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drank Red Fruits by Lov
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I started off my AWESOME, FANTASTIC day with a cup of this and ended it with GETTING A JOB. Gah, I am so excited. I start at 11 tomorrow morning!

So, on to the tea. I really enjoyed this one! It was fruity and not at all bitter. I only got to drink about half of a cup, because then my sister in law arrived and I got distracted making butternut squash soup, and then I was kidnapped to go shopping XD. But what I had, I liked! I would buy again, if only for the cute tin. Also, cute tin + 100g of tea for $15? Yes please! Some of the other varieties were only $10. We picked this up at the Blue Banana in Kensington on our unintentional tea crawl on Sunday.

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Congrats!!! which one did you get? :)


Congrats on the job!

aisling of tea

Thanks, both of you! It’s the Lenscrafters job, which will put me at Square One occasionally…hinthinthint




Congrats on the job.


oh my gosh congrats on the job! You deserve it :D

aisling of tea

Thanks! I’m so excited!


sounds like lucky tea to me!


omg a trillion times YAY!!! Let me know when you’ll be there k? Aeeeeieiiii :P

aisling of tea

Will do! :D I was supposed to be there today, but Sherway was easier, I guess.


Congratulations. :)

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