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I’ve had food poisoning for the last day or so (again. Of course, again. Jeebus), so I haven’t had the energy to deal with the teas I have coldbrewing in my fridge. But when we were on our way to Mississauga to put in an appearance at a family member’s birthday party, we stopped off at a 7-11 and I picked up two of these. I LOVE THESE and every time I see them, I pick up a few. So good. It doesn’t have that sour, artificial tea flavor and I’m telling you, I had one before bed last night and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I wonder if I could replicate it at home…

Christina / BooksandTea

It seems like you’ve been having a lot of food/gastro issues lately. I hope you get better.

aisling of tea

Gastro issues are my life, unfortunately. For instance, I have lactose issues, but earlier this week while eating tofu, I discovered that soy does my body no favors either. Meh, life goes on and so do I :)

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Always a good one to grab whenever you are at Wegmans (or any other food store). They recently took Melatonin out of the ingredients but I am not complaining. Because of the various extracts if you drink the suggested serving size, it will calm and mellow you. If you drink the whole bottle it will knock you out. Great tea, sweet but no weird aftertaste. Recommended.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bottle of this tea.

It’s tasty. The first couple of sips were slightly off-putting because I could taste the stevia, but, after those initial sips, the rest of the flavors emerged and sort of washed over that funky stevia taste, so I didn’t taste it any more.

This is half lemonade-half tea, so the tea is having to share center stage with the lemonade, and it is therefore a lighter taste. But overall, I’m enjoying this, and the mellow mood part works, because, I am really feeling drowsy now … and I wasn’t before I opened the bottle. This stuff works better than a cup of chamomile tea. I’d like to keep it on hand for the relaxation properties, because I often have trouble falling asleep. I don’t think that will be an issue tonight.

Good night, Steepster!


oooh I love Mellow Mood! Wish I could find it here in Halifax – it’s one of the best bottled beverages out there :)

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Seriously, best bottled tea I have ever had.
A bit sweet but I like that, def mellowed me out, which I need.
Plus, like the others, I am a HUMONGOID (not a word) Bob Marley fan.

I am now going to go see if I can buy these by the case without going broke. Wish me luck!

Edit: No, I cannot. But if I start my business maybe I can get a wholesale price and sell them myself. And drink them myself. We shall see!


We used to have a winery here on the island called Marley Farms, and the family was connected somehow. But they went back to Jamaica I think.

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when are they gonna be available for purchase?

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As far as bottled iced tea goes this is very good. As far as sweetened bottled iced tea that happens to be decaf as well this is pretty darned awesome. FULL REVIEW TOMORROW over at SororiTEA Sisters!

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I found this at the Wegman’s near my parents. I’m a big fan of Bob Marley and was surprised there were a few Bob Marley teas. This one was delicious. Sweet. :)


Wegmans! Gotta LOVE Wegmans!!!!

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I’m a fan of his music and his family’s charity work. I have been to the Bob Marley Cafe in Orlando. I have over 14 of his CDs. Yeah…I’m a Bob Marley fan.

I visited my parents tonight and to my surprise they had a groovy lil glass bottle of Bob Marley Iced Tea waiting for me.

I was a little skeptical. BUT…this iced tea was REALLY GOOD. I mean REALLY GOOD. Sure, it was sweet from the pure cane sugar and honey but it was mellow or what I like to call paler. It wasn’t overly sweet nor was it artificial tasting like many bottled iced teas can be. I might say this is my new favorite bottled sweetened iced tea! I am looking forward to trying the other 3.

This was a mellower juicy green tea that was sugary-sweet and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste, thankfully. I ended up REALLY liking this and was very surprised! YUMMO!

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