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Cold Brew.

I’m still working at figuring out how I can best enjoy this one. I thought cold brewing might be an acceptable route so I tried that next. It’s still very “meh” overall, but again not bad. It was very chocolate/coconut heavy which is nice and all, but where is the “graham” which this blend is named after.

I’m kinda over having to fight to find a way to enjoy this one; I think I’ll be happy when it’s gone. Sorry HI; I’m still unimpressed with what I’ve seen…


If you have to work to enjoy it….NEXT! Later, problem tea

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Another given to me by the awesome Courtney!

Dry this smells pretty strongly of coconut/chocolate, which is fairly appealing. I can definitely see that as being a very good thing.

For my prep, I made it in my timolino. I was very careful to watch the time as it steeped given that I’ve experienced a too harsh black base from HI on more than one occasion. Overall, I thought that the coconut/black tea were the strongest notes with cocoa notes and something else mildly offputting and hard to identify trailing behind. I was kinda reminded of kelp? But also not kelp. Not a whole lot of “graham” unless that’s what the weird flavour is meant to be.

As for the base; it was still a bit bitter despite my precautions. Oh well, looks like I just have some playing around to do so I can figure out the best way to enjoy this one.

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I’m sick, I can’t really taste today, and I am having this as a latte. The flavouring of this tea is good, but the base is TERRIBLE. And so is their customer service. So I guess it’s a good thing I don’t want more of this tea… (On the other hand, I love some of the herbal teas they have, which sucks.)

(Total drink size about 10 oz. With almond milk.)

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 4 OZ / 118 ML

hope you feel better soon!


Thanks! Feels like this one will be around for a while. But at least I’ll manage to sip down some teas I don’t love? :)


lol – might as well do it now while you can’t taste anything :)

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This smells really good, but something about the flavouring is coating my tongue and making me not want to finish the glass.

I prepared as an iced tea, making 500ml extra-strong and pouring over ice. I didn’t add any sweetener, but I think it might need it to bring the lime flavour forward. The base is quite strong, and the coconut lends a creamy texture.

Not bad, but not super great. I’d consider getting more because of the uniqueness of the flavour, if only HI had better customer response. (Maybe responding to customer emails, and also sending out a shipping notification…)

Flavors: Bitter, Cream, Lime

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec 4 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

poop on HI


I just continue to be astounded at their customer service.


Seriously. I sent 3 emails asking about status, and then a refund and recieved NOTHING. So, forget that.


I have some teas left I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll post about those… :)

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drank Orange Pekoe by Herbal Infusions
5930 tasting notes

14/28 sipdowns.

This was a free sample in the order that cavocorax sent me so i had it way early this morning in the hopes that it would carry me through. sadly this has the same or similar base to other HI black teas and i am not a fan.

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A sample from MissB – this one was decent, enjoyable. Mildly sweet and suggestive of graham crackers. It didn’t blow my mind but I can definitely see where they’re coming from. There was something weak about it, but that might be because I added milk.

It was a good cuppa, anyhow!

Thanks for sharing!

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Another sample from Cavocorax!

I don’t much care for apple flavoured things, so admittedly I wasn’t excited to try this one.
It smells pretty good in the bag though.
And I do like apple cider, so I was kind of hoping it would be along those lines.

It ended up tasting pretty weak, though. Not really worth drinking!
Happy to have the chance to try it!

Thanks, Cavo :)

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Another sample from Cavocorax!

I tried this last night at like 11:30, obviously needed something caffeine free.

The smell was a bit off putting, because it smelled like some kind of orange flavoured cough syrup I remember from when I was a kid. I have to wonder if orange flavoured cough syrup even exists anymore!

The taste was pretty good, though not super creamy, just orangey.
But something about the tea made my throat scratch, not a sensation I’m used to because I have no food allergies, so it was unpleasant enough to make me dump the cup. I will have to give the rest to my friend to try.

Thanks for the sample, Cavo!


Yeah, Lapacho isn’t for me either!

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SSTTB: Pick #21

So this is/was the last tea that I pulled out of the box to try for myself. I did take a couple of the DT blooming teas because I find them really pretty and more enjoyable than most bloom teas because of their black base, and I kept the Sweet Cinnamon Pu’Erh from Verdant – but otherwise everything that I didn’t finish off and all my contributions are now sealed up and ready to be sent away!

…I just have to get around to actually mailing everything off. Ugh.

I don’t really know why I picked this one; there wasn’t much appeal from the ingredients/flavours – I guess it was just the allure of trying a limited edition blend? I made it in my timolino anyway, and I don’t recall much about what it tasted like. In my notes that I wrote for myself on the computer I just said:

- Very Flavourless
- Cup of hot Blah
- Tell them the Subway story!!!

So there you have it. Looking back right now I feel like the “Subway Story” is not as exciting/irritating as it was in the moment – but I suppose I’ll share it anyway if for no other reason than to not let “Past Me” down.

Basically I went, on my break at work, to get a Sub from the foodcourt. I only have a half hour break though, and it takes like 15 min. of it to actually acquire said Sub but I really, really wanted to get a sub. I hadn’t had anything to eat all day (and it was like 6PM) and nothing sounded better than hot bread, cheddar cheese, lettuce, spinach, and mother fucking shit tonne of pineapple, and sweet onion sauce. Mmm!

So I was in line and had picked my bread size and style as well as cheese for my VEGETARIAN sub (given I am a very strict VEGETARIAN) and was waiting to pick veggies while the Sandwhich Artist toasted it. However, in the down time the SA decided that was the PERFECT opportunity to organize ALL of the MEAT by systematically grabbing the different slices with her gloved hands and making them into nice piles. And then, when my sub was done toasting, she went back to adding my requested stuff WITHOUT CHANGING THE GLOVES.

Ugh! Are you fucking kidding me!? I even called her out on it; you’re making a VEGETARIAN sub but you’re going to handle all the meat then touch my veggies and try to serve it to me? I hate people who are rude to customer service/food service workers but I just don’t think that’s cool. It’s not vegetarian friendly any more! I understand it’s Subway and there’s a certain level of cross contamination that’s bound to happen but that’s pretty fucking direct.

To me, that’s not really any different than assholes who say “Well what if we order a Pepperoni Pizza and then you just pick the meat off it? Isn’t that vegetarian friendly?”. Excuse me? Fuck you, no it’s not! If I pee in a cup then dump the pee out, but don’t wash it before I pour your soda into the cup for you to drink that doesn’t change the fact that at least a little bit you’re drinking my pee. The whole thing is ruined.

So yeah, I called her out on it and she was all “no, I didn’t put meat on it!” so I tried explaining the whole contamination bit to her and she just went "Well I’ll give it to you for free to shut you up ". That doesn’t make me feel better; now I have a free sandwich that I wont/can’t eat and no time to wait for you to make another one for me because I’m on a fucking timed break. So yeah, no food for me. I went from fucking 11AM to 10:30PM when I got home with nothing to eat. Bad mood all day.

Tldr; this tea was blah and flavourless, and fuck Subway.


That happens a lot with me re: gluten. Sadly a lot of people in low paying or non-tip food service just don’t seem to care.


That sucks about Subway. People really don’t get it sometimes. I have a friend who was vegetarian (I say was because she is vegan now) and even her mom occasionally forgot/overlooked the contamination thing and would do stuff like cook her food in fish oil and what not. Btw, is the Subway cheese rennet free?

Roswell Strange

Most Subway cheese are rennet free; there’s one kind that has rennet in it (can’t remember which off the top of my head). I always get Cheddar though and it doesn’t have rennet.


That’s good. I remember my friend telling me some of the cheese had rennet because I used to get subs for her when we were in res together but I couldn’t remember if she thought they all did or just certain kinds.


I am a strictly vicious carnivore but I loved your pee-cup analogy. Very true.

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This tea smells amazing!
It doesn’t taste as good as it smells, & it burns my throat a little, although I’m not sure why. I’ve drank Lapacho (pao d’arco, taheebo) from time to time, & have a powdered version of it from the local herbalist shop (Chery’s Herbs). Cheryl recommended it to me to improve my immune system to help with allergies, & if I used it like she suggested, it would probably help. But I tend to forget. It is somewhat bitter, but has never burned my throat,
so I’m inclined to think the the burning throat problem is from the ‘flavoring’ in the tea.

Thanks to my Steep Sister, Sil for sending the sample. It smells so awesome that I could sit around huffing the bag it came in until bedtime.
Sipdown! That’s 4 sipdowns today, plus I realized one of the teas on my list is no longer in my cupboard, so I’m down to 384, just like that!

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Sample sipdown!

Received this one from MissB.

It was nice to try! When I was drinking it I kept thinking that it tasted like key lime flavoured tea. Which is exactly what it is.


It was decent, but not something I would need to own. I’m actually not a huge proponent of anything lime flavoured, except desserts. Same rule applies to lemon things, usually. I need a major creamy note in there.

This had a mild creamy note. The coconut helped. Nice to try!

Thanks MissB :)

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I don’t like this. Acidic lime, astringent (bitter) black – zero coconut. Sorry HI – this is a huge miss for me.

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Sipdown! This was a sample from Courtney and after reading the reviews, I opted to use the whole sample and steeped about 10 minutes. I had a little cream left in the carton from dinner, so I poured that in my mug while this steeped. Omg, it smells soooo good. Sadly, like others have said, it is thin on flavour, but it it still good, and I’m using my sense of smell to try to beef up the taste, if you know what I mean.

I definitely prefer this over the plain cacao, but I’m not sure I’d get this. It is tasty. I’m glad to have tried it. I’ll file it away into my non-caffeine teas I like and see if it makes it to order status.

Flavors: Strawberry

8 min or more 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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SSTTB: Pick #4

I definitely have an interest in trying some of the HI blends in the box (I’ve tried some already too) and this one seemed like a nice starting point so I decided to cold brew it. I’ve never had anything with Lapacho in it so I totally wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to try something with it – and trying DT’s Orange Blossom blend recently has put me in the mood for “Creamsicle” type things so this was an easy sell.

My cold brew used up the last of what was in the box; hopefully no one else was dying to try this one out. Dry it smelled insanely fresh and juicy. I just pictured fat, plump oranges bursting from all the juice. Like when you fill a balloon so much it pops; but squishy, and with fruit…

However, this doesn’t taste quite like you’d expect given the smell. I mean, it is orange-y and there’s totally a vanilla cream quality and together that does equal “Creamsicle” but it’s not as strong as the smell would seem to promise, and there’s that third element; the Lapacho. It tastes like trees and nature – but in a bad way. I suppose the trees/nature thing makes total sense: Lapacho is basically bark, and I could see it rounding out the orange/cream and adding a fuller flavour if it wasn’t so strong tasting. Like this it’s just unpleasant. It tastes like the “bad kind” of health drinks.

Yeah, not a fan. I feel let down by this one. But at least now I know that Lapacho probably isn’t for me. That’s something I’ve now learned because of the box.

Flavors: Bark, Cream, Dirt, Orange, Vanilla


It smells like it should be awesome and amazin eh? It didn’t work for me either but I was hoping someone would love it. Or at least they would mark it off their shopping lists!

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Samples sipdown!

I really like this tea. I just finished drinking it. It’s 11:50pm here….I think I need to order from Herbal infusions once I get my cupboard down to a manageable size….I need some caffeine free options for these nighttime tea cravings

Thanks again for sending the sample, Courtney :)


This one and Cacao are my go-to caffeine free options. The scent of this one is nearly intoxicating. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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Sample from Courtney!!

Mmmm! Oh man. Had this last night before bed, on account of the whole caffeine free thing.

It was soooo good!

Tasted like a strawberry milkshake.
A very thin, watered down strawberry milkshake, but still.

I may actually prefer this to the regular plain Cacao tea.

It’s going on my wishlist for sure! Thanks Courtney!

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Sipdown…oversteeped this by forgetting about it and it got so bitter it was undrinkable.

I did like this one with my initial steep though, so thank you once again for sending it Dexter.

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This is nice, but as it cools down, it is starting to get bitter. Like others, I also find an absence of coconut, though there is a little bit of a creamy taste, so maybe the coconut is mixed in there? I tried this brew with only a little organic cane sugar. Maybe next one will be with milk? I wonder if that will draw out the hidden coconut.

Thanks for sending this one to me to try Dexter! :)

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Scheherazade’s Super Sipdown (Long) Weekend #10

I still didn’t get any pumpkin from this one, but it was a drinkable rooibos with a sweet edge, and made for a pleasant pre-bedtime cup. Maybe I’ve been spoilt with pumpkin teas , or maybe you just can’t win them all. Either way, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to try. Many thanks again to VariaTEA!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

I am sorry you didn’t like this that much though I definitely understand as I was very disappointed as well.

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A sample from VariaTEA. I had my first cup of this last night, and have to admit to being slightly disappointed. I didn’t get much in the way of pumpkin pie from this, and it wasn’t even remotely spicy. I know it doesn’t claim to be, but I’ve come to associate spice with pumpkin pie, and I felt kind of cheated. We could perhaps argue about the pumpkin. There is a sweetness that floats over the top of the rooibos, but it’s so generic I really wouldn’t want to define it as pumpkin. Not the vegetable anyway. Maybe it could faintly recall tinned, pre-sweetned pumpkin pie filling…but I don’t think so. Not really. Let’s say that if I hadn’t read the label first and known this was supposed to be a pumpkin tea, I wouldn’t have been able to guess. There’s no pie, but I think you knew I was going to say that already.

All this being said, it’s not an unpleasant rooibos blend. There’s no woodiness, and it takes milk nicely. The sweet flavour makes it a little different from a plain rooibos, and it’s not difficult to drink. I’ll happily make up my second cup from the sample I received, and drink it too. It’s just not pumpkin pie, and having expected that I now feel bereft. It scores low because it disappointed me, although I don’t mind the flavour.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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Sipdown (177/183)!

Thanks VariaTEA for the sample; I appreciate getting to try a limited edition tea, although I did put off trying it because I have lots of EG around the house at the moment. It just seemed silly to keep another Christmas tea around though, so heeyooo sipdown!


Was this really the favourite of the limited edition HI blend? I feel awkward saying it; but I don’t like it. Maybe it’s user error; although I was careful with steeping. It’s just so damn bitter. I can faintly taste the bergamot and a creamy vanilla but then it’s terribly drowned out by yeck.

I’m thinking it must just be HI’s black base that doesn’t agree with me because I’ve had a few HI black teas now and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a single one. Just as well; they’re apparently a pain to order from and seeing as this was limited edition anyway I wouldn’t have been able to get ahold of more had I wanted to anyway.

Flavors: Cream, Vanilla


Bleh. I didn’t even mind this one, despite the bergamot, which I generally do not like haha.


I never heard they were a pain to order from? What’s that about? (I’m wanting to order some cacao….)


Huge pain; I refuse to order from them anymore because of it. Too many other teas to try! (Short version: ordered, ordered again, got the second order a week before the first which was ordered three weeks earlier, zero communication from staff after repeated requests for ingredient lists due to allergies, gave up after three months).


Oh no. I am sorry this didn’t work out especially since I really love it and hoped you would have the same tasty experience. Oh well. I suppose there are many teas that you love and I don’t and vice versa, tis what makes us such great swap partners :)

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This sample came to me from the lovely and thoughtful Courtney, so thank you!

I really needed to get in some more tea-drinking, and by the time I got home this evening, it was too late for a caffeinated blend, so this tea won.

I agree with all the reviewers who said this smelled mouth-watering. Like the sweetest strawberry coated in a gentle creamy chocolate. I can also smell the rich cacao, which really makes you feel as though your first sip is going to taste like a strawberry-flavoured hot chocolate.

Sadly, even with some cream and sugar and a seven-minute steep, this tea felt very thin. I’m going to try it with a touch more cream next time (as Courtney’s generosity allows for another cup), and see if that makes a difference. If only this tea had more presence it would be the ideal evening cup!

Thanks again, Courtney!

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