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A co-worker got a couple of those subscription boxes, one that gives you food from around the world. This tea was in her France box. I was the happy recipient because she doesn’t like tea (I don’t hold that against her). :-)

Such a nice floral, especially for a cherry blossom tea because usually I can’t detect any cherry blossom. But this one had such a nice scent and flavor that lasted through many infusions, I was pleasantly surprised by this one!


Awesome! Maybe every box will contain some good tea!

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Sipdown (131)!

Thank you Liquid Proust for the sample!

I’m only about 80% sure I’m logging this under the correct tea; I couldn’t find anything on Le Palais des Thes’ website that exactly matched the name on the tea bag/sachet nor could I find anything exactly like it on Steepster but this was awfully close, and the ingredients seem to match up, and it’s available loose/in sachets so here my review shall go…

Since this was obviously meant for iced teas/cold infusion I prepared it cold brewed. It delivered a really crisp, clear mint flavour with an intensity that made me feel like I’d just brushed my teeth. I had to consciously remind myself not to eat any citrus immediately afterwards for fear I’d get that ‘orange juice after brushing your teeth’ effect. Yikes! The green base wasn’t great, it was very sharp/biting and not in a pleasant way but in a touching on bitter way, with strong notes of lawn trimmings.

Overall, not a bad experience; the mint was phenomenal, but this will probably end up a forgettable experience…

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Hello tea lovers!

During the UK’s persistent heatwave the craving for fruit tea has gotten the better of me. That’s when I pulled this one from my shelf to try. I adore watermelon and peach in a tea and considering this has both it made for an easy purchase. Plus with this being described as good for ‘hot’ or ‘iced’ tea it makes it all the better. This will be a ‘hot’ review but I plan on steeping it in my iced tea bottle later today to see the outcome. My curiosity is totally piqued!

The raw tea blend has large green tea leaves with yellow flower petals mixed in, if you look close enough you will find small cubes of fruit among the blend.

As I open the packet I am met with a peach scent which is sweet and very natural smelling. Among that is the slight perfume of grass and flowers. Beautiful in every way.

Steeping parameters – 1 tsp of leaf in my ceramic mug with removable filter and lid. (Around 250ml/9oz of water). Temp: 80C for 3 minutes.

Once steeped the tea is fairly dark yellow/green and bares the same beautiful peach scent as it’s raw form.

In flavour this is soft and sweet with buttery, toasted grass notes followed by smooth but sweet peach that feels like it melts in my mouth. Behind that there is another level of fruit and perfume, a little dry but ideally so, blended so well that I cannot distinctly taste the watermelon or kiwi. Not that the peach overpowers per say, it is soft but distinct, more that they are blended so well ie they work well together, that it combines as one.

As it cools the green tea thickens but remains grassy and pleasant, while the flowers also thicken to combine with them.

‘Yet still the peach sings her perfect sweet song on my tongue,

and my taste buds wiggle and dance.

For this blend does each and together belong,

forever to be sipped and enjoyed by chance.’

I’m glad that I pulled this out of my stash this morning. It’s been the perfect start to my day, and I can see myself sipping on this tea a lot in the near future. It tasted better than I expected as I do not usually favour flavoured tea, but the chance was well worth it with this one. The balance was perfect, the strength was refreshing and right, the flavours to me were divine and when I drink fruit tea this had everything I am looking for.

Happy Steeping Everyone!

Reviewed on: http://sororiteasisters.com/2015/07/19/des-alizes-green-blend-le-palais-des-thes/


I’m happy to send you some of this if you want to try it? :) A gift from me to you.


Ooh yes please! I’m a sucker for peach. Thank you! (:


My address has changed, by the way – should I drop you a message?


Yes please, I was about to check and see if I have it from before. Send me your address and I will get it out to you this week :)

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I had been putting this one off a bit (one of the last black teas in my MissB package) because it is a Christmas tea, and it just didn’t feel Christmasy. It still doesn’t, but I put it off long enough. I also tend not to care for LPdT’s black tea bases, but we’ll see how this one goes.

Anyway, almonds and spices and such. Also supposedly citrus and rose; I think I got some orange (though it wasn’t very strong), but no rose. It was nicely almondy, and the cinnamon wasn’t overpowering. My biggest gripe with this one is the base… at current parameters, it seems like it needs an “oomf”, something to pick it up and give it a little more flavor. Like a higher temp! But there are also notes that warn me that it might not be so friendly at a hotter temp, like the base would go bitter on me. I think this one would likely be delicious brewed strong and taken with milk and sugar, so I will likely save the rest of it until winter when I feel like doing such things again. :)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Qimen Hao Ya by Le Palais des Thes
2048 tasting notes

This is another of the teas my daughter bought for me in New York a couple of weeks ago. I was sure I had reviewed it!

This is a stronger and heartier tea than the Qimen Imperial, a slightly lower grade that is closer to the breakfast tea variety. They recommend 195F water and 3 to 5 minutes. At this temp and four minutes you get a great breakfast tea that will get stronger as it sits. It is good without milk or sugar, but can easily handle both if that’s how you roll.

This is only slightly smokey, with an earthy cocoa taste. It is not one of the winey tasting ones to me. My youngest daughter drinks this one with me but she does prefer the Imperial. Of course she does, it costs triple what this one costs! Ha!

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Not sure how I forgot about this cold steeping in the fridge… but, I forgot.
This steeped for over 30 hours!
However, for whatever reason this taste creamy with a hint of berry. I quite fancy it.

I have never used the word fancy in a tasting note so now I feel more accomplished today.
The end.

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Light, fruity floral green tea. Cherry blossom or cherry taste is not particularly strong, but quite robust for a green tea and a nice balance between robust and delicate floral notes.

Flavors: Floral

2 min, 45 sec

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This is a tea I drank a morning during a breakfast apointment in a Parisian cafe ( I can take pictures of my tea during profesional appointments, amazing … )

This is therefore an Earl Grey, kind of tea I particularly appreciate as a huge fan of bergamot .

This one is on a Yunnan black tea basis and mixed with blue flowers .

Although I was not able to pay the best attention to this tea , it seemed fine enough , the bergamot flavouring was a success. I am just regretting a too light body as the base was not present enough IMO.

Into the same tea family I preferred the Earl Grey French Blue by Mariage Frères but I would have to compare the two at the same time at home to get an unbiased idea .

The liquors of the Palais des Thés often have a very nice colour and this one is no exception .

Pics of my session with this tea are available here : https://thevangeliste.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/blue-of-london-le-palais-des-thes/

4 min, 0 sec

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drank Melange du Cap by Le Palais des Thes
6489 tasting notes


I am a fan of this one. Bought it on a whim while in Paris as i was trying to pick up at least 1-2 evening herbals to try and keep my cupboard a little balanced. this is a really delicious vanilla, cacao tea. I really like that the rooibos isn’t the woodsy kind as well. Glad i picked this one up.

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I have absolutely no idea what I am drinking xD Hahahah, I’m so glad I picked this. The name intrigued me, so I put some in my press and brewed. The leaves are literally the platypus of tea. Its a crazy assortment of tea (green, black, rooibos) and then they threw in some spices. The flavor is actually really good. This variety brews into a dark red thick soup. The flavor is alike a soft fruity chai. It carries a variety of flavors. I could taste currant, vegetal, vanilla, and an undertone of roasted wood. This was a very unique brew, and I liked it a lot!

Flavors: Black Currant, Cardamon, Roasted, Vanilla, Vegetal

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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I think maybe Cameron sent this to me – thanks Cam! I actually really like it.

I am making myself go through my sample basket and get rid of some of the stuff that is just hanging around, so that’s my theme this week. I packed this up to bring on campus. When I smelled the leaf it didn’t smell like much (actually didn’t smell like anything), so to be honest I wasn’t very excited about it. I figured it was old and wouldn’t taste good. Surprise! I could smell it while it was brewing and I got definite citrus notes from it.

As I drink it, it’s making me happy. I would reorder this. It’s a bit of bergamot and a bit of lemon. Just citrus-y but not overly so, and very nice and satisfying.

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This is delicious and refreshing. I made it with the intention of icing it, and it was floral and fruity and green and basically tastes like springtime. Excellent to get me through the long days of subbing and help me decompress when children decide to flip their desks over like little maniacs over things like not being line leader.

True story.

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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A great robust black tea. Great for breakfast with a touch of milk and honey.

Flavors: Stonefruits

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I realized that I have cold-brewed this twice without actually giving it a chance hot. Damn, we could have had so much fun together! I could have used my French teacups with the birds on them, and ate Madeleines and croissants… (I think that would be considered cannibalism for me, but damn that would make for a hell of an afternoon!)
All that aside, I really quite enjoyed the cold brews that I made! This blend and another one that came in my February Amoda box reminded me of how much I used to love all things pear. I think I even had my mother specially order a whole bag of just pear Jelly Belly’s for my birthday one year. Of course I ate the whole bag in one sitting and promptly threw it all up on a dog, but that is a story for another tasting note!
The green that Palais des Thes uses is nice and light and slightly grassy, not clashing with the pear flavoring that they use. idk if this is a blend that I would purchase, simply because they don’t sell it in reasonable sizes for tea addicts like me. Ah well, the tin looks cute!
Thanks Roswell Strange for the ample sample!

Flavors: Pear


That poor dog! ;)

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This is a strong cup, but not so strong I can’t drink it straight with no milk. That being said, I think it would take milk really well. It is perfect for a morning pick me up.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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The second of the bergamot tea samples sent to me by Nicole. The dry leaves are joined by little purple buds of what must be lavender and some little off white buds. It brews up to a rich, dark amber. I like this one! The base tea is hearty, with only the faintest hint of bitter. The floral bergamot is only a distant flavor on my tongue. I won’t go out and buy 50 grams of this, but I certainly would drink it again if were a choice at a restaurant. (although, sadly, I’ve never yet had tea of this quality at a restaurant.)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I bought this tea before Christmas from my local Home Goods, which frequently has an amazing selection of bagged and loose tea. I just got home from the city, and I decided to make this in my new tea tumbler. I got it from World Market on sale. I had been wanting to get it for a while. It’s very similar but smaller to the tumbler from Mandala. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to my parent’s dog patter around the house. The dog is now living with me and my grandmother as my sister just found out she has pet allergies. Back on topic. This tea is really nice. It’s a very light green tea, accompanied by a floral taste. I really enjoy floral teas, so this is perfect for me. I can definitely taste the orange flower and rose. This makes me really want to try the The du Hammam black blend. Unfortunately, I really don’t care for the price, so I doubt I’ll buy any. I’ll savor this while it lasts.

Flavors: Berries, Orange, Rose

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
The Cookie Lady

Ooooo I didn’t know Home Goods sold tea! I’ll be checking mine out this weekend then! Thanks for the tip :)


My Home Goods is combined with a TJMax. I don’t know if that makes a difference. The tea, bagged and loose, is near the coffee.

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EU TTB Round 2!

Spicy and a little fruity. 62, no keep.

That’s the extent of my original note on this tea. Unfortunately I don’t remember enough to add any more to that.

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I am glad I saved these last two from my sampler for last. They were less impressive. This one was weaker than most earl grey style teas I’ve had. Not bad, but given the Butiki closing sale blowout (erm, blackout) I just went on, I am trying extra hard to clear out some space before they arrive. This is going in the give away box- I just have too many earl grey teas I actually like to justify keeping one that doesn’t compare.

I am feeling really good about my overall goal to have less mass of the stuff I love, and keep only the quality. I still have an excess (of tea, lipstick, body lotion) but it’s all stuff I love and nothing I am exacerbated with having to use just to use it up!

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I always find black/green blends a bit tough to describe. The jasmine and bergamot both stand out, though I really don’t get any vanilla. It’s good, but not great, likely because I’m not the biggest fan of bergamot.

Putting this one in the give away box. I have so much caffeinated hot tea to get through, and this is good enough that I’m positive one of my friends will enjoy it. I pretty much keep them stocked with my castoffs! I like the job, my way of paying it forward.

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drank Dong Ding by Le Palais des Thes
4833 tasting notes


The aroma is sweet, floral and slightly nutty. These notes translate to the flavor although I taste more nutty flavors than I smell nuttiness in the fragrance, and fewer floral notes than the aroma.

A strong honey note, hints of flower, sweet creamy notes that morph into a nuttier flavor as I continue to sip. Very smooth from start to finish. No astringency, no bitterness. Just a pleasure to sip.

Later infusions were not quite as creamy as the first one was at the start, but the nutty flavors continued to develop as did the floral notes – I can taste orchid by the third cup. And creamed corn! Interesting!

A really lovely Oolong. Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/12/08/dong-ding-oolong-tea-from-palais-des-thes/

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