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Called the “Rhyme Aroma” tea or in an English translation as better with age. I think this one is a lighter fermented Dayi cake. It has a similar taste to the other ones but it has a light oak, caramel and an almost salty savory after taste. It is almost a “broth” taste similar to a soup stock. It really darkens on the second steep with wood and spiciness coming on a little stronger. Very nice and interesting so far. What I would call a “savory” shou cha. On note I have been brewing all the Dayi shou cha in the great mosaic teapot I got from (Joey) from the Tea Merchant. I really like this little pot for its great pouring (shameless plug I guess). Its a great little pot for a pretty good tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

I’m glad you like the yixing clay pot.


Nice! How do you feel towards ‘savory’ Shou? I’ve only had a few that fit this and I have to admit that at first it was between ‘meh’ and plain off putting.

Later, I was able to enjoy them more. I had a Ban Zhang ripe that was savory up front and I sort of kept it on the side, now I find that I sort of crave it from time to time.


loosetman, it’s a great pot! jc, I kind of liked the savory flavor. There was that hint of the broth but overall a pretty good tea. I think I might crave this on from time to time also.


Cool! I think the issue is more of a ’I’m not used to this’ situation rather than it being bad. The same happened to me with a savory black tea, I was just there tasting it thinking was wrong with the tea.. it was just the tea was different than most teas I had tried.


It got really good and sweet on the second day.


I felt like it got sweeter as well. Both the Puerh and black tea got sweeter after the second steep or so. Initially my problem was getting past that second steep. Now, sometimes miss it and go back to it.

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