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I love this tea! Trilogy, Grape, and Passionberry Bliss are my favorite flavors :D Great after a big meal :) Grape tastes like Grape Soda!

Wiseman Tea Co.

I love kombucha!

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I tried this tea for the first time on the second day of a 30 day juice fast. It blew me away! Now I know the fermentation causes the carbonation and that is one of the values of drinking Kombucha but I couldn’t handle all the fizz in my stomach so I put the lid on and shook it up a little. Letting the fizz out unlocks the deeper taste and doesn’t hurt the stomach.

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I started drinking Kombucha a few months ago. My sister introduced to the Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha. My favorite flavors are Cosmic Cranberry and Passionberry. They are really fizzy and have a pretty strong vinegar smell (fermented), which turned me off at first. Just have to be open minded and sip slowly throughout the day! Apparently has many health benefits. So, it makes me feel good and wards off hunger! I don’t drink as much as I’d like because its kind of expensive but its a treat when I do!


I’ve seen this at Central Market and, I’ll be honest, it scares me. I salute you for your bravery in drinking it. :)

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