The dry leaf reminds me of a milk oolong…in fact everything about this tea reminds me of that…almost. It is very light and buttery with the something else and I think that would be the sweet (mentioned in the tea description) aftertaste I get on the finish. I really like it! This might be one to add to the mix once I cut down my rather large tea stash!

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Another sample from Fong Mong today!

I also don’t get the fruity aspect of the title, but I get a very prominent floral taste out of this tea! I dnt know all my florals too well, but I recon this one is a bit of a jasmine floral. There is a buttery and vegetal taste with this, but definitely the most prominent aspect is the jasmine floral. Even after the sip, I can still sense it on my tongue.

I’ll see how further infusions go, as this is just my first.

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Thanks to Fong Mong Tea for such a generous sample!

First steep (~5s): Very light, almost buttery. Liquor so pale it’s almost like water.

Second steep(~15s): Liquor’s a bit darker, a very pale gold. Light scent of toasted walnuts, maybe a bit of rice. Not like a genmaicha, but sort of as an afterthought. Almost a sort of potato-y sweetness.

Third steep (~25s): Still a very pale gold. Similar to the previous steep. Maybe the sweetness is sort of a lychee flavor?

Fourth steep: (~40s): Very pale, light flavor. Reminds me of a Dragonwell green – light, buttery, smooth. I’m thinking that I should have either used more leaf or started steeping longer. It’s good, but a bit tame.

180 °F / 82 °C

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Another sample courtesy of Fong Mong Tea – thank you!

Steeped 150 ml of 190º water with 3 grams of oolong for an initial time of 3 minutes. This produced a nice mild oolong – not overly vegetal. It smells more vegetal than it tastes. The second steep (same amount of water with a 5º and 1 minute addition) is a bit stronger in vegetal flavor, but smells less so. The third steep I think I may have left the leaves in too long, because I’m not fond of the taste. There’s kind of a bitter taste in it.

I really like the first steep the best, but next time I’ll try the full 6 minute soak.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Free sample from Fong Mong

Lovely tea. There, that’s all I need to write. It isn’t? Ok, well, upon opening the packet I got that proper oolong aroma, which immediately got me excited. The 6 minute recommended steeping time made me go “Eep!” as with the Blue Jade from Fong Mong. Still, I followed the directions and soon a lovely aroma was arising from my teapot. Impatiently I tapped my foot and waiting while the tea steeped. Then I got to taste it. It was light and creamy on my tongue. There was a definite fruity note to it with a sweet, slightly floral aftertaste that really came to the fore as I exhaled. Fresh, tasty, definitely one to keep in stock. I really liked this tea.

185 °F / 85 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Finally getting to another sample from Fong Mong! This is really good! I didn’t really expect such a toasty flavor. The smell and tast is like oats but also green like my favorite green oolongs. Usually the roasty ones are darker but this one is definitely green. I really like this unusual combo!

I don’t have time to get into details here, but I’m really enjoying this! While the toastyness is novel and fun, I think I still prefer the unroasty green oolongs. I guess I wouldn’t buy this one, but it’s still really tasty.

Edit: second steep. Roasted veggies!

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Thanks to Fong Mong tea, who provided this free sample for review. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Dong Ding (or any oolong besides a TGY), so I am looking forward to trying this one. I am following the western steeping instructions that they provide, but I can’t bring myself to steep the tea for 6 minutes. I did bump it to 4 minutes rather than my usual 3 because the Blue Jade I tried from them didn’t seem quite full flavored at 3 minutes.

The steeped tea smells roasty, a bit floral, and a bit vegetal. I have to say that I do think this one is oversteeped, unfortunately. There is a bit of astringency and a hint of bitterness that I don’t think would be there if I had stuck to 3 minutes. Otherwise, the flavor is pretty nice… a tad roasty but not too strong, some nice oolong flavors under there. Unfortunately this bitterness is taking over more as it cools. I ended up dumping out the first steep and steeping the leaves a second time for 3 minutes. This time the flavors are nice and pleasant, no bitterness. Lighly roasty, vegetal, not very floral or buttery, but with a very slight sweetness that lingers in the aftertaste. I like this dong ding pretty well, but like I said earlier I don’t love even lightly roasted oolongs. Most dong dings are lightly roasted, as I’ve found, but every once in a while you happen across an unroasted one. I enjoy this tea (now that it’s not bitter), but it’s not something I would seek out.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Every time I read about this tea, I read it as Ding Dong Oolong (which rhymes too)! :P

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My third oolong tea for the day.. And so far it is my favorite. It has the smooth taste of an oolong but a fruity taste after words. The tea has a mellow mild taste but it still packs a wallop. I do enjoy this blend and it has officially made me a fan of oolong. The subtleness of green tea but with the flavor of herbal. In short it is amazing

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Much thanks to Fong Mong Tea for this sample. I had mentioned to them that I had enjoyed both Oriental Beauty and Tung Ting in the past, so I was excited they included this one for comparison. However the Tung Ting I had tried was much darker (not sure if it was more oxidized, roasted or both). So while they are very different flavors, this does taste like very center green part of darker version.

It also tastes as if it has been brewed in yixing, yet hasn’t. At first I thought it was my memory tricking my sense as the Tung Ting I had tried at Essencha Tea House was brewed in a tiny yixing tea pot, but there is definitely a clay-like mineral note that is neither sweet nor metallic. I infused this many times yesterday in my make-shift gaiwan, at first with short steeps, then later much longer trying to draw out more flavors, but the steeps stayed quite consistent. I would say it might to better with long western infusions though. Mildly veg with those odd clay notes, the word bakey comes to mind, but I thought other’s used that in conjunction with bready. On the other hand it might do very well in a yixing pot! Thank you Fong Mong for this unique experience!



Autumn Hearth

Woot! I shall keep an eye out for your review as I’m the only one who has posted about this one so far.


I might have this too. I didn’t look closely!

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Thank you very much to Fong Mong Tea for the generous samples that arrived yesterday. I have been wanting to try more Taiwanese teas for awhile. In fact it was an Oriental Beauty that opened my eyes to the greater tea world and led me to Steepster, so it seems appropriate that I start with this. These leaves are a bit more varied than the other version of this tea I’ve tried. While the silver buds are slender and twisty, the bronze leaves are broader and while most are long and whole, there are some smaller and broken bits mixed in.

The smell is so lovely and familiar, yet hard to pinpoint. My mouth is greeted by a similar welcoming warmth, like embracing an old friend. This is woodsy, a soft fragrant wood, with a dusting of… powdered sugar? Yes, mmm. Later in this cup is the most subtle hint of fruit, like licking a grapevine.

Second infusion: hello flavor! There is a fleeting sweetness like cocoa powder, but it is gone in an instant. Oh, this is quite muscatel, but I so prefer it to Darjeeling. Mmm grape leaves now.

Third infusion: more herbaceous, like Shou Mei. And the next five infusions are pretty consistent with this, even though I increased the steep time by 15 secs up to 2 mins. I brewed this session in a makeshift gaiwan (curvy mug with a lid that I only used the bottom 4-5oz of) with 3 grams of leaf starting at 5 secs.

Today I brewed the other half of my sample, starting at 3 mins and increasing by a min for a total of four sessions. This tea definitely does better with more time and higher temperatures, but still never gets very strong or buttery and still reminds me more of Darjeeling and Shu Mei. Not quite what I was looking for, but lovely all the same, thank you! I may eventually order the Top Grade.

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Thank you FONG MONG TEA for this beautiful tea sample!

The first thing you notice about this tea are the multicolored dry leaves. Rust, grey and various shades of brown with tinges of green. Very pretty.

My porcelain gaiwan is small and just the right size for multiple infusions of this Oolong. Using a scant tsp of leaves, I waited almost a minute before the first pour.

The aroma from the now large brown ochre leaves was unexpectedly malty and vegital. The liquor was light yellow and clear.
I slurped the brew deeply…like a fine wine letting all of the liquid hit every taste bud.
Oh my! For no reason whatever…the first thing I thought of was yellow roses in the garden. Beautiful roses with the blush of soft pink that reminds you of ripe yellow delicious apples. The fragrance and taste of both mingled together but gently…ever so slight in the tea base. The room seemed to be spinning.

The tip of my tongue became hot like a nettle sting but there was no bitter aftertaste or tannin. This tea was juicy.

The second steep.
The leaves looked like rusty parts of filigree floating in the gaiwan. The liquor was golden, leaves smelling like lilac and rock sugar. The broth was much thicker coating my mouth, still juicy and sweet but reminded me of a corn broth. Not a sweet corn but the real corn juice that comes off the cob when you cut the kernels with a knife. Light and fresh.

I decided to increase the steep time a bit. The discription of sweet fruit had not appeared. The flavor was subtle and enjoyable but maybe I was doing something incorrectly.
I steeped 1.5 minutes.The added time produced more color and flavor.
Right away my mouth tingled…the flavor so much sweeter and richer with juicy goodness. The developed flavor was huge and resembled a pineapple mango with acidity and smooth textural creaminess all in one fruit. This is what makes you want to lay down on a beach and take a nap.

One thing that I have to comment on is that of all the Oolongs I’ve had thus far, this one tastes far different than any other. It just does not taste like the Chinese Oolongs. No orchid flowery taste. It is much more delicate and I fear that I am not trained to understand this tea. I am under-educated and too young in the tea life.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to taste this tea and thank FONG MONG TEA!


Ooh, can’t wait!


Remember these flavors are muted delicate whispers not like oolongs I’ve had before.


I enjoy trying to find the delicate flavors. I think the degree to which you perceive delicate flavors depends a lot on the mood you’re in, in certain states of mind your senses are more heightened, y’know?


Nice! I do like a good oriental beauty oolong.


Bonnie, you sound like you need a nap on a beach after that tea experience! =))


I did go to the beach yesterday. There’s a gorgeous 7.5 mile reservoir in the hills behind my house (I could hike a trail up there) with a swim beach. Went with the little ones. My daughter’s 5 cute little boys playing in the water having fun. You can be noiser than my pool! And there’s ROCKS!

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I didn’t really get the fruity connection but that’s ok with me because I did get all of the smooth oolong goodness and it was lovely! This is a great, true Oolong to have on hand any time – any season! Clean, fresh, pure! A delight!

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Outstanding blend. I was never really interested in blended teas, but this one I got as a sample. I was waiting for a special occasion to try it and it came one rainy day.
The tea caught me by surprise. Such palate of flavors! You got there everything: a chocolate tasting red tea followed by a nutty roasted oolong and ending like a jasmine scented sencha.
Unusual tea, highly recommended for blue days..

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 45 sec
Fong Mong Tea

Thank you very much for enjoying the tea.

However, the fruity note is naturally delivered from Sijichun itself, it’s not blended with something else. Just like Blue Jade has an Orchid note to it with natural floral flavor.

Most oolong teas we carry are naturally with either fruity or floral flavor. The more you have it, the more you’ll get apperception.

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