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Jaipur Avenue

Recent Tasting Notes


I have been meaning to try this brand of chai and I happened to find a variety pack on clearance at REI. This is tasty. Very creamy and sweet. I am not a huge fan of chai mixes that have milk and sugar already in them. But thankfully what is in there isn’t nearly as bad as some of the chai mixes I’ve seen. I’ve seen some that have 27-30grams of sugar for an 8oz serving! The flavor of this is really nice the cardamom brings a very refreshing sweet flavor to the chai and is not overwhelming. I also love that this chai mix disolves completely so there no mix sitting at the bottom of the cup at the end.


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Oh my goodness this is awesome! It would seem that I saved the best of these five chai mixes for last. While I enjoyed the other four, this one is even better! The saffron gives the chai a more rounded kind of flavor, enhancing the spices in a way that brings out the more exotic, alluring side of them … this isn’t a spicy hot chai, it is a savory chai that is so good … I was not prepared for just how good this one would be!



This sounds wonderful!!

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This is really nice. I love that cardamom is the focus in this chai mix. So often other spices overpower a chai blend and the flavor of the cardamom gets sacrificed as a result. Not here. I can taste the light citrus-y tone of the cardamom. It gives this chai a brighter flavor than the typical chai! I like it.

This one isn’t as spicy-hot as some of the other blends from Jaipur (like the ginger, for example!) but I like that this one is still warm and spicy without being hot… it explores a sweeter, subtler spiciness that I’m really enjoying.

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A warming, eye-opening ginger flavor really does greet you in a nice way! The creaminess makes it not overly-so. This is pretty good, indeed!

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YUM! Of the three flavors that I’ve tried from Jaipur Avenue thus far, this one is my favorite. I love the heat of the ginger … it’s hot, but not too hot to the point where it’s overpowering. It toes that line between just right and too hot… and I’m loving every sip of it.

This is one seriously awesome chai!

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This is spicier than the other few I have tried from this company but rightfully so! It’s a bit reminiscent of a spicy danish aroma-wise. The taste is Spicy, sweet, and creamy. This is a goodie!

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This is pretty good! The cardamom is nicely done and it’s creamy – overall – that makes me very happy because others I have tried from other companies tend to over due the spice. This is nice. It does taste a bit green underneath…almost like a hint of earthy green tea – but just a hint. It’s a bit sweet, too! This is a neat offering!

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I have to agree with TeaEqualsBliss this IS total comfort. As I wrote in my full-length review of this tea (which will publish next week) – this is like comfort food in liquid form. So rich and creamy and decadent. It is like a liquified vanilla spiced custard.

The vanilla dominates, the spices are mild as is the flavor of the tea. In most cases, I would probably say that is not a good thing, but in this case… it is definitely GOOD.

So very very very good.

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Steepster has been giving me all sorts of issues the last few days so when I can get it to work I tend to flood – sorry!

This is neat!

The aroma was savory with a hint of pepper

The taste was very sweet, creamy, gentle with a little spice, near dessert-like with hints of paprika, even!

A treat! I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would! YUMMO!

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I think I’m in love! Having tried a few chai mixes in the past, and not enjoying all the ones that I’ve tried, I was a little skeptical, but let me tell you, this is a delicious chai. Sweet – yes – but I don’t find it cloying. I can taste ginger and cloves and cinnamon here – there may be other spices as well, but these are the most prominent, with ginger leading the way. It is very creamy due to the addition of milk to the mix, but, I like that it still tastes like black tea and spices more than it tastes like a milky hot beverage.

I like this one a whole lot!


Work has been hellish lately. I needed some comfort foods/drinks…and little did I know it when I poured the water IN…this was that comfort drink!

It kind of smells a little like Vanilla Cupcakes or Cake or Danish or something dessert/bakey…it’s very nice!

The flavor is awesomely smooth vanilla – creamy and semi-sweet. The spices are barely there but it totally works here…there is almost a hint of white chocolate trying to lurk.

This is very special. I can see myself drinking this in any cafe with friends while chatting or even in the evenings or on weekends with “comfy clothes” on lounging-back and relaxing!

Total Comfort!

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