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Kitchen Witch Gourmet

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Green tea. I am not green teas number one fan, though I’m hardly anti green. This has got lots of lovely fruitness to it, which makes it a thoroughly drinkable green for me.
The quest for green continues! I go on a lot of tea quests, now that I think about it…..

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Green tea! I confess that I have never really liked green tea. Admitting that makes me feel a bit like a bad tea drinker. But I’m adventurous enough to try some new ones, as its very likely that I just don’t like grocery store bagged green tea.
I picked this up at a little fair that happens in my local area, and thought that it smelled so lovely that I brought some home with me.
I really like fruit and rose flavors, so if any cup of tea would convince me to go green, this is it.
I like it! Its not a fav, or an everyday cup, but now and then I’m happy to sip some Love Tea # 3.

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Well, this is interesting. I’m tasting a sort of smooth but unexciting black tea, and some light sweetness from the flower petals, and maaaaybe the barest hint of citrus fruit that’s so light I could just be fooling myself. But somehow it is working for me. Really, really working.

The weirdest part? It sort of smells, to me at least, like freshly polished wood. (Not like Lemon Pledge polished, but like that oil you use? I don’t know. It smells woodsy but not in a dusty, dry way.) It’s not strong, and it’s actually pretty nice, too.

Not really an exciting tea, and doesn’t really live up to the listed ingredients, but it is a nice one, and well worth the $3 I paid for a decent amount. (They didn’t have the amount printed on the bag, but I gave right around half to a friend and have maybe 1.5 ounces left.)

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Found this one at a local gourmet shop. I figured that for the price, and given the lovely, spicy aroma, even if it was bad it’d be useful for something.

Luckily, it’s not! It is a little weak, but with the big chunks of orange peel, I probably skimped on the leaves a bit, so I’ll reserve judgement on that count until the next cup. But the oranges and cloves! Both are strong enough to flavor this really nicely, but not overwhelming in the least; the orange is more sweet than citrusy, and the cloves give just a hint of spice that is really great. I think it could use a little more clove, but only a little, and I would probably eat them straight if I could so I’m not the best judge.

Not going to rate this until I have another cup, but I’m excited to try again. And to try the other two I got from the same shop!

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