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I usually like most oolongs, but…this one.
The taste was like a grassy, roasted peanut. I don’t know how else to describe it. xD Usually that kind of combo wouldn’t be that bad-at least it would be drinkable. But I ended up pouring that one. :S
I don’t know-it just didn’t work for me I guess.
Glad I got to try it though-props to Mandy for helping me explore oolongs more, even if I find some I don’t like. xD

Flavors: Grass, Peanut, Roasted

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drank Yunnan Golden Bud by Life In Teacup
7475 tasting notes

terri gave me a sample of this one. While it’s a nice cup of tea, it’s a little too…juicy? for me? there’s a sweetness that’s got some other note behind it in this cup that i can’t get on board with. i don’t dislike it, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to find this one again.

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This is a delightful tea!
The dry leaf smells like almost nothing, with a faint hint of the air, maybe the morning after the lawn is mowed.
I warmed the leaf in the yixing, then lifted the lid, stuck my nose in there, & breathed slowly. The aroma is kind of sweet & tangy. I want to say Beefsteak Tomato.
The early steeps were mellow & sweet, with a slightly bitter after taste.
After a few steeps it took on a creamy vanilla mouth & slight orange taste, reminding me of the 50/50 dreamsickle ice cream bars.
Then it morphed into a fruity apricot & cream dessert, sweet & a little tangy, with a building tongue tingle & a good head vibe.
I’m still enjoying it. It’s still apricot cream, but maybe a little spring wood taste…


That sounds amazing!!

Terri HarpLady

It was one of 3 teas in Puerh Sampler #8 from Life In Teacup :)

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Da Hong Pao is always such a pleasure for me. This may only be the third or fourth one I’ve had. I am immediately greeted by aromas of roast, cinnamon, cream, sugar, and cannabis. There’s a hint of pepper in the scent of the wet leaves. Might sound like I’m baking up some “magic snickerdoodles”, but I assure you this is far more magicaler. ;P

The flavor of the brew is stronger than the aroma. There’s a healthy dose of tanginess and tannin up front with undertones of mushroom and damp forest wood but the flavor falls off into a sweet roasty creme brulee kind of flavor thing that lingers in your mouth for a long time. It gets sweeter as it cools. The scent in the empty cup is very much like cinnamon with hints of creamy vanilla pudding.

The second infusion is more complex, less tangy, more dark and hearty. The tones of mushroom are more evident, and there’s an autumn spice kind of thing going on that reminds me of chrysanthemum. That roasted taste really sticks to the walls of your mouth, but man is it good. It finishes clean, certainly not dirty. The third infusion is more mellow yet and the flavors are creamy, roast, soft, with nice spice notes still reminding me of chrysanthemum. This is pretty good stuff. Not mind-blowing Da Hong Pao, but a good one!

Flavors: Char, Cinnamon, Creamy, Roasted

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I don’t like smoke in tea. So this scared me a bit. The dry leaf smelled like roasted peanut skins, which is much better than smoke.

1.5 teaspoon, 6oz water, boiling, 2 second rinse, and then 30,60 second steeps.

The first two steep are very mellow, a little roasted peanuts, a little floral, no smoke. Very delicate. Wanting to get more oomf out of it, I decided to bump up the steep time. Even after a two minute steep, it still mostly tastes like warm water, with maybe a couple of roasted peanuts sitting in the water. Better than super smokey, but not impressive. A three minute steep yeilds a slight smokey end of sip and aftertaste. I would have preferred more roast, not more smoke.

Overall, just not enough going on for me.

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I’ve got a test, a quiz, and two assignments due today, so I heated up a lean pocket for a quick and easy lunch. Nuke it for two minutes, and when I take it out of the microwave, the sleeve melted two penny sized holes into my plate. How did that even happen? I’ve never seen a plate melt from two minutes in the microwave.

Anyway, so this tea intimidated me. The dry leaf smelled a bit smokey and bitter and astringent, all think I don’t like in tea. The wet leaf, though, smelled like savory dark green vegetables, and I started to relax a bit.

1teaspoon, 8oz water, 170F, 1 minute steeps. 180F 2 minute steep.

The first steep is actually quite mild and gentle. No one flavor really stands out, just a vague sweet vegetal flavor. Second steep is much like the first, maybe a hint of green bean?

The third steep I bumped up the time and the temp to try to get more flavor out of it. But it didn’t seem to help, because this cup was as uneventful as the previous two. I’m not impressed, and even though I expected not to like it, the reason I don’t is because of the lack of flavor instead of flavors I don’t like.

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3g, 4oz water, boiling, rinse and then 20,20,30,45,60 second steeps.

I started with a quick wake up rinse, poured hot water on and then immediately poured off. After allowing the leaves to rest for a minute, I smelled them. Light roasted peanuts. Yum.

First steep is pale yellow. The aroma is vaguely roasty, buttery, and fresh green. The flavor is like fresh edamame drizzled with just a touch of butter. Second steep picks up some of that floral taste that a lot of green oolongs have. I’m not usually a fan of floral, but today I’m enjoying it. I’m getting honeysuckle (which I don’t mind in tea) and I want to say orchid (which is ok depending on my mood). I’m also still getting the edamame and maybe some Lima beans. I think it’s the interesting mix of the floral and the buttery sort of nutty legumes that makes this oolong so enjoyable to me.

Third steep is less pale and more medium gold. The floral notes take on an almost heady intensity, but never losing the buttery edamame note. Forth steep I forgot to time, but I think it was an about 45 second steep. Color is a bright sunshine yellow. The floral has mellow out a bit this steep. Now it’s almost creamy, and a touch of mineral swirling in with the floral aftertaste. And of course the edamame and Lima bean.

I probably should have went longer with the 5th steep. It’s creamy, a little buttery, a little beany, and a little floral, but overall, much weaker than the last. I might do an extra long steep to pull out the last of the flavor, but I think these leaves are pretty much spent.


This sounds delicious.


I really liked it, I think it’s the most edamame I’ve ever gotten from a tea, and I love edamame!


Mmmm, edamame!


Nice review!

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So as you probably know from my endless rambling, I am going to Pennsylvania in a little less than a month. Me being me, I have started packing, or at the very least planning what I am bringing, three months is a long time so I have to make sure I have enough tea and crafty stuff. I decided to ship my origami paper rather than try to tote it along during travel, the box weighed a whopping 17.6 lbs, that is a lot of paper! The real problem will be tea, I am pretty sure I am going to just fill my duffel bag full of the stuff, because I drink a ton of tea.

Today’s tea comes from the high mountains of Taiwan by way of Life in Teacup! Taiwan Cui Yu Green Jade High Mountain Oolong is a modern style green oolong from Nantou and was harvested in the winter of 2013. Since this is a nice shiny green oolong the color of jade and spring time, I decided to bring out my yixing teapot seasoned for green oolongs (yes I have three different kinds of oolong yixing teapots, I am silly like that) since I have not given it much love lately. I find myself craving green oolongs in the late winter and early spring, they match my desire for green things since that time of year where I currently live is rather drab and brown. The aroma of the tightly curled leaves is sweet and green, a mixture of green stems, orchids, and yeasty fresh baking bread. As I pull the leaves away from my nose I also get a hint of spicebush and cane sugar.

The steeped leaves smell like a bouquet of spring flowers, with strong notes of honeysuckle, hyacinth, and orchid. There are also notes of fresh stems and a touch of freshly baking bread. The liquid once it is out of my teapot is very sweet, notes of cane sugar, yeasty sweet bread, honeysuckles, and orchids waft out of my cup, it smells delicious!

For the first light steeping my mouth is greeted with a very delicate taste and a buttery mouthfeel. There are notes of fresh green stems, butter, and deliciously sweet flower nectar, it reminds me of eating honeysuckle nectar while still tasting the plant it came from.

No surprises, but I am going in for a second steeping! The aroma is even more floral, reaching headiness in its level of floral. There are still notes of green stems and baking bread, but those are faint in comparison. The taste is still fairly mild, buttery mouthfeel mixed with green notes that border on vegetal. The mid to end taste of the tea is floral and sweet with a slightly mineral note at the finish. It is very soothing.

For the third steep the aroma is very floral, notes of hyacinth and honeysuckle with a hint of stems, it is much milder than before. The taste starts off creamy, almost buttery with a hint of stems, this transitions to gentle floral sweetness and a touch of fresh vegetation. This tea is very much so what you expect when you drink a green oolong, nothing stood out as fantastic, but it was still quite delicious.

For blog and photos:


Is the rating unintentional? It seems like you enjoyed this tea :?

Alexsia 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

Yeahhh not sure why it was like that, I just saw and was like ‘what?’ I totally had it at 81…stupid rating bar.

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drank Wuyi Jin Jun Mei by Life In Teacup
294 tasting notes

I drank this during my break at work this morning. Used hot water from the coffee machine and steeped about a minute-a minute and a half. It was sweet, with lots of honey notes, maybe some sweet potato, a light malt, and a touch of caramel. Went well with my lunch, which was chicken curry and rice with some garbanzo bean stew. Definitely one I’ll look into repurchasing when the store opens back up.

So, I work at a hospital and they do this coding system for the nutrional value of the foods: green is safe foods, yellow are foods to eat only sometimes, and reds are danger foods that you should try to avoid. But what makes no sense to me, is that the chicken curry and the tofu curry, as well as things like eggs, are all red foods. But white bread, plain bagels, and the rice are all green foods? Really sounds wrong to me.

Cameron B.

Really, eggs? I guess they consider any kind of fat to be bad.


I thin it was the cholesterol. But eggs are a complete protein, they should be green, or at least yellow. They said they use certain criteria like sugar and sodium. But carbs are just as bad. It’s dumb


We have a similar system in the vending machine here at work. It’s just based on calories. Stupid.


I don’t think they even count calories, carbs or anything. There’s a lot more calories in a bagel (~300-400) than a hard boiled egg (~70). And theres more protein and healthy junk in an egg. I would expect better coding from a hospital.

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Oh man, gaming night last night was awesome, but when is it not? Ben got the rule book for Dystopian Wars, an awesome 10mm miniature game that we are picking up along side Dropzone Commander. We are still going to play DZC, but the local community is pretty small and waiting for our units to arrive from the distributor in England is a giant pain…seriously, the local Shaltari player has been waiting two months for his units. Dystopian Wars is huge here, so we will be able to actually play it, yours truly will be picking up Indian Raj with Britania support while I pretend to be Sir Richard Burton.

Today’s tea of choice is Life in Teacup’s 1500m (4500 ft.) Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green, arbor tree, First Day Harvest as you can tell from the very descriptive name, this green tea is harvested on March 9th 2014, I am assuming it is still frosty in the evenings there since the name has me thinking that. The aroma of this Yunnan green tea is a blend of toasted and fresh green, there are notes of pepper, toasted sesame seeds, green stems, fresh okra, and a tiny hint of kale. I have noticed that a few of the teas I have sniffed recently have the note of okra, which I find awesome, what with being Southern and eating a ton of okra as a kid.

Once I give the leaves a nice little steeping in the gaiwan the leaves have the aroma of spinach, okra (more cooked than fresh off the stem this time) lima beans and a touch of toast, these leaves smell like my favorite vegetables. The liquid has a mild mixture of sharply vegetal and gently sweet toastiness.

The first steep starts out deliciously savory with notes of sauteed mushrooms bordering on smokiness. This transitions to toasted sesame, giving a bit of sweetness to the steep, there are also hints of okra and a finish of green beans. The mouth feel is quite smooth and this tea is overall rather rich on its first steeping, I really enjoy when green teas have a sauteed mushroom ‘meatiness’ to them.

For the second steeping the aroma is a mix of toasted sesame and kale, specifically cooked kale rather than fresh, meaning some of the edge is taken off of it. This time around the taste does not have its ‘meatiness’ to it, the tea starts out with a touch of toast and cooked okra and then finishes with mild green beans and a touch of pepper. It was especially mild this steep which was a bit of a surprise after such a robust start.

For blog and photos:

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Sil is Here!!!
We’re having tea! Of course we are!
This is a sample of 2 different versions of the same tea, which I got from Life in Teacup.
One is dry stored & the other is wet stored. We’re drinking them side by side. I have the dry stored in my mixing & the wet stored in an earthen gaiwan. Each tea has it’s own pitcher that holds 2 steeps, so we’re doing 2 steeps of each tea in each round, combining those 2 steeps in their respective pitchers, & sipping them side by side. Is that too complicated?
I’m not gonna be overly eloquent.
The dry stored version is my preference of the 2, at least initially. It has a bit of a metallic sensation on the end of the tongue at first, which I feel later translated into more of a camphor quality. The wet stored initially had the taste & aroma of a root cellar, & cedar. And dirt.

We’re on the 3rd round. (which is technically the 5 & 6 round of each).
Now the dry is becoming sweeter, the wet has a very strong tongue tingle.

Anything I say from henceforth might sound like utter nonsense, because I’ve got a hell of a tea buzz going on now!

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Terri and I are drinking these two teas together to compare the difference between the same tea wet stored and dry stored.

this is so not going to be technical and all purty like because let’s be honest, we’re hanging out in terri’s office, drinking tea together and chatting. Who wants to waste time focusing on finding the right words to describe the’s about the TIME TOGETHER!!!!!!

Dry store – initial stuff, sort of a typical puerh…nothing exception here, but it’s not bad.
Wet Store – smells like….“old” it very much tastes the way that old castles smell like in europe when you go underground with that musty, earthy sort of smell. it tastes and smells like that.

round two (3/4)
edge has come off of the wet storage, but it’s still not what i want it to be. better though…better
Dry storage – seems a little smoother…the tea is a little less distinct? ie. it’s sort of easing back and the flavours are becoming a little more muted.

third round

dry – there’ a sweetness developing here, though the tea is still mild for me…
wet storage – this is growing on me. I think i’d probably really like this at about the 8th steep, but im’ not sure i want to have it and get to that point lol

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So I haven’t been on much because I started a new job this week, and it’s kicking my butt and robbing me off my time. I leave the house at 6am and get home at 4pm, and by that point, I’m exhausted, and pass out. Next thing I know it’s 7-8-9 o’clock and I’m wide awake. I usually don’t fall back asleep until after 2am, just to wake up in 3 hours and do it again.

On top of that, this Friday is my busiest school day of the semester. I have 3 exams, 2 quizzes, and 3 homework assignment all due, and I haven’t started on any of it because I’m so tired.

So I woke up at 9:30 from a 4.5 hour nap, and wanted a relaxing tea to encourage my body to go back to sleep at a reasonable time. So even though I’ve been off of green tea lately, I reached for this.

The dry leaf smells sweet and vegetal, like spinach, and a bit nutty. The wet leaf also has a bit of an asparagus smell.

The taste is light and nutty and sweet slightly vegetal. Green tea is one of the only teas I don’t sweeten. And this is no exception, delicious, delicate and soothing with no need to add anything.

I don’t know if I’m finally wanting green teas again, but this really hit the spot tonight. If only I didn’t have to be up in 4 hours.

170 °F / 76 °C 1 min, 0 sec 4 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

Oh my goodness! Yahh! I’m so glad you got a job!! :D :D


This sounds yummy! Other than taking time and energy, how is the new job? I hope you like it.

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Day two without a working tea kettle, still mostly sane…how did I function without one? Only a few more days until things go back to normal, though watching Espeon’s frantic running around, normal is a stretch. Luckily my cold thing seems to have been very short lived, I joked to my mom that I was so angry that I was getting sick that my rage burned the virus out of my body. Who needs positive thinking when you have Hulk level anger? I am a very silly person.

Today’s tea has the distinct honor of being a tea I have never heard of Jiang Xian Ti Kui from Life In Teacup! You guys know me, I love to do lots of research on tea, so when I run into one I am not familiar with it is super exciting. This green tea is Life In Teacup’s “Green Tea of the Year” an awesome project to bring rarely seen Chinese green teas to a wider audience. I really suggest giving the website a look to see the beautiful photos of the plantation where this tea grows in Anhui Province. The aroma of the dry leaf is very fresh smelling, blending notes of roasted sesame and peanuts with green bean and spinach. There is a tiny hint of sauteed mushrooms at the finish, giving the tea a hint of savory.

Steeping time! The aroma of the now soggy leaves is still very fresh, I am really enjoying the freshness of the aroma, very evocative of nature. It starts out with fresh vegetation, green veggies, and green beans. At the finish there are notes of sharp freshly broken stems and peanuts. The first steep’s liquid is a tasty smelling mix of sauteed vegetables and sesame seeds, this fades to a gentle floral note, like spring flowers being carried in on a warm breeze.

The first steep’s mouthfeel is quite smooth, it was the first thing I noticed, after my initial enjoyment of the mouthfeel I noticed the freshness of the taste, it seems to be a theme with this tea. There are starting notes of green beans and sesame seeds, this build to a honey sweetness that gets stronger until it is almost cookie like in its sweetness.

The aroma of the second steep is nutty and green, like verdant nature and sesame seeds. There is a hint of broken stems giving it a touch of sharpness, along with a tiny hint of bamboo. The taste of this steep is still very sweet, almost a touch fruity, this transitions into nutty sesame seeds and green beans with a sweet finish of sugar cane and bamboo.

For the third steep is mostly green, with notes of sauteed spinach and a green beans. There is also a hint of saltiness which I find intriguing. This time around the taste is less sweet, in fact other than a bit of honey sweetness at the front there is no sweetness. The taste is mostly sauteed spinach, green bean, and sesame seeds, there is a slight kale bitter green at the finish. I really enjoyed how this tea balanced its sweetness and its green notes, plus it is a tea I have never heard of which makes it extra awesome. I recommend giving it a try, it is both very tasty and it is ‘out of the norm’ so you will get hipster points (if you are into that) and you will expand your tea knowledge.

For blog and photos:

Flavors: Bamboo, Green, Green Beans, Stems, Sugarcane

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drank 2006 Nannuo Bama by Life In Teacup
192 tasting notes

Got this with a sampler from Life in Teacup. It has strong notes of fruit, with some woody mushroom flavors, and a slick mouthfeel. I steeped this rather heavily and found it thick. I agree with JC that it tastes a bit of humid storage, but not overly so. I found it pleasant.


You had more luck than I did then lol. Mine tasted like mushrooms… dried Shiitake when you are re-hydrating them.

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I’ve been enjoying steepings of this one for the last couple of hours. I warmed the leaf in my hot mixing, & upon opening the lid, I was greeted with a sweet apricot-like aroma! Apricot & green-ness, smelled awesome to me!

This is very nice mellow sheng, sweet & kind of fruity, & rich in a way that I can’t quite describe.

Other teas I’ve drank today:
Tiger Assam – A & D
Yi Mei Ren – YS
Imperial Grade Jin Jun Mei from Tong Mu Guan Village – YS
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong – Verdant

I feel tea starved, like I haven’t gotten enough, but I’m headed out to a gig, so that’s all I get for now!


Love apricot-y sheng. Hope you had a good gig tonight.

Terri HarpLady

I did!
Also I just noticed that my damn spell checker changed Yixing to mixing…lol, I really need to shut off the spell checker.

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Having the 1997 version of this one, I only bought 10gr of it, worth gold.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec 3 g

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OK, you smoke lovers, here is one for you. Got a sample of this from Life in Teacup. They don’t try to say it is a real ban zhang. I pulled this out at random from a box, and Lo and behold, it was another smokey tea like yesterday’s White Whale. It is very much in the same vein as that tea, maybe with a bit less smoke and a bit more wood and mushroom. Very sturdy and held up to a lot of infusions. I didn’t like it, but you smokies probably will!


I was going to say that I never got smoke from this one but well, we all taste and describe tastes different! lol I did get a lot of ‘Tobacco’ (not yet lit up leaves) scent and taste. The same with the white whale, although the white whale did have some smoke in the background for me.


Yeah, I also wonder if more smoke comes through in some cakes relative to others. Hard to imagine you wouldn’t taste a lot of smoke! But like you say, people taste things differently.


Twodog told me at the tea tasting that the heavy smoke comes from the wok.


Rich, it is true. We can taste and describe things differently so, in theory there are two levels of detachment when reading other people’s notes. And as you very well said, it can change from cake to cake. I’ve had samples of teas that make me buy a bing and then when I receive the bing I feel like it lacks something or has something extra to it. To me this one has a lot of tobacco and medicinal wood notes with minor smoke on the back. Not one of my favorites though. I can appreciate it, but not my go-to Sheng.

Asaf Mazar

I appreciate the smoke alert. In my experience vendors often do not allways warn you of obviously smokey sheng, And boy there are some ash-tray shengs out there!

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This is a generous sample provided by Life in Teacup. Thanks!
Dry, this tea is in nugget form, in shades of jade, forest, & other appealing greens with a sweet Nectar of the Gods aroma of yellow spring flowers. When warmed, add butter to that.

I gave it a rinse & went with 20 second steepings, immediately it was sweet rain water, in a forest with lots of Orchids. Over the next couple of steeps the sweetness grew, as did the floral, sort of like an aromatherapy bubble bath, but not too soapy or anything like that.
Other impressions, as I continued down the steeping path:
Very fresh & spring-like, like fresh linens drying in the sun.
Beautiful iridescent green leaf
Fresh Green beans with their flowers
Tongue Tingle
Long beans, also with their flowers

I haven’t been drinking my oolong teas much lately. No real reason, just too much tea & not enough time, I guess, LOL.


Lovely review! Rain water, forests and orchids. I’m sold!


This sounds delightful

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I’m having a hard time getting motivated this morning. I’m leaving town on Thurs, & even though I’ll only be gone 5 days, there is SO MUCH TO DO before I leave, & I’m feeling overwhelmed, which only makes it harder to get started because then I can’t decide what to do first. In fact, I was also feeling a little overwhelmed about what tea to start the day with, I have so many teas I still haven’t tried. Decisions…decisions…LOL. So I relaxed, took a few deep breaths, & opened to the universe…

And chose a gongfu session with this one! I can’t remember if this was a free sample (& if it is, thank you Gingko), or if I purchased it, but anyway, I have 10 G here, so I put 5G in my tiny 4oz teapot (the pretty white porcelain one I got from Garret, with the blue lotuses on it), & gave it my usual treatment of 5G + 4oz (rinse) X 15/35/45 sec/1min/2/3/4/ etc

The first cup immediately had good color & strong energy, going straight to the throat & third eye. The flavor was sweet wood, the mouth all a tingle…ahhh I needed this!

With the 2nd cup the flavor becomes rich of toast, cedar, malt, & forest, with a camphor sensation as if I were drinking a puerh…

I combined steeps 3 & 4 into one mug. There was a slightly sour edge to this one, like a sourdough rye bread. Chewy, dense, & sweetened, but not heavily, with a dark molasses, and I can almost taste orange peel, a little clove, & other spices. This is the deep woodwind & low string group: bassoons, bass clarinet, english horn, cello, bass, marimba, wood block, bamboo wind chime…

In the 5th steep a little bitterness, but its the kind that comes with a really dark chocolate. I’ve got a really good tea buzz going on now. I love the sensation of a really good cup, spreading out into my extremities…every breath…

Next cups: Definitely a more chewy, peppery savory tea now, spicy even. The bitterness is gone.

I’d like to close my eyes & meditate. I have a nice mindfulness thing going on, a good vibe in every cell, feeling much more peaceful. I might go with a few more cups of this, but for the final note the flavors of spice & such have mellowed, & it’s a sweet creamy elixir, reminiscent of Yabao.

The rest of this sample goes to Sil, so this is a sip down.


Hold on to that good vibe :)


I hear ya about leaving for a trip and having so much to do to get ready… I am feeling the exact same way. Leaving for Chicago to visit a friend in two days and I have a million things to do. I was feeling overwhelmed when I wrote out my to-do list this morning, but it’s nice to know from your post I’m not alone! And, like you, I turned to tea for help. A soothing cup of oolong did the trick! :-) Hope all goes well for you!

Terri HarpLady

You too Charissa! Most of my tasks revolve around the garden, & making sure I take care of the produce we’ve picked, & that my sons take care of things while I’m gone, so I can come home to find my garden in good shape. It’s amazing how quickly things can die!


Nice review Terri!

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I’ve been busy all day. My grand daughter came to visit, we made raspberry chocolate chip almond flour muffins, we had tea, & for the most part, all of the teas I drank are teas I’ve reviewed numerous times, so I’m not writing anything about them.

Then there was this!
One of the oldest teas in my collection, & merely a sample (from Life in Teacup), I’ve pulled it out a few times, ready to give it a go, only to realize that it might be better to wait. This is a tea I really want to savor, to dedicate my full attention to. So this was how I spent my afternoon & evening.

The dry leaf is compact & brown, with no real aroma.
Warming it up in a hot yixing, it bloomed into a marine aroma, but not necessarily in a bad way. Basically, it smelled a lot like spiralina, & as I breathed it in, I also smelled Matcha…
& pickles!
Yes, pickles!

I gave it a rinse & then started in with short steepings, with were immediately a beautiful orange amber color, & I only took a few sips before I was instantly transformed to a cosmic state of mind. The first cup or 2 tasted of aged clean straw & chalk, but with successive steeps there was a rapidly growing menthol quality, a vaporous sensation, wood, leather, & gratefully not a trace of anything undesirable.

I lost track of the number of cups I drank, but somewhere in the middle I passed through a tangy citrus/tangerine element for awhile, followed by a slightly bitter round which passed quickly, a briefly soapy taste, & then a pristine sweet spring. That’s where I’m at now, & I dare not drink any more tonight. Tomorrow I’ll probably give a rinse & see what else I can wring out of these leaves with some longer steeps. The color of the tea is still a beautiful bring amber orange. Absolutely gorgeous!


Pickles and cosmic state of mind? Yes please!!! ;-)

Terri HarpLady

Speaking of pickles, my pickling cukes are now in production! I picked 6 today, & I predict by the end of the week I’ll start stuffing a crock of salt water with those, along with homegrown dill & garlic! Silly me, we still have cultured dills from last summer, I guess we’d better get serious about eating them!


Mmmmm…love me some dill and pickles!

Terri HarpLady

I love dill. I plant it every couple of weeks, because it goes to seed so quickly, & so that I have a fresh supply of both herb & seed all season.


Shengs are cosmic!!!

Terri HarpLady

They are! I’ve had a few Shu puerhs that were also cosmic, but only a few.

Asaf Mazar

Menthol quality, a vaporous sensation and heightened state of consciousness: That’s about the holy grail of pu er in my book. Thanks for the added confirmation to put this at the top of my order list.

Terri HarpLady

I’ll look forward to your review, Asaf! :)

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This tea is part of the Life in Teacup sample set #7, shu of 9 years & Above.

When I first sampled Puerh, it was Shu. Initially it was in blends, my favorite being the tea spot’s Bolder Breakfast. There was something about the earthy taste of it that really appealed to me, in the way that the aroma of damp earth appeals to most gardeners. I love the smell of the earth, of the compost pile in the spring, of both fresh & aged straw, of rain.
Even though the puerh was only part of those blends, it spoke of those things & I crave it.

Then I tried it alone. I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert, but I do enjoy sampling things. Some of the samples I’ve tried have reeked of ammonia or mushroom, or even fish. Others have been like sweet molasses. Other’s gave me a serious buzz! My favorite Shu are the ones that taste similar to this one. The aroma is sweet & rich, the early steepings are cream, cinnamon, & sweetness. A woody aromatic, like cedar, builds, leaving that ‘after aroma’ effect that I really like in the soft palate & sinuses. I’ve been through several steepings of this now, while watching “How to Tame Your Dragon” with my 25 year old son, so however many 4oz Yixings you can go through in a couple of hours. Currently the flavor is a very ‘clean’ forest floor, with a sweet aftertaste that reminds me of agave with a touch of Maple.
I’m sure I can get a few more rounds out of it!


Classic recipe.

Terri HarpLady

Very Enjoyable :)

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First tea of the day, enjoyed while I was fixing breakfast. This comes is 5 G beautiful bright red packets, & I bought 5. The leaf is a mix of black with gold, & of course, I love these small leaf Fujian teas anyway, so I’m sure I’ll love this one!
5G + 8oz X 1min/2min/& 5min
I plan to sample this tea using all of the methods that I enjoy, & see which one suites it best. I really wanted to go with the gongfu session, but I have things to do, places to go, people to see, so that will be reserved for maybe next time.
This session was very nice, & without going into to too much detail, the resulting tea was delicious: Somewhat floral, with a lightly tangy & shiny sensation on the top of my tongue, sweet & juicy underneath.

Now I’m off to move some rocks with my sons.

carol who

Move some rocks?

Terri HarpLady

Yeah! My oldest daughter & her husband, who live 1 block away, are redoing their patio again. The first time it was with a variety of sizes & shapes of rocks. Now they’ve decided to go with pavers, so they are giving me all the rocks, which is perfect, because I want them for landscaping! They’re also giving me a bunch of bricks, which I use in my garden.

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