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Thank you mrmopar for this fantastic Pu-erh Sample!

I really should read up on Puerh’s before I go off brewing up on my own. Somehow, a purist will probably be horrified at my methods here.

I was enjoying myself, having a great time with this Puerh!

I have a lovely little seasoned purple clay Gaiwan that I use for Puerh. A pick, strainer and cup is all I need for a good session.

Usually I use less leaf than other people because fibromyalgia has made me very sensitive to taste. I make quantity adjustments because of that and use 3 grams of Puerh when others use 5 grams with the same taste results.

Today, I wanted to try a larger amount of leaves. I used 5 grams, which is a huge quantity for me, then did 2 quick washes.
(I poked the hard nugget of Puerh during the first 30 second steeping to break it up a bit.)
The liquor was dark golden brown with a hint of red throughout.

Steepings 30 seconds unless noted otherwise.

1. First steepings are usually not my favorite. They can knock you down with a fuzzy cedar or redwood taste and texture that’s very strong and sometimes bitter.
But this Puerh…HA!
This tea was extremely Smooth, Juicy and Semi-Sweet, with a light cocoa, sugar date flavor! I was pleasantly surprised!

2. The second steep flavor was like Bittersweet Chocolate or a light Pinot Noir. There was no grit or earthy flavor, but a thick mouth feel that made me think of sipping chocolate.
I added a few grains of sugar and the caramel flavor came up with a richness that I had suspected was hiding deep in the thick, smooth tea.

3. As an experiment, I tried a quick immediate steep.
The color was dark, the flavor…a bit dryer and spicy on my tongue like cinnamon and clove. The creaminess wasn’t as strong and the richness was lighter.
There was more of a wood cedar taste than when I steeped the leaves longer. I liked the longer steeping better.

4. Returning to the longer steeps, this time at 40 seconds, the Puerh was spicier.
Cinnamon, clove and allspice. A bright Paso Robles Zinfandel with Sunshine and Ripeness in the bones of the flavor.
This tea was beginning to remind me of…a Chai base, or Sangria.

It’s the Holidays…and I remembered that the person who sent this Puerh to me…who has become a true friend…has at his side the love of his life. She is fond of Chai.

So, I did what anyone other than me would NEVER do with a great Puerh! I made some Puerh Chai in honor of her, hoping that this is something that he’ll try. Here goes…

I made 2 steepings of Puerh, added half and half, then a little sugar and a little honey (I don’t like too much honey because it can overpower the taste of the tea). Stirred it up…and YUM!

Caramel, smooth, spicy, creamy…(Hey mrmopar, you have 5 cakes of this Puerh, so tell me if you make this for your sweetheart!)

This Puerh is great stuff! Probably the smoothest I’ve ever had and the closest to the experience of drinking wine.

Thanks again mrmopar my friend!


that sounds incredible Bonnie! YUM. I hope we get a chai review from mrmopar ;)


Me too if he doesn’t boop me on the head for screwing around with such a fine Puerh. It’s a super fine brew!

Terri HarpLady

This is one of the ones I’ve been wanting to try! It sounds wonderful!


Mrmopar says it only is sold in 100gr cakes so it shouldn’t be too expensive or hard to find. It’s really good though! Very smooth.


i wont boop you in the head! it is all about the enjoyment of the tea. everyone of us has our own way to prepare it, and yes i may make a chai out of this one. terri it is pretty easy to find and not too expensive. if you look to pick some up i will find a good priced one for you. keep me posted.

Terri HarpLady

I saw it on Beryleb’s page on ebay. Do you know if there is a place to purchase a sample size of it? I know the 2 of you love it, but I’d like to try it before I buy a cake.


I only have a couple grams left. Need to buy some myself. The small 100 gram cake was under $8.00


jas-tea has them u.s. 7.99 yunnan sourcing usa 7.50 or pm me your address i will send you a sample.

Terri HarpLady

I didn’t see it at yunnan sourcing, but saw one on jas that looks similar, listed as
2009 Menghai Hong Yun Ripe Pu-erh -100 grams
is that the same tea?


yes that is the same one. it is just described a bit differently on the yunnan sourcing site.

Terri HarpLady

Thanks, mrmopar. : )


you are quite welcome!

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I love it." but not too much

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Just had it in the morning

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The gold dayi also has fortitude. Deep into the session, there is still a strength of kuwei and full body that is not present in most of the recent Dayi teas I have tried. It is clear why Cloud and the HK tea forum crowd are backers of this tea.

Read more below:

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Thank you mrmopar for this sample Pu-er!

What a lovely gift I received one day a about a month ago from my friend mrmopar. Samples of Pu-er! Tears of delight, really!

Tucked into the package were little tuo cha’s that I can’t read the names of (written in Chinese) so I won’t be reviewing them, but they look like pieces of candy. Colored wrappers full of mystery.
I’m having so much fun with them!

This morning, I picked one of the chunky samples in a labeled zip bag. It looked like dark, hard and gnarly Shu Pu-erh bark. Excellent!

A quick wash first, and I was set for several infusions in my purple clay Gaiwan.

Only the first infusion had a lighter brown color. The rest was deep red-brown. The wet leaf scent was mild, more on the vanilla bread side than leather.


My first impression was, this is a good Pu-erh.

I could tell right away with the first light steeping, that there was something different about the taste. It was slightly sweet, very juicy with a spice to it that I couldn’t sort out and pin down.

The feeling of the tea in my mouth was light and smooth…with the flavor of banana skin way off in the background. At first I wasn’t convinced of that, and I walked around the room to make sure I wasn’t picking up a scent from somewhere else. Banana skin, yes.

Steeping again, a much thicker brew this time, and quite red-brown. The flavor was still not earthy or woody and no flavor of cedar either.(This was another surprise because I would have expected woodiness with such vibrant color.)
What I tasted was vanilla cream, some salt and a hint of caramel.
There was something else. Spice or herb, a savory something that I could not identify. The Pu-erh was playing with me gently.

Pouring a third time, the thick and rich broth tasted more like cedar wood with a tang that lasted just a moment…then melted away into a smooth, sweet velvety finish.

I am always tempted to add a few (very few) grains of sugar when a Pu-erh comes to the caramel, cedar, salty stage. I know what will happen next! The same flavor that you taste with quality caramels is what this Pu-erh tastes like with just a little sweetness added to it. (a little cream is nice too). I love salted creamy caramel!

Don’t misunderstand, I like my Pu-erh straight, but sometimes…it becomes dessert towards the last of the steepings.

This is a very good Pu-erh!

I wrote a story for my blog and here’s an intro if you want to read more, it’s about a time long ago when I was working at the Children’s Shelter School, Christmas (1979).

Shelter School Christmas

Our facility was a room in an abandoned Psychiatric Hospital from the 1930’s. A big, drafty, wood and plaster building that creaked and groaned. It looked like a set from an old Hollywood movie!

Two social workers sat in the hallway at all times, while the teacher and I were alone with 10-15 students in a classroom lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves and tall windows, (a scene right out of a Harry Potter movie set). If you peeked in, you’d agree it was a strange looking scene, old radiators and wood planking.

During the Christmas Holidays I decided to plan a party. Without a kitchen, I was still able to teach the kids to make snacks. Then, we decorated by cutting colored paper rings and streamed them across the room. We made strings of popcorn and glittery stars. Each student made a soft, stuffed ornament that was theirs to keep and take to whichever group home or foster home they would be sent to.

It was important to show how to create something from little or nothing, how to celebrate when life is frightening and uncertain. It’s a great lesson in life.

We were going to finish with a party!

I taught some of the tougher hard to reach boys how to properly serve tea and snacks. We even used serving trays for our party.
These boys took their job seriously, practicing over and over again.

(the story continues)

Oh, by the way…Happy St. Nicholas Day! Dec. 6th this is celebrated in many places around the World. 4th Century Nicholas of Myra gave to the poor and defended children and women. He paid the dowery for poor women to marry (something important back then).


so glad you like it. i was stunned when i first tasted this one. i think it is a great one and got a 2007 and a 2012 version of this one to age. yummy stuff i do declare!


Oh Bonnie, what a lovely Christmas story. I wonder where those children are now. I’ll bet you are part of their fondest memories :)


Thanks for reading it I-bloom. They’re always a part of my memories too and my daughters as you read, and we talk about it now and then. I’m sure others have similar stories.


Probably,but you tell it so artfully well :D

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Thank you, Bonnie, for the sample :)

Dry smell: This tea smells really nice. It smells very very sweet. It has an unusually vegetal smell for a puerh. It is a moist smell like a fresh forest. I can also smell a little hint of green bean.

Wet smell: This tea smells really great after the first steeping. It still has the extremely sweet smell and vegetal taste. The most prominent smell is still something that reminds me of green snap pea’s

Taste: The taste is kinda funky. It has a sweet taste but also a starchy note and feel. There is a deep woody flavor that tastes like a freshly cut down tree.

EDIT: After 1.5 litres of my red aura cake and a litre of this I’m feeling really calm, happy, and relaxed. I’m assuming this is what people describe as qi. I’m not sure if it’s just this tea or a combination of both


oh the red aura is a great tea. i got 3 different production years of it. i can’t wait to see how it ages.i agree about the star of menghai it will be better in a couple of more years i think.


The cut down tree is probably cedar and the starchy is like a thick feeling like avacado but not that thick pasty. Hard to explain isn’t it. You did well…got to your happy feeling.


Yup that sounds exactly what I experienced. It’s so difficult interpreting and passing on all the complexities that a tea has. Hopefully I’m getting better so my reviews can be of use to others

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Thank you Bonnie for this fantastic puerh sample!

Dry smell: The dry smell is very woody and, surprise surprise, dry. It doesn’t have a deep wet earth smell but a dry smell resembling bark and cork board. I would describe it as a cooling smell but still very deep. It also has a hint of leafy sweetness, like fall.

Wet smell: It still possesses the leafy sweetness and cooling scents. Nearly all of the cork smell and dryness, however, is gone. There is a fairly large difference between the smell of the dry leaf and wet leaf. It is a nice and light smell.

Taste: The taste is very interesting. It is fairly light but very very sweet compared to other puerhs I’ve tried. The most surprising thing happened on my first sip. The very first flavor that jumped out at me when I tasted this tea is, wait for it, MARSHMALLOW. I don’t know what it is or how else to describe it but every sip I can clearly taste marshmallows. This mixed with the typical puerh flavor makes me think of a night on the beach enjoying smores with my family. I can’t wait for christmas so I can buy some more of this tea!!! :)


Mmmmmarshmallow! I want!


I love marshmallow! I almost bought a bag of marshmallow root to add to teas just in case it tasted like marshmallow. Thankfully I asked a clerk prior to buying it if it actually tasted like ‘mallow. Turns out it doesn’t. Shucks. Still searching for a natural ’mallow herb to add to teas =)


Ya it was really strange, but the first 5 or so steeping had a nice roasted marshmallow taste. It would be nice to have a marshmallow flavored herb to add to certain teas.

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Amount: 10g in 120ml Yixing teapot. 90C water temp.


First infusion: Flash (length to pour)
woody smokey lightly astringant orange peel and BBQ sauce??

Second infusion: flash
Slightly more astringent a little more woody. and more citrus peel, dry chalky finish

Third infusion: 10s
the BBQ sauce is back. astringency has ramp’d up a bit also citrus is dominated by the astringency

4th infusion: 15s
citrus now is the main flavor just behind the astringency still dry.

5th infusion: 20s
Smokey. Dry.

6th infusion: 30s
sweetness is coming through now.

7th infusion 1m
Mushrooms and sweetness.

8th infusion 1:30
Sweet but still dry odd smoke blast in the extended finish.

9th infusion 2m
Sweet and lightly smokey dry finish.

10th infusion 3m upping water temp to 100c
Sweet and minierals. still dry

11th infuson: 5m
Slightly floral?

12th infusion. 6m
Still floral but starting to thin out may get one or two more infusions out of it.

13th Infusion: 8m
Florals are starting to diminish right on track for dieng out.

14th infusion 10M
Sweetness dominates. got one more in it before its dead.

15th infusion 15m
Light floral sweet. Orange on the extended finish.

A bruiser of a tea if brewed carelessly and has quite a caffeine kick once you get a few infusions in. Best not to be drank on a empty stomach or you may fall over if you hit it to heavy. But also has a rather unique flavor profile. This could be partially to my storage methods so YMMV.
Leaves are fairly large and mostly in tact you can notice in the dry leaf that this tea includes a smattering of downy buds when broken apart these buds are still present so its a good quality cake. Definitely a good buy for ageing or to drink as a young shengpu

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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this is a premium dayi well worth the cost. it is called Wei Zui Yan which i think translates into the dense flavor of the juice. this tea is so rich it almost resembles a fine assam blend. strong and dark without being overpowering. very nice flavor with almost the tartness and sweetness found in a blush wine. heavy mouthfeel on this one. did a 20 sec wash and a 15 steep a very enjoyable tea that carried over to 4 infusions of sweet taste. the first impression of the cake was a small amount of mossiness. the wet leaves unfolded beautifully with the aroma of a wet leather shoe. and the taste was great sitting outside and enjoying the warm sun of indian summer. i will have to repeat this dance with the tea on another warm evening.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

Your knowledge of puerhs is astounding!


Your descriptions are getting better and better. I could taste the puerh and see you sitting outside with your cup, relaxed without a care in the world.


not knowledge yet but i keep searching and reading all i can. thanks ashmanra i try to learn a little more each day. thanks bonnie yesterday was an early day off from work and i tried too enjoy the indian summer while it lasts.

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Smooth, rich, and chocolaty! Mine came from Yunnan Sourcing as “Red Rhyme”, but I’ve read that the pinyin “Hong Yun” can translate either way, I believe this is the same cake.

This is a really nice shu with notes of chocolate, oak, and smooth red wine.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec

this is a superb cake and as obi wan would say… very good my young apprentice!! sorry made a funny on this!


Haha, thank you, Master Mopar! And may the Pu’ be with you!


i am so glad you like this one it is a personal favorite along with the wui ze denke of the same year. right now i am sipping on a haiwan 10 year anniversary cake on about its fourth in fusion. i have found some of the haiwans to be great too. might have to send you some one day.


Mmm, well I’d love to try some :)


Shared some of this with a new pu’er drinker a few days ago and with my granddaughter. Smooth…easy to drink…like a good mellow wine.


Haha, it really is! I’m having a tea party with some friends (or at least “tea get- together”) in a few days, and I’m definitely going to make some of this for them. Lets see if I can spread the pu’erh addiction ;D

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This pu’erh had very deep, chocolaty flavors with hints of mushroom and a rich, velvety mouthfeel. Reminiscent of a deep, mellow red wine.

Overall I think this was my favorite :)


it is the very first pu cake that i liked!glad you like it too!

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Deep burgundy color. The flavor is smooth and earthy with a medium body and has slight cedar, cocoa, and coffee flavors upfront, and ends with lighter citrus and hay notes, followed by a run-on sentence. :)


Welcome to puerh heaven fellow earth dweller! Seems that there are a few of us the crawl in the mud and love the taste of these cedar, cocoa, bready, mushroom, etc. tea’s. mrmopar is a great puerh friend!


Haha, I don’t have to perform any kind of blood pact or something, do I? lol :)
I’m really quite addicted to those samples Mr. Mopar sent me, I think I’m going to have to order a cake before a run out! I hear pu’erh withdraw is a horrible thing :)


blood pacts not necessary just being friends to and with pu-erh is the key. you watch bonnie she has a great palate for tea check some of her reviews i learn a little more from her each day.


Aww, man! I was kind of looking forward to the blood pact :P hehe

I’ve noticed Bonnie’s posts are always very descriptive, and reading her notes on some of the pu’erhs you sent me I see a lot of things that I tasted in the teas, but wouldn’t have thought of myself

Its great to find such an awesome community here


Wow, Wish I was younger I’d stalk you guys!

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Thank you mrmopar for this sample Pu-erh!

My education in Pu-erh has come from the generous people here on Steepster who share with me from their personal supplies of Pu-erh (like mrmopar, Roughage in the U.K. and others) and samples put in with my orders from so many vendors. Thank you all!

It’s funny to look back and remember my first experience with
They were so heavily flavored that I could barely detect the underlying earthiness…but it was there, and I developed a hunger for it.
This is where I began this morning. Thinking about the ignorance of the newcomer to Pu-erh. My ignorance, which I still have.

Recently on a discussion thread, someone took a shot at one of our vendors, then at me (for knowing nothing about Pu-erh).
When I read their linked blog comments they were also critical of ‘all’ of us on Steepster.
I was offended not so much for myself but everyone else.
The potshots at me were correct though. I ‘am’ a learner and I ’don’t’ know very much about tea yet.
My lack of humility suckered me into a dialog that I should have stayed out of. The people who made the comments don’t write reviews on Steepster. They just appeared out of the blue.

I’m learning about Pu-erh because of you wonderfully kind Steepster people.
One thing I swear I never want to be is a TEA SNOB! I’d rather stay right here and review tea than gain the respect of those who despise Steepsterites!

The Pu-erh for this morning:
The aroma of the wet leaves for every pour was mild shoe leather.
On all but the first steep the liquor was dark red-brown and clear.

1. After a 30 second rinse, the liquor was light brown. It was tight, compact bark waiting to open. The flavor was light cedar, a little rough and furry with a slight pepper on the tip of my tongue.

2. The flavor was much smoother but with an almost bitter chicory cedar taste. The other comparison was the thick bitter taste of dark rye bread. There was little saltiness or sweetness but lots of juice.

3. This steep produced a softer, milder cedar flavor and thickness. There was an alfalfa sprout scent and sweetness with the taste of water crackers. The earlier bitter edge was gone but the chicory was still there in a palatable mild form with a rich mouth-feel.

4. Up front there was pepper and juiciness. The flavor was similar to steeping #3 and smooth.

I thought about this Pu-erh, and even though this has been rated as ready to drink…it seems to me that it still hasn’t developed full depth. Maybe this is where it will remain though. If it were a wine I would liken it to a mild Merlot (and Merlot is NOT a dirty word, it just was overproduced in horrid amounts by every closet winemaker on earth!).

So much of what I love about Pu-erh comes from my Winery background and from living in Morgan Hill where we grew mushrooms, and were surrounded by farms and wineries. Living next to Gilroy, Salinas, Watsonville and Monterey with all the fruit, vegetables, mountains and Sea gave me a sense of what I look for in Pu-erh.

I may be wrong some of the time, or maybe all of the time but I’m certainly enjoying myself!

I have found what I really love to drink and I think the love shows.


I don’t understand the snobbery associated with anything. Everyone has to learn at some point, and not all take it as serious as a heart attack lol. Does Pu-erh taste like wine? Or it just seems to have a more natural base…


The comparison to wine was the strength of the taste, the richness. I used to describe an icky Merlot as tofu when I worked at a winery so thinking of Pu-erh in a wine frame of mind would be natural for me. The connection with the seasons and earth, the wet mash or leaves and fruit…aging and history are both attractive. My father trimmed vines in Napa in the 1920’s as a boy and my cousin has a vineyard. The association with wine is personal and probably doesn’t have much to do with flavor literally. I have flavor memory, my curse.

Autumn Hearth

Sigh hugs I just read the thread. I logged onto Steepster to escape the drama on the ADF lists and Facebook. Something must be in the air.


Oh Bonnie, I just noticed that you coloured your bio! Awesome! Also, I’m totally oblivious to all the drama. You are awesome, Bonnie! (I swear DaisyChubb had commented on here too…. weird…)


Where were you when we were coloring Kittena
awhile ago? It was my 400th review! And I do appreciate you and everyone else!


I think I read that one, and saw you guys playing with colours a bit in other posts, but just noticed your bio now! It made me smile :) I’ve been really absent lately, aside from typing up some tasting notes.


Interesting so it’s more the feeling of the tea. Makes me think I want to try it lol. Ahh to be rich.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the internet, it’s that relative anonymity breeds nasty behavior.
I have really enjoyed being on Steepster and getting to read about a lot of new teas, and I hope I never get to the point where I feel the need to crap on a bunch of people because I think I’m collectively “better” than them based on what kind of beverages I drink. My 2 cents.


Good for you Claire! Finn88, I can’t sent out lots of tea every month to lots of people because I’m on a fixed income. It’s the postal rates that get me. I just sent off a couple that were far away and that’s it for a few weeks. Send me a PM to remind me and I’ll send you a few samples next go around or anyone reading this chime in and see what you can do.


Oh Bonnie. That was really sweet and unexpected. Thank you. I will send you my information but believe me I completely understand the income aspect. Don’t feel pressured to have to send anything. If you would do the same I can send you what I can, although it is limited I must say.

Terri HarpLady

Thanks for the review, Bonnie, and as for snobs & people who want to judge others, to hell with them! We’re all having fun here, trying new teas & trying to find the words & images to describe what we taste. We’re children of all ages, playing together & having fun. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Not me! You just keep being your wonderful open hearted self, & know that you are loved!

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Thanks mrmopar for this Pu-erh sample

It was late afternoon and one of those cloudy warm days where you know there will soon be drops of rain falling.
I was busy doing bills and received my first phone call on the newly installed phone line from the local emergency callback service, informing me that trucks will be spraying for West Nile on my street tonight. Really? We haven’t had rain in ever so long. West Nile?! (In about 8 weeks those critters will freeze to death!)
My second call was an invite to a political luncheon at the home of a local candidate. For free. (Well, in my case they’re not getting any money anyway because I have none).

Oh I do love life in Smallville!
End of Summer is celebrated with an all dog,all human swim at Central Park Lake. (Pretty neat!)

The railroad tracks that run parallel with the main street carries two LONG trains each day that halt traffic straight through downtown. (I’m talking about trains with over 100 cars on them and all you can do is sit in traffic and wait.)

The good people of Fort Collins decided to make use of those train tracks and redesigned the roadway around them, closing the streets downtown (causing a huge detour) for the past few months so that a Trolly Train will be able to run back and forth the whole length of Fort Collins during NON-COMMERCIAL-TRAIN hours. (this is beginning to look more and more like Disneyland. First,the Main Street was modeled after our town and now we’re getting this little train going back and forth…?!)

My oh my?! I needed a Pu-erh latte today!
(Sorry mrmopar, no disrespecting of the Pu!)

30 second steeping of this Pu-erh is plenty of time for a rich dark broth. I drank a 4oz first steep to test the sweetness and salt(which was perfect for my plan).

The second and third steeps I poured together for a big mug of dark
pu-erh which was earthy with no nasty flavor. This was nice and smooth. Like I said, perfect for my plan!

I added CREAM (not milk) and Sweetening and I became “Happy Bonnie”!

I don’t keep ice cream and cake and all those sorts of dangerous to my figure goodies in my house…ha…and I don’t need to with all the tea I’ve accumulated!
But, when I want the richness that comes close to a candy bar, my favorite Black chocolaty tea’s, a sensuous Chai, or caramel Pu-erh Latte satisfies my dessert craving! This did the trick! If you like trains, here it is.
My old friend is conductor on this old trolly that runs from town to Central Park…watch it fly!


I adore trains! If I ever become a multi gadzillionaire I am going to buy my own train – tracks too! I want a five car luxury train with a pet car for my pets with grass so they can “go”, a dining car, entertainment car, of course sleeper car, and a car for sitting and enjoying the ride with GIANT windows!
Yes this is my fantasy so it CAN happen – I don’t want my own jet plane I want my own train! :)


Years ago, I took a train with my young family from Oakland, to D.C. However, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia the we derailed along the New River. The train turned on it’s side towards the river. I heard an old preacher wake up and pray like he had done every morning which woke me up too. Then the shaking began. I put out my hand as the violent bumping started…preventing my daughter from falling and called for my husband to catch our son. No one was harmed. It was a misty morning in that narrow valley and everything seemed surreal as we climbed up and down trying to get off the train. The conductor said if we had all stood at once we would have tipped into the river since the other passenger cars had been removed in Cleveland. After many hours, a Railcar came and then a Caboose which took us to a small town with a coffee shop. We were fed, then we walked across a bridge to a bus and whisked off. Took us non-stop…to Washington D.C. (they did stop, opened the doors and threw trays of fast foods onto the bus not letting us get off to stretch).
After vacation back to California we went by train again. I’m not interested in train rides across the U.S. anymore.


oh Bonnie I am a wee bit jealous, I love trolleys! and a pu’ latte… YUMMMM


You can make it…they are so good aren’t they?! Do you have a trolly where you live?


nope, we have streetcars though. Not the same but close enough!


Ugh deleted my comment instead of edited it. I’ve got a question about puer, but I’ll wait until I get home so I can use the computer instead of my phone :)


ok…I’ll be in and out, PM me if you want and I’ll get back to you.

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i used this tuo right up! great for everyday cooked pu :)

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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I don’t have any details about this one, it just says from meng hai tea cooked around 2005. i got this one in a swap tho im not sure who from or when, i do know that ive had it for a while and i’m glad i found it cuz i obviously hid it away(crazy people hide stuff lol). its really good, nice and dark with slight fishy smell which isn’t a bad thing to me, very smooth and tasty tea tho. not bad at all.


LOL Tommy


Gar…I must be crazy too Tommy!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

i find stuff all that time that i hide away for no reason lol i prolly hid this one so Lance wouldn’t drink as if he would even come near a puerh, he hates it lol

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Thank you mrmopar for this Sample Pu-erh!

Now that the stress of selling my car is over…sigh…I am reasonably clear headed and able to drink Pu-erh’s and
enjoy them without working so hard to find the inner calm that’s
needed to write. It’s been a good lesson.
I’m retired, the rest of you Steepster’s go to work or have kids or school and busy lives. You make time to fit in your own tea reviews and stories. I appreciate your effort more than you know.


Steep time and 1 wash were 30 seconds for each.

The wet leaf began as a raisin muffin scent and ground walnuts, then a leathery rye bread and finally a bakery scent.

Color for each steeping was red/brown, dark red/brown and very dark golden red/brown liquor with each one absolutely clear.

1. I noticed the energy in the tea before the taste. A powerful feeling from a smooth sweet tea that tasted more like the familiar scent of walking through the redwood forest than the earth underneath. It was that tree bark that I’m familiar with and grew up around. (I have no experience with cedar except small pieces of wood) I noticed a peppery feel in my mouth that was playful, like dappled light bouncing up and around. The finish was silky.

2. Oooh this was a much darker woodsy cedar bark flavor. I could still see the bottom of the Gaiwan through the dark brew, but the taste stopped just shy of becoming a bitter bark. As the tea cooled the mouth-feel was thicker but still bright and a little dry right at the back of the throat.

3. Out of the forest proper and arriving at my daughters cabin/house in a clearing at the corner of Conference and Pine (where the huge redwood tree came crashing down and smashed the car, the camper and all the bikes one Winter), Annalisa would be making bread as always…with bits of seeds or nuts and bread crumbs stuck to the baking stones…still toasting away but not burnt. (I’d be looking for the covered butter dish and Olallieberry Jam!).

The Pu-erh was smelling more like the baking bits on the stone and not like the forest or trees anymore. Third steeping’s often become the best of the best. There was a little flatness to the tea that I thought could use a perking up.
I added 1/4 tsp of raw sugar and the savory quality of the Pu-erh came out in buckets! Wow! I was so pleased! The tea tasted sooo good!

Such a good Pu-erh!
(Listen, purists may scoff…(Bonnie adds sugar to Pu-erh…what a dumb lady!)… but noone scoffs at seasoning food. Salt and sugar are used to draw out hidden flavor so I experiment.)

Meandering thoughts:
My little story is not much today. Just a memory of walking in the forest. My family history with a place in the Coast Redwoods goes back to the 1920’s where there was a little community with Summer cabins and a Conference Center, a big cement pool and row boats on a creek. My Aunt Jessie (born in the 1880’s) had an old cabin there where family gathered.
My parents had their honeymoon there, my daughter was married in the Chapel there, her first home was there. I went to camp and we all have our sweet memories.
The best is walking alone through the floor of the forest with towering trees overhead and dappled sunlight barely able to reach the soft spongy red/brown ground below. If you want to know why I love Pu-erh, it might be because of the aroma of the redwood forest. It looks like a forest of chunky and furry Pu-erh! To hide in a tree hollow, or stand in a natural ring of redwoods and look up at the sky is mystical. The trees lift their hands wiggling their green fingers… far beyond what I am able to do in thanksgiving for such beauty.
One of my regular paths led down to Bean Creek and had a small creeklet of water next to it…lined with ferns (looking quite prehistoric) which ended at an old swinging bridge where I could walk across, then down to a sandy beach and see the former creeklet cascading as a grand waterfall into the the larger Bean Creek in front of me. (wow found this later on youtube…the waterfall and creek)
My parents and grandparents, my children and grandchildren all have the memory of this place.

Tea is grand for memories. (now that I read that phrase it sounds
too dumb…Tea is not ‘grand for memories’ it kicks my butt! I have memory problems! I’m a visual thinker who’s thinker is broken and tea helps kick it into the remembering mode…so that’s what I mean!)

Dylan Oxford

Haha, well then I suppose we’re lucky we get the post-kick-thinker!


Bonnie, I understood exactly what you meant, your thoughts are a lot clearer than you think :-) even when you’re not feeling too good, I can always relate to what you write because there’s an energy that won’t lie in your writting, just like tea itself!


Thank you. It’s difficult not knowing if you make sense.

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Just tried this one again it has mellowed out in the pumidor. The brick has become more easy to “break”. The flavor is very nice now with just a touch of astringency no bitterness or off flavors or aroma. This has turned into a better tea with a sweetness on the palate now with an almost wineflavor to it. bumping it up a bit.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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an aged shu that will be better with more aging still too much of the young shu in general

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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Thank you mrmopar for this sample Puerh!

After morning prayers, a favorite way to begin my day is PUERH!
I had a choice of several samples to choose from thanks to my Steepster friend, and this one had a note that said it was a good every day Shu, mellow and thick (which I love).

I rinsed the leaves (chunky dark brown bark) 30 seconds and then for each infusion steeped 30-40 seconds in my PIAO before releasing the tea into a Gaiwan.

The wet leaves took time to break up from the bark stage into a sponge and finally a clump of chocolate brown mulch.

The wet aroma is something I love about Puerh. It’s so organic and sensual. A perfect match for my wild Highland Scot heart.

The smell began as coffee, breadish breakfast aroma then a wet wheat and hay scent on the second steep and finally a sweet pastry steam bath taming down into a grass and hay scent on the final round.

The liquor was clear and ranged from red-brown to coffee color to root beer brown on the last steep.
Each steeping was mildly scented with a savory aroma closer to light mushroom broth than earth and dirt.

Steep one, the flavor was delicate, smooth and nutty with light saltiness and sweet juicy mouthfeel. The flavor was a bit bready with a light mushroom taste.

Steep two was heavier and more savory. Full, rich, with lots of juice and a flavor that was elusive…so I came back again and again…until I found berry in the tea…a dry raspberry taste which as the tea cooled became mellow. A sweet pipe tobacco scent arrived on the finish.

The third steep was the most delicious as is often the case. Sweet and salty, savory and juicy but mild. There was a pleasent tingle on my tongue.

I added a little sweetening and thought how I would love a Thermos of Puerh like this when sitting on a beach. Somewhere like Lake Tahoe with the alpine climate and clear blue lake.

I took some photo’s, you may notice a figure on the bench…me…

This Puerh is very good…the kind I would keep as an every day Puerh and I’m going to steep the rest as my ICED treat for later!

(Just in case you don’t read the notes below, mrmopar has the icon of the blue Charger so I have a clip of my first car which was a 56 Merc
so cool…with the Beach Boy’s singing… )

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I’m going to try one of these soon :)


I think you’d like it. Wish you were close by because I usually have noone to sip tea with and that’s a shame. My only recourse is to teach some people. I just spoke to my Priest and I’m going to have a small group of college students from my Church over to tea taste with me and my granddaughter Schey.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I’d love to come sip some Pu with ya if i were nearby, College folks from church getting together for tea sounds like a really awesome idea, I have been trying to get a Teatime & Bible Study going around here but everyone is always too busy to come over.


hey bonnie let me know how it is iced!


I drank some cold and a little sweetened and it was almost a light honey fruit, smooth and delicious. I love puerh at about the 4th steep stage cold when they’re this type of Shu.


i think this is going on my to do list!


Love your car!!! My first car was a 56 Mercury Monterey (White and Turquoise with white roll and tuck interior…so cool!)
Here’s the closest to it…and the Beach Boys, ode to my youth!


Tommy, take it to the college or something. The group my granddaughter is in meets at the University down the street from me so I happen to be close by. Bikes and bus right outside. If it’s stop in and go, cool. I’m sharing hospitality and tea.


bonnie it is a 73 dodge challenger the result of 8 years work so far thank you for liking it!


I had a VW bug painted that blue. Really pretty. I called it cadillac blue, don’t know why. I think the bug was a 65. I had a rootbeer El Camino from the 60’s and a Ford Fairlane. Wish I had them now…I’d be rich!


Tommy and Bonnie: if I were close by I would MAKE time to come have tea with you! And invite you to tea at my house, too! :)


Good deal Ashmanra. I have some puerh to review from mrmopar and you could help me!


I liked all your pictures Bonnie – where you live it looks very peaceful.

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a great tea for the price i bought this one to age a bit but temptation got me . smooth woodsy and great color in the cup. i think this will be great with more age.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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purchased this tea as a splurge reward to myself. i almost stalled at the price but wow. i see why. a very good premium tea i have already infused it 5 times and it still maintains its strength and flavor. dark earthy and tasty. heading to get another cup now. 30 second steeps increasing about 10 seconds between cups.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Lucky you!


one day when get a chance without the eyes over m shoulder you will get a sample of this.


Nice review


i am on the eighth steeping i think that is about it. a great cake to splurge on. it just gives and gives.

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