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This fragrant second flush darjeeling from Goomtee estate by way of Golden Tips brews up a beautiful amber color and tastes smooth and—I hate to say it, but it’s true—gulpable.

Delicious! I kept the temperature low and the steep time short, because it is so easy to oversteep good darjeelings and mistake poor parameters for bitterness in the tea itself. No bitterness here, and not too grassy either. This is a slightly sweeter darjeeling with, yes, a somewhat fruity demeanor. The dried tea is exceptionally fragrant and though mostly charcoal colored, there are also some lighter tips.

This tea is a good example of why people become obsessed with darjeeling. ;-)

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 45 sec 3 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

This was my favorite of the July subscription teas.


Isn’t it yummy, Cheri? ;-)


It’s soooo gooooood. I might even order this one.


Darjeeling is ok to me. :P Ahh… charcoal colored :) the usual for black tea :D

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This is the first of the Golden Tips Teas teas from my subscription that I haven’t had any positive feelings about. Others might like it, but this tea is doing nothing good for me. It’s Meh at best. It’s not horrible, though, but it just doesn’t have anything that I’m liking about it.


Well, it’s a daily blend, which means lots of stuff was swept together to produce a more economical tea than any of the single-estate teas from any single flush… Bear in mind that grocery store darjeeling is always something along these lines.


That makes sense. I didn’t know what daily meant. Thanks!

Golden Tips Teas India

Dear Cheri. Thank you for your review.
Yes, exactly like Sherapop mentioned our Daily Darjeeling is a a value everyday tea blend at a value price point :) For people who like to have a good cup of tea and a reasonable price, this is a good Darjeeling for them. Hope you love the teas other teas :)


I’ve really enjoyed several of the other teas. This one just wasn’t for me. I’m looking forward to next month’s installment, though!

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Very grapey and sweet, and very good. I really am enjoying the Golden Tips subscription – I was never a huge black tea fan before, particularly unflavored. Now I am realizing how much more they have to offer. As a fan of sweeter flavors, this one is right up my alley.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Dear Goomtee,
My husband just found out about our affair. Surprisingly, he didn’t pull out his shotgun. He just rolled his eyes and sighed. He has his fishing rods and baits, and I have you, my precious, heavenly cup of gold. Every sip is a love letter…
I must have more…

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And now I understand what people were saying about second flush teas. Yep.

My first sip. Sweet. Grape. Yep, I finally get it.

I did not expect to do more than casually like this tea, to be honest, but I knew I had to try it and give it a chance.

I really, really like this tea. I want more.

It’s sweet and slightly floral. I now know what people mean when they say “muscatal” when they’re talking about this tea. It really did remind me of those muscat grapes. Amazing.

I was worried that this subscription wouldn’t be right for me, but I guess I’m really growing as a tea lover. Sorry, Marzipan, I won’t be sending this one to you.


I’m glad to watch the journey :)

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Another from my Assam Sampler.

I think CTC gets a bad rap. I could have sworn I saw someone review this yesterday but no other reviews are showing up. I pulled it out of the never-ending box of goodies to try this morning. Other people pick out their clothes for the morning, I pick out my tea ahead of time.

One thing I like about CTC is that the tea becomes dark very quickly. It’s almost dark like coffee. This was really good – bold and robust. A perfect kick in the keester early morning screen.


I need my to write my review for this one still but I made some while I was waiting for the water filter to come and it actually tasted good in the icky water. Very comforting in a get your butt out of bed and conquer the world kind of tea.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to try it with the good water.

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drank Thanai Assam by Golden Tips Teas
261 tasting notes

I suppose part of me originally thought an Assam is an Assam, right? But then the other part of me started thinking about things like terroirs, and reasoned that of course they have to be different. That’s what I am enjoying so much about trying all of these different Assams and Darjeelings. I feel like I am learning about the different estates while I am discovering which teas I like best.

I really liked this Assam. While I liked the one I had yesterday, I think I liked this one a notch more. The mouthfeel was very round and comforting. I could see it becoming a favorite morning tea for me.


I have been intrigued by assams and darjeelings lately. I am enjoying reading these notes.


I love Darjeeling teas (and Assams – but Darjeelings have my heart at the moment). I’m living trying different estates and different years. It’s amazing how much the tea can vary in taste from one year to the next.


*loving not living. :)


Thanks Tiff! I was a little afraid that they were getting repetitive, but if nothing else I figure they’ll help me keep them straight.


I’ve enjoyed them too. Some are new estates for me. I have an Assam I’m pretty loyal to, but I like variety and it always amazes how much of just that teas from Assam can have.


You are doing much better than I. I can’t seem to remember which estates I like from one tea to the next! I only ever remember one or two.

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Soft,juicy,a touch of green grapes.Not strong but with pleasant and clean aroma reminding me of flowers and honey and fruits.The way the liquid touches my whole mouth really feels like biting a soft plum or grape,which is one of my favorite experiences with this tea.

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