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This is a tasty tea with earthy notes and I think notes of dark chocolate. Other reviewers have said mushrooms, I didn’t find these but then again I wasn’t really paying attention. Dark chocolate notes are easy to spot and fairly common in earthy shou. The tea broth is rich and thick with I think what you would describe as a good mouthfeel. It was a bit more earthy than expected but then again I used more tea than usual by about a third. In any case this tea is an excellent value. I think I only paid $18.

I brewed this tea seven times in a 207ml Taiwan Clay Teapot with 9.5g leaf and boiling water. I gave it a long rinse to break up the tea and gave it a ten minute rest. I steeped it for 10 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, and 2 min. Judging by the strength of the seventh steep I would guess that this tea had at least five more steeps in it had I wanted to continue.

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Earth

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 9 g 7 OZ / 207 ML
Matt Warren

I also found this tea to be a good value. Seriously considering buying a couple during the black Friday sale for everyday drinking!

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Just got a brick of this in from Mandala Tea a couple days ago. I’ve been drinking this gong fu all weekend in 3 different sessions. Started off with 7 grams for 15 seconds in 100 ml and was a little underwhelmed so I boosted it up to 8 grams for 30 seconds in 100 ml. It was a good idea to be a little more aggressive.

This tea doesn’t give a ton of steeps but it comes through when it counts! I get bittersweet chocolate and I love the suggestion of burnt caramel by TheTeaFairy. This is a great dark shou that I think will help me get through the fall until I can splurge on pu-erhs near Christmas time.

EDIT: Tried this earlier today in my new gaiwan and it seemed to have longer legs than I thought. I used 7 grams in 90 ml water and I got a decent amount of steeps out of it. I started at 10 seconds and built slowly from there. Still super delicious.

Flavors: Dark Bittersweet

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 8 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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My door is open tonight…it’s raining, there’s a cool breeze coming in, carrying the scent of the forest. Piney, earthy, and mossy.

Perfect night to break a nice chunk of this brick.

Using 8g for 5oz yixing clay pot.

This is my kind of shou. Sweet and syrupy. Rich and dark. Burnt caramel.

I get raisin and mushroom notes. Not overly complex, just smooth and delicious.

It’s really tasty and I get a nice vibe out of it, it’s making me all relaxed and at peace.

On a funny note, when my 4 year old godson asked what I was drinking the other day, I answered pu instead of pu’erh, knowing fully well it would be easier to pronounce for him.

The thing is in French, “pu” means stinky. The little munchkin giggled so hard, he cried. And now his parents just love me…cause he keeps saying over and over again «auntie drinks pu, auntie drinks pu…» and thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

So Pu is not only good for you, it’s makes little children giggle.

Happy Sunday everyone :-)

Pic of the session:


Mmm, I love that scent. They keep promising us a proper rainfall but it is yet to happen yet.

So cute, your godson. I love that age. Its amazing how much of the core personality is developed even at that age. My cousins kids are now 16 and 18( thebv18 year old sstarts aviation college this fall), but I still remember them at their age, when her daughter was so fearless, and her son was the emotionally aware one. They still approach the world that way.


Yyz, so true what you said, your observation about your cousins children is spot on! we can already see some signs of an artist in my godson. He’s so emotional and aware of his surroundings for his age, and he likes to create things all the time. He draws and he’s a story teller. Just amazing :-)


Cool teacup…goes well with the color of the pu. :)


That teacup photo is awesome! Wow! I have a sheng Yong Pin Hao cake.


Pu sounds like poo which is also a name for feces. It always makes me laugh because I’m immature. I love to tell my boyfriend I’m drinking poo and watching the face he makes.

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Brewed this one in the Gaiwan. Started out with 11 grams and a 5 second rinse. Did 3 short steeps of 5 seconds each poured into my 10 oz. mug. This has a nice floral scent after being rinsed. This one is nice with hints of apple and citrus. it brew very clean in the cup. It has an aftertaste wth a slight camphor touch to it. overall a pretty nice sheng.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 11 g

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Perhaps a nice everyday puer, but wasn’t as there flavor-wise as some of other Mandala’s offerings imo

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This is a really well balanced ripe pu-erh. It is smooth and well rounded. The first steepings have some sweetness to them that gives way to hints of vegetal and earthy flavors in later steepings.

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Welcome to day 13 of little terri’s Ultimate Sipdown Extravaganza!
Special Announcement
For all the people I owe tea trades to, I did some serious tea measuring, box packing, etc.
I know I’ve been taking a long time to get this done, but I think you will all enjoy the results!
Thanks for putting up with me, & my crazy busy lifestyle.
Yesterday I drank the final steepings of this Sheng, & I really went for the gusto (for me, anyway) by loading my little 4 oz yixing with 6G of tea. I gave a 5 second rinse, & then several 5 second steeps, but when I say 5 seconds, it really translates to 10 seconds, because it takes another 5 seconds to pour the tea into the cup. I did my steeps in rounds of 2 separate cups, sipped side by side for comparison. I also added time as I went along.
The initial cups had a creamy texture & taste, with a growing savory roasted mushroom quality, which I really enjoyed.
Gradually the creaminess faded away, & a tanginess rose up, along with the taste of olive leaf. This eventually transformed to Cedar, eucalyptus, & a shiny sensation.
The later steeps were like a fruit water.

One more comment about yesterday. In the process of packing up teas, I released several members of my cupboard to much more appreciative audiences (don’t worry, none of this tea is old). Anyway, that puts me at 330, which I know sounds like a lot of tea, but for me, it’s coming along nicely, LOL.

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Another late afternoon/early evening Sheng, I really love the spicy smell of this one’s wet leaf. Otherwise, this is a very mild cup.

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I drank this throughout the late afternoon & early evening. I was teaching & needed a little pick me up. The first couple of steepings gentle cereal & mineral, with a sprinkle of salt.
Gradually a lemony mouth developed, followed by camphor which had a pleasant tongue & lip numbing effect. Later steepings were dry & made me think of chalk.

This is not a very good review, perhaps, making the tea sound wierd, but I did enjoy it, LOL.

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This was my gongfu session tea of the day. It was a pleasure to drink, starting out nice & sweet, developing a creamy quality for awhile, & the later steepings were a kind of woody.

It’s also a sipdown! That’s 2 today, so I’m ending the day at 364.

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I’ve been sipping this tea for an hour or 2.
It is sweet, smooth, & has a pastry quality to it.
The flavor is a little flat, but I’m pretty sure that is because my yixing is sucking up a lot of it!
I have enough to sample it again, but I’ll wait awhile & give the yixing time to absorb flavors from other Shu’s as well.
Then we shall see!
Much thanks to Garret for this generous sample!

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