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Very, very strange. Not bad by any means, but just so… strange! This herbal is obviously more intended for the health market than the taste market, so it’s hard to hold it to the same standards. The website talks up the health benefits quite a bit, but I’m sure I won’t notice them. The smell and taste are strangely acidic and medicinal. The chamomile mellows it out a bit, and there’s a hoppy, cinnamon-laced bite at the end of each sip. I suppose it’s appropriate for such an unusual and unique tea to come from Australia. It’s like the platypus of teas.

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Elegant, flavorful, soothing, comfortable tea!

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I knew nothing about this tea before trying it and I knew there was chamomile and cinnamon here. I looked up the ingredients (for the steepster info) and I was right. This isn’t a bad flavor. For some reason it reminds me of oatmeal cookies without raisins. I don’t usually prefer chamomile, but this tea is great.

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