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Nice, clean taste. Unfortunately, said nice, clean taste most closely resembles dishwater. Drinkable dishwater, but don’t go out and hunt this one down for a trial :)


There should be a made me smile button.




Aw, shucks. (I live for affirmation!)

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drank Strawberry by Hy-Vee Grocery
1873 tasting notes

Hospital water again, tea bag filched from my sister’s stash of indeterminate age and storage quality. But it vaguely resembles what it might be like to suck on a strawberry leaf.
Again, I’m just grateful for a hot water source and something comforting to twiddle with as we wait for a plan of action.


Sorry about your mother. Saying a prayer and hoping for the best.


I hope everything gets better soon.

I have to admit that the hot water in the waiting room at the hospital is greatly appreciated. I had my purse stashed pretty well when I was there a few weeks ago for my Dad. (And their coffee shop served Harney teas!)


Thanks for prayers and kind words. It’s possible I might actually get to the hospital coffee shop tomorrow. A dear friend I haven’t seen in 15 years lives nearby to bring hugs and snack food.


Oh GG. You and your family are in my thoughts. Emergencies and hospitals never get easier. I’m glad you have a little warmth and familiarity with tea.

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