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So I went to have a mug of this when I was writing last night, but a full teaspoon in a 500ml mug didn’t yield much flavour at all. Then I saw that I’ve had this one for around three years… perhaps time to turf the last of it. Oops.

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Yessssss this is back in my cupboard thanks to my reviewing all the Monstrositea teas from the March box. Love love love.

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I’m actually a bit sad that I left the last of my sample of this from my Monstrositea March box to play around with, because it turns out I don’t like it spliced with mint as much as I like it on its own. Oh well. That’s what experiments are for, aren’t they? I’d probably stock this again once I’m out of other Ayurvedic blends, because this definitely was enjoyable and I honestly smashed through my sample of it. An easy go-to for a herbal brew at any time of day.

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This is the only herbal tea that I have at work, everything else is black! Well ok and rooibos but I find you have to be in the right mood for rooibos…

I need to remember to bring some more herbal offerings for afternoons at work next week. Because I’m almost out of this Monstrositea sample! That will be sad, I’ve enjoyed this. Better open an Ayurvedic box of T2 stuff soon to step in.

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I’ve tried some T2 blends with tulsi in them (basically any of theirs with the word “Ayurvedic” in them, right?) but never tried it straight before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


It’s lovely! Sweet and light. It has a kind of sweetness about it that I wish licorice root had, I suppose is what it’s making me think of. The sweetness and essence of licorice root without that aniseed-y (or… well… licorice-y) taste. I’m not sure if that even makes sense but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Looking forward to trying it with a bit of Monstrositea peppermint, now that I’ve found it again (I nearly turned the house upside-down looking for the white paper bag of it the other day before realising I’d already unloaded it into a canister, doi).

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