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My daughter told me few minutes ago that I am just a waster…why ? because she discovered in a cupboard an old box of this tea with 15 remaining sachets.
“You’re so tea snobbish she told me…it’s because it is not a Mariage or a Theodor you’re not drinking it” ohhhhh nooooope, just because I totally forgot about it in the cupboard ! (and maybe because I just didn’t want to drink it…as it is tea bags…)

This is a tea I had for free with an order of food and this is an organic green flavoured with orange and bergamot.
The flavouring is a nice idea to me to pair with a green.

She decided to make it for herself (the non waster of us !) but after 2 sips, didn’t want to continue…so here I am to drink it right now.

I told her : so you waste your tea ? …she aswered : come on…it’s not as if it was the best tea of the world ! It’s not a Mariage Frères Tea… (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Agreed it is not even if it is really not bad for an organic supermarket tea brand.
Bergamot, orange and green base is clearly energetic and dynamic.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 45 sec

haha i love your daughter :)


yes she is not already a teenager but she acts as if she already is !


Lol! I love this story! :-)


Haha she needed a refresher.


I have a couple of their bagged teas, the other (ok, pricier, maybe your daughter has a point, and about me as well) line the premium one with 15 bags and wrapped in foil and those are such nice convenient teabags! I got the ceylon and the white tea, and they are probably my best travel tea. Though I gotta be ruthless, since the box only had 15 tea bags and it was getting close to finishing, I have been hoarding those, I really should just have them and get more space.


ah, nevermind, am idiot, confused brands. Do not know this one after all. Ignore me, please.

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