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drank mulberry by Immortalitea
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Appearance: the leaves and stem pieces are rough and cut into lengths similar to many teas. Some twigs were present. Liquor: dark green (greener than a true tea will be). Smell: vegetal and earthy. Taste: as with the smell, this tisane is vegetal and earthy, with sweet grassy notes, and a slightly roasted flavor. The taste is sufficiently tea-like that it caused psychosomatic effects for a friend who had given up caffeine for health reasons. The tisane does not have tannins, so you can steep it for as long as you want without it becoming bitter. I think that it’s tastiest after about 5 minutes, but a shorter infusion can work. Handles multiple infusions. I really like this one straight or blended with mint. I have a slight preference for the green rooibos, but really like this for variety. 7/10.

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