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International Tea Farm Alliance/teafarms.org - PT Harendong Green Farm

Recent Tasting Notes


Enjoying another couple pots of this, very yummy. A good general-black-tea-day tea. Easy drinking, flavorful.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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Revision, one of my first notes;
Dry leaf smells beautiful and somewhat spicy. Color is a nice amber. Flavor immediately displayed a sweet current, which coupled with it’s boldness is a nice mix. After a few moments the tea gains the slight malty aspect I hadn’t picked up on a moment before.
Second steep; Still very smooth and the sweetness is definitely present in the aftertaste. This is a quenching drink leaving my mouth ever ready for the next sip.
This is the kind of black tea I could enjoy all the time. Clean, not too heavy yet bold and full of flavor, sweet notes but not artificial tasting.
This sample originally came to me from Pureleaf, but may have resurfaced in the sampler I bought from LiberTEAS (which I still suggest that all fellow newbie drinkers to get one of these to help you in your tea learning journey), not sure so thanks to you both!
Tune;none aside from that of one of my sons practicing his newly acquired xylophone.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Did you acquire a healthy stock of Advil to accompany said xylophone? (I can’t say much…played bells in high school marching band. Banged ’em so hard my teeth hurt.)

Rebecca Lynn

Ooh, I think I have a little xylophone around my house somewhere. Hitting the high notes actually, literally hurt my ears. It was troubling.


Me being a lover of music to the degree I am I actually encourage almost all of the ‘noise’ that is made, save the blatant banging out of boredom…that was alot of b’s.

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Thank you LiberTEAS for this very pleasing sample!

Wow, this is a very interesting black tea!

The leaves are very dark and are tightly twisted along with plenty of loose small stems. The liquid is medium golden brown, which resembles a ground Curry powder in color.

Once you place your lips to the cup, you forget altogether that what you are drinking is a black tea. It is sweet and fruit-like, yet mystical with it’s faint floral flavor and delicious pastry ending notes. My lasting impression makes me imagine a freshly baked blueberry tart.

This tea makes me continue to discover my ignorance with black teas. Previously, all my encounters with black tea was from the Indian tea-producing regions, which are not bad at all…however, this opens up a whole new world! I have to say that I truly appreciate LiberTEAS in helping expose me to the other sides to this more oxidized variety!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Thank you LiberTEAS for this Sample!

It is difficult for me to ignore the complete complexity of this tea. At first sip, you discover a very smooth liquid with no bitterness and a range of sweet fruity notes. Fresh sun-dried raspberries is my first impression, but this quickly changes to a very distinct fresh squeezed mango flavor.

I find this tea to be very delightful and refreshing. This will become one of my near future purchases, as I feel this would be a nice addition to my growing collection of oolongs.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I’ve actually had this a few times but am just now getting around to rating.

It’s very yummy. The smell is malty, honey-ish, with warm rusty undertones. The taste has that warmth and redness rather than more burnt or black tastes of most black teas. It has a short finish. It is very satisfying and light. Not a heavy tea at all, in case blacks are usually feeling too strong or dark to you. It’s very easy to like.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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This is a wonderful and unique Oolong – Unique because it’s from Indonesia and this is my first time sampling an Oolong from Indonesia (at least, I believe so). It is also unique in aroma – very fruity and floral, it almost smells as though it has been flavored or at least scented with fruit as the aroma is so strong. The brewed tea has a softer fruit and flower fragrance with a vegetative overtone.

The flavor is smooth and vegetal while at the same time, it is sharp and floral. The fruit tones do not emerge until later infusions. The vegetative flavors are earthy and herbal, with an herbaceous tone that lingers in the aftertaste. A strong astringency at the start which tapers off as I continue to sip, and in subsequent infusions it continues to wane.

A remarkable Oolong, I’m so thrilled I had this opportunity to try it.

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I have decided to ONLY work from my YET TO BE SIPPED Pile today! This means for the rest of the (work) day I will be logging all NEW TO ME Teas. I will choose them at random and will NOT cheat! It’s going to be a complete MIXED BAG! The good, the bad, the UGLY! LOL

Anyhow…as for this tea…
Dry It’s smells like a natural greener oolong with natural fruity notes. Beautiful Aroma!

The flavor is…vegetal and crusty tasting, a little herbally, a little woodsy and earthy, even. It has a gourmet type taste that is really interesting. It’s quite hardy! The after taste is a mix of herbs and flowers.


I also do that sometimes, set myself a goal for tea testings. But it’s hard not to cheat, there’s always a favorite of the moment to come across and it’s too hard to resist! Good luck!!


I hear ya!!!! I usually do cheat – but – so far today – I have been plugging a long! :)

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Started my day off with two cups of this! See previous notes. I have a lot of backlogging to do – sorry in advance :)

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This tea looks quite a bit like an Oolong prior to infusing, the leaves are wound into pellets similar to a Tie Guan Yin. But the aroma is much more like a green tea with a distinct vegetative tone. The flavor is also much more like a green tea, it has a brothy texture, and a very smooth, lightly vegetative note. Very pleasant and soothing. A true joy to sip.

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I am pretty much going to be echoing some of the thoughts of TeaEqualsBliss on this tea, because I’m tasting pretty much the same thing she tasted. Earthy, sweet and floral in the background, with a foreground of sweet and malty tones. Caramel-y, with hints of cocoa. It has a deep flavor to it that resembles baked bread, like the freshly baked french bread you might find in the grocery store bakery if you happen to be lucky enough to arrive when the bread emerges from the oven. YUM!

So very good!

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I needed a green tea so I saw this one in my “Yet to be First-Tasted Box”. Dry leaves remind me of an ali shan. The aroma is sweetly vegetal. Once infused…I know I will be doing multiple infusions with this one…it’s quite nice. It’s on the gentler side of the green tea spectrum. It’s color is brilliant yet soothing. The aroma of the liquid is faintly floral/sweet-vegetal. The taste is thirst-quenching, sweet, and smooth! This is a delightful green tea!

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I just received this months Tea Club package and there are three offerings from PT Harendong and I am very excited!

This is the first of three I am trying!
It’s the RED Tea…or…BLACK Tea in other words (in the US)

The look of this tea – dry – is as earthy and natural looking as you can get because it has the leaves, and a few visible twig-like textures and other tea-related limbs for lack of better words at the moment. The visual that was rather shocking for me with this tea is that it resembled an oolong but with darker leaves! The way it was rolled, for example, looked a lot like an ali shan. VERY COOL!!!!

It infuses to a medium brown.

It’s fairly bready and sweet. It’s malty! It has a VERY slight cocoa or chocolate type taste in the middle of the sip, too! This is a neat tea!

Unlike any other Red Tea (Black Tea) I have EVER had! This is a conversation tea that is for sure! I like it VERY much!!!!

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