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Wet chestnuts and a pleasant bitterness similar to raw, green pumpkin seeds. It’s a bitterness that in my first few steepings was less forgiving, hanging around my mouth. Things mellowed out after the fifth steeping. After every sip there was a salty savory finish felt around my gums.

Wet leaf aroma is oily, akin to a light vegetable oil, maybe safflower oil.

Taste sticks to the back of my throat. A small amount of sweetness on my soft palate… slightly herbaceous like light molasses. Later steepings produced an earthy finish that was especially apparent when my lips reached the finer particulate in my cup. No body feeling during or after the session.

Got this tea because I wanted to know what a “lightly fermented ripe” tastes like. Now that I have this experience, I wonder if the flavors would improve with age. I see a lot of v93’s from 2010 and later floating around with supposed increases in value (does that mean the taste improved as well?).

I also wonder what it would be like to brew this up with some of my more ‘attacking’ shengs, as mentioned in this blog post from Tea Closet: —It might improve the complexity (-the lack thereof) in the tea.

Additional brewing parameters: 7g leaf, 120ml gaiwan, steepings 1-4: 10 seconds each, steepings 5-9: 25 seconds-1 minute.

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Flavors: Chestnut, Earth

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