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This robot tea infuser is super cute to use. It can sit in your tea cup and steep your loose leaf. It kinda looks like the robot is in a hot tub or peeing in your cup! So much fun! However, as a functional tea infuser, not so much.

The tea made from this infuser was very noticably weaker in taste. The design is not roomy enough to let the tea leaves expand, making a weak cup compared to a more functional basket infuser (ie, Finium basket / DavidsTea Perfect Tea infuser). The little arms on the robot make it hard to cover your mug to maintain water temperature while steeping.

The holes on this infuser are kind of big, letting little bits escape. With that said, I wouldn’t use this with finer teas, like a CTC Black, rooibos, and many herbals, unless you want to drink leaf.

A really fun infuser, but probably best to put on display with your tea ware for fun. Maybe a gag gift for a fellow tea drinker, but not functional at all for making good tea.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl


His identical robo-twin is sitting right beside me! (Mother’s Day from my son that’s more fun to look at than to use, but I smile every time I see him!)

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl



They’re too cute to do much damage…he doesn’t even scare the cat!


I’ve got this one too! I don’t use it though just because it’s small and looks hard to clean.

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