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I got this tea thanks to LaFleurBleue, merci beaucoup :)

(by the way if anyone can help me by telling me how to manage to put some writing in bold here on Steepster I would be more than grateful – I really don’t see where to do this)

So merci beaucoup because it is really a very nice tea, very delicate, refined.

To me, basil is the main flavor but not overpowering, it’s just on the top of the other flavors : rose and peony. It’s like the cherry on the top of the cake, it sublimates the whole tea.

This is a mild tea, may be perfect for an evening.

This is my first Gryphon tea and I really appreciated it. However I liked the tea bag quality which is really high and all the information provided on the wrapping sachet (character, aroma,origin, tea pairing suggestions)

The flowers and basil seemed to be of highest quality.

Great tea.

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Hesper June

I am not sure how others do it, but for me I simply put my words between asterisks and it shows up bold, such as bold
Sounds like an interesting tea!

Hesper June

ha! see it showed up bold just now! just simply add 2 asterisks in front and behind the word or sentence you want to make bold:)


thanks very much Hesper June


Yay I was so happy when someone taught me how to do that! :)

Geoffrey Norman

Almost read that as Nympho of the Nile, then thought, Who’d want a tea that’s been around?

Luckily I gave it a second glance.


lol, Geoffrey!

Ysaurella, thanks for this review. I’ve never had a tea with basil in it. Sounds interesting, I’ve added this to my (very long) shopping list. Plus I really like its name!

In addition to placing an asterisk on either side of text to make it bold, you can put an underscore on either side to italicise it, or put a dash/hyphen on either side to strike it through.


thank you all for your comments :)


If you look in the FAQ post at the discussion boards, there is a guide as well to the different sorts of formatting you can do. This is the link, but you have to scroll down pretty far to get to the formatting section.

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I have only 2 tea bags of this one, from the Gryphon Treasures box, and I’m quite unhappy with myself for having spoiled this first try. I’m convinced the water was too hot and I left it steeping the 1st time for too long (water like 95° and almost 10 mn steeping…)
I’m not used to drinking sencha, so I confess not to have lots of experience and memories to compare it with.
Despite my extremely poor handling of this, I found there was something interesting in this tea.
The color is a light greenish-yellow. The smell is very pleasant, very Japanese tea and not only that, but also something very sweet, slightly flowery. The taste is also quite delicate, green but not only, very sweet (despite a slight bitterness in my first brew due to mishandling).
This tea reminds me of a piece of silk material, less shiny than satin but perfectly smooth and very fine.

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Pleasant and refreshing, with a nice Mint taste, that really reminded me of mint leaves, not freshly plucked from the plant but with no fake mint chewing-gum taste. I did not really find the lemongrass, though I’ll try looking for it again when drinking the second tea bag from the Treasure box.
The green tea used as a basis was to my opinion too weak. The third steep already turned quite watery and the fourth was a lightly colored hot water with a very very slight mint-infusion taste.
Last thing, I was expecting some taste closer from Morrocan mint tea; I’m not sure how they brew it in Morrocco, but I believe the tea used is not as green as this one, plus they use tons of sugar. This one was probably better without sugar, but then it just cannot be a real Morrocan taste.
Another blend from Gryphon that I find quite nice, with no wow factor, and definitely overpriced.

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That’s a plain black tea, with rather good quality tea inside the bag. The leaves are all broken within the bag, but are real pieces of leaves, not grinded leaves nor dust.
During steeping, the leaves expand quite a lot and the bag looks almost too small.
The color is a nice golden-brown.
The taste is, I suppose, quite nice for a non-flavored black tea. However, both Boh teas I have (one Flowery Pekoe and the other a Pekoe A leaves) are rather nicer, with nice full leaves, and were significantly cheaper.
I was rather disappointed by tasting this tea, whose main merit was to help me understand my Malaysian black tea was definitely very good quality. My second finding is that I’m really not a huge fan of plain breakfast teas.
I also believe a shorter steeping of around 3 mn would probably be better for the first steep.

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The teabag content was less grinded than chamomile dream, although the mint leaves are cut into rather small pieces and some pieces of ginger can be seen.
The taste is also mild and shall soon turn weak.
I could really taste both the freshness of the mint at first, then the more lingering taste of ginger; the tanginess of the lemon was to my opinion a bit overshadowed by the two previous ones, really not long-lasting and there could have been more of it in the mix. The mix is quite pleasant but is not really so very special.
This is definitely more a late afternoon / evening drink and I’m not convinced this brew is the right one to “lift my spirits for the day”, as is mentioned.
Will not buy it again, after having finished the 2 bags from the Treasure box. Not a good value for money.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

I had the second bag this late afternoon. It tastes nicer than I remember, though it’s quite mild and the small 2g bag does not allow for a resteep.
At 16.40 SGD (or more depending on the shop) for 20 bags *2g, it makes 41 sgd for 100 g, hence 26 Euro or 33 USD.
It’s good but definitely not worth this price to my opinion.

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A disappointment !
After opening the plastic bag and taking out the “silk” tea-bag, I was already a bit reluctant, as the chamomile and other herbs looks grinded, while I was expecting full leaves and flowers.
The herbal tea color, once steeped, is a nice bright yellow. The smell is rather pleasant. The taste is rather pleasant, though the chamomile is rather short-lasting and the verbena takes rapidly over. I could not taste the marigold (though I never managed to identify its taste, as I’ve always had some in blends). The lavender may be responsible for some of the remaining after-taste, but I’m not so sure about it either.
Though a quite pleasant brew, I did not feel it was really special and I have better memories of drinks made only with entire chamomile flowers.
The second steep came out very light and with little flavor. At least with the Gryphon teas I’ve tried until now, I could manage up to 5 steeps, which were still interesting, though feeling weaker at the end, which makes them much better value for money.
Totally overpriced and not worth it.

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I’m reviewing a bit my initial impression. This time I brewed an almost full teapot with one bag and it’s not weak at all. This tea-bag allows for a large quantity though no resteep.
I can definitely recognize all flavors: the chamomile, rather mild, the verbena and the lingering lavender. The blend is rather subtle as none of this flavors is stronger than the next. That’s what makes it rather pleasant and not too bland. However it is clearly a blend herbal tea and not a chamomile one, which was what I expected the first time and why I was so disappointed.
It remains too expensive for me to buy it again.

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I have had a few more bags of this one (for which I bought a complete box, in addition to the 2 teabags from the Treasure box). The more I drink it, the more I like it and find it the perfect Earl Grey, that I want to drink again and again.
And I’m so impressed by the number of steeps possible with one single tea-bag.
Very expensive, but it’s worth while at least a try. The best blend from Gryphon with Nymph of the Nile, to my opinion.
My husband also liked it a lot and asked for more, while usually he just finishes the first cup or regularly even does not finish it.

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I was really curious to try this one out, as I used to drink quite a lot of Earl Grey years ago from average quality stock usually, had never tried any finer, nor any with lavender.
The tea color was rather lighter than I expected, golden honey. The smell is quite refreshing with both citrus and lavender coming up. And it’s definitely real lavender, like one directly picked from the garden, not the artificial one from most air fresheners.
Drinking it is also extremely pleasant : the black tea has a lighter taste than what I expected, the tastes from lavender and bergamot mix very well with each other; neither of them is too strong, nor overwhelming. The taste lasts very long in the mouth after drinking.
And after a few cups, I find myself wanting more. My feeling is that it’s a very delicate Earl Grey, like a very fine china cup, while the previous I used to drink were more like Ikea basic mugs : something that does the job, is nice enough to look at and practical to use but nothing to cry out about.
I may try to compare it later with MF Earl Grey Provence…

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The bag almost looks empty, with a few small jasmine pearls. However during steeping, the pearls unravel nicely within the “silk” bag.
The color is a light yellow, though stronger yellow than TenFu’s Jasmine Pearls.
The jasmine tea is very sweet and without any bitterness (at least with 3 to 3 mn 30 steeping time). However I found the jasmine tea overshadowed, both at smelling and at tasting by the rose flavor.
The tea really smells like an oversized rose bouquet or a rose pot-pourri made with fresh petals. Very nice, but to my opinion too strong. When drinking, I did not really manage to identify the delicate jasmine taste hidden under the rose.
It’s supposed to be perfect for pairing with fish and white meat. I could personally never drink this tea with a meal, excluding dessert time.
It’s not subtle or delicate and designed to please rose-flavor addicts.
If I could compare it with a woman portrait, this tea would be a middle-age socialite with platinum perfect hair, perfect clothes but trying to hide her wrinkles by too much foundation and wearing too much perfume.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

I had my second sample of Pearl of the Orient today. Still too strong on the rose flavor for my taste, though I appreciate that the rose smells and tastes like a real rose directly picked in a garden and not like artificial rosewater scent.
The taste is rather long lasting and the bag can be resteeped quite a few times. I forgot it during a later steeping today for almost half an hour… I was really wary when tasting it after, that it would be bitter, as most Jasmine teas turn out to be when left more than a few minutes. To my surprise, it was not bitter at all.


Though expensive, I believe it’s rather good value for money, as I steeped in total around 1.5 liter tea with each tea-bag (filled with 2.5g). And I felt I could still go on if I had felt like drinking more rose jasmine.
A must try for the rose flavor addicts

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A new favourite!!

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

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Very pleasant white tea with a subtle and refined taste. The lemongrass is very light, almost indistinguinshable. When drinking it, the first taste is decidedly different from that remaining in the mouth afterwards; the first one is really flowery and tangy, while the aftertaste is much stronger and reminds me a bit of cinnamon (not advertised as such by Gryphon, but my personal perception).
Though really nice, I do not like it as much as the Nymph of the Nile from the same brand which had something more original and striking.
Were it available loose, I might purchase it.

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I drank this tea in a hotel at breakfast. It’s more an afternoon than a breakfast tea, in my opinion.
However I really liked it and when I asked for further information about it, I got 3 tea-bags of this Nymph of the Nile and 2 of the White Gingerlily of the same brand to bring home. In less than one week, I finished the Nymph of the Nile…
The color is a golden yellow. The roses give out a nice fragrance and most probably contribute to the sweet mellow taste. The basil leaves small pieces give a refreshing and slightly herbal taste.
Even when forgotten a few minutes more in the teapot, the tea does not turn very bitter.
I would definitely buy it, were it not always conditioned in mousseline bags and will probably try again drinking both white peony teas and teas from Gryphon, which make very high quality perfumed teas.

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Lovely tea to take in the afternoon. No sugar pls :) Pair it with a piece of coffee cake.

It has a subtle rose and jasmine fragrance that makes the tea delicate and mellow. Golden yellow in colour. Perfect for ladies ;)

Remove tea bag after steeping 3-4 mins as the tea turns slightly acidic if left steeping.

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I have been obsessed with anything Moroccan lately! I am browsing accommodation in Marrakesh and drinking this tea at the same time. ;D The tea is actually different from traditional Moroccan mint tea because it contains lemongrass and is not sugared, but being not exactly Moroccan doesn’t stop me from loving it! I absolutely enjoy the lemongrass + mint combination; it makes the tea doubly refreshing and soothing! This is my ideal night time tea as it cleanses my palate, helps me relax and gets me ready for bed. :)

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I love researching travel locations too. My next trip will be to either Peru or India!


Peru and India are great travel destinations, Stephanie! I hope I can visit them in the next few years too. But I have too many destinations in mind haha… Bhutan is one of the top priorities on my list! ;)

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The second time I had this tea, and it’s just as good. This time I could taste the osmanthus, which was very floral and sweet like honey. You know what, after a cup of this, I really wanted to give somebody a kiss with the fragrance that lingered in my mouth :P

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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I had really high expectation in this tea because the name was so delicious! Knowing that it was included in Gryphon Tea’s “Treasures” box (a sample of 10 differents) and it was only available at a shop at Dempsey Hill, I decided to visit the shop when I was in Singapore. Dempsey Hill isn’t a place that you can conveniently get to without a car (especially when the stops for the free shuttle bus are not signposted and can be a problem to tourists!), but after trying this tea I think it’s worth every effort!! ;D

The tea was as wonderful as its description had promised. The liquor had a beautiful light green colour that was characteristic of sencha, and the seductive caramel-y aroma filled the cup as the tea brewed. It looked so palatable that I took a sip right after 3 minutes! It was soft and smooth, at the same time sweet and creamy. :) It tasted very similar to T2’s milky oolong – refreshingly delicate, only sweeter. I liked it so much that I had re-steeped the tea bag several times, and I was surprised that the lovely flavour and creaminess was still there after my fourth steep. My only complaint would be the complete absence of osmanthus flavour in this tea, despite a fair amount of the flowers in the tea bag.

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I would recommend a longer brewing time (~8 minutes) for this tea because it is rather mild. Very soft and lemony… I can’t quite taste the ginger though. Perhaps because I am drinking this tea in the morning, I hope it could be more zesty and stimulating, but as an evening tea it will be perfect.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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This chamomile tea does have a unique taste – a lemony and flowery undercurrent which likely comes from lemon verbena. But I am not so happy with the long, bitter aftertaste that lingers in my mouth. As the tea cools, the bitterness becomes more and more intense! Now my whole cup (instead of only the aftertaste) has turned bitter 0_0

I have never got this from other chamomile blends and I am not sure what is responsible for this. Anyone who has similar experience?
Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

Hi Devilish,
You can try removing the bag after steeping for 5 mins? Generally the tea is best drunk hot/warm as the sweetness is brought out. The taste becomes more flat once the liquid has cooled.

Hope this helps!


Thanks gtc… wait, gtc = Gryphon Tea Company!???? Wow!!!
I will try the tea with your advice next time. There’s still another tea bag in my Treasures box. Despite a few misses, I love my Treasures box because there are so many exciting teas to try!! :) Of course, there are some really nice and interesting ones too ;)

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Geez this is probably the strongest black tea I’ve ever tasted! It smelled like coffee when it was brewing. I would recommend a shorter brewing time than 4-5 minutes suggested by Gryphon, because the tea itself is very flavourful and the tea bag contains quite a lot of tea leaves. A bit of milk and sugar would also be a good idea unless you are feeling really drowsy!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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It is nice and makes you think of lemongrass. Add honey! And if you like this, you can also try its cousin, the Nymph of the Nile, also by Gryphon.

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It’s gorgeous with a touch of honey! I much prefer it to its cousin, the other white tea that Gryphon has created in the Christmas pack.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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This Chamomile blend is too intense for brewing per cup. I think Gryphon’s Teas are better enjoyed by per pot.

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