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Fair warning, this is floral as heck, so if you’re not a fan of a flower shower, I’d advise to try another tea from MVTV. But if you’re a fan, like me, this tea is fantastic. Quite light tasting and smells great. I will admit that I have no idea how to optimally brew it, given that it’s a green/oolong blend (correct me if wrong)!

Flavors: Flowers, Rose

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 30 sec 5 tsp 32 OZ / 946 ML

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Well that was pretty excellent.

The best pu-erh I’ve had so far. Generally I’ve found it to be overwhelming, fishy smell, etc. this pu-erh has none of those problems. Smooth and complex with some interesting flavours.

The colour of it is particularly striking, it’s very dark, like coffee. That’s pretty surprising given the comparatively lighter taste and lower caffeine levels. An interesting and nice cup. Enjoyed it!

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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Hollllllllllly craaaaaaaap this is amazing.

This is a fantastic, extremely rose heavy fragrant green oolong, it is totally awesome. I am generally a big rose fan (I love rose water, for example) so heads up that it’s pretty potent, but I thought it totally rocked. Great punch to it, and excellent flavour, really fantastic.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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You know when you leave your favorite tea for other, more attractive, (pumpkin spice) flavored teas? You even put in cream. And honey. And you’re happy with them, because it’s fall, and it suits your mood. But then one day you get a new teapot in the mail and it tells you, “Hey. That tea and I were made for each other.” So you get out your old favorite, and it makes you swear off “corrupted” tea and junk food, too. At least for today. Maybe you’ll even do some yoga.

This tea brews easily and tastes fabulous after several steepings – squeeze every last drop of tea from it. And that first quick 30 second “rinse” steep – the one that some people dump? I drink it, too. I’ve really pushed what’s acceptable to do to oolongs, and it’s hard to mess this one up. The description mentions cinnamon notes, but I mostly get sweet sweet floral on my palate. Perhaps the “cinnamon” is the grounding flavor that keeps it from being perfume instead of tea. Some of the early infusions might have that delightful buttery feeling, too. The leaves themselves are packed densely, but don’t put off much of an aroma, but even that first pale cup just wafts deliciousness.

I got this package on a trip to Mt. View, and the teashop itself is just amazing. Canisters of teas both (tastefully) flavored and “pure” that the owners are practically giddy (but not pushy) about sharing a whiff of. Tables of yixing pots. Even some crazy flea market style antiques in the back. It’s a trip in itself just to visit for kicks.

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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This is a great tea for what I was seeking. I wanted a pu-erh that I could enjoy daily, and for me, that meant finding a good combination of flavor and quantity. The shop owner pointed me towards this tea, and I’ve now been drinking it for a few days.

I have started using two of the tou cha’s for a stronger steeping. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if I had more control over the temperature of the water at work. If you want to drink pu-erh on the daily, this is the one.

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Contains quite a bit of stem which I think contributes a bit of a woody flavor. It may even contribute a bit to what the other person indicated was a smokey flavor. It is sweet, and what you would expect for an oolong.

I have so far done three infusions and it still holds flavor, which is nice. I don’t really notice anything super particular about this tea just yet – but I’m also drinking it as I work and am not providing a great deal of focus to my sipping.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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A very interesting tea. I was seeking a stronger pu-erh and the owners recommended this one. Was a bit hesitant to buy a tea that was older than I am, but it turned out to be a great selection. Also the owner gave me a very ‘generous’ ounce :)

I think that the tea is great through 4 or so steepings, and does bring a rather earthy flavor that is also smooth and I might even say more relaxing than some of the other pu-erhs that I’ve had. I will go back to this tea for special occasions.

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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This is an oolong blend, even though it doesn’t quite say so on the Mountain View Tea Village site. I don’t really have a whole lot to say other than it lives up to its namesake. The taste, the scent (dry and wet), everything…it’s all peach. Kudos to the flavoring used.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Step two, in my in my CrAzY cOnCoCtIoN cOnVoRtInG
Added a half-pot of white tea. We can already forget about the ratios, by the way. It’s not 50-50, or 75-25. Probably somewhere inbetween.

So, I used some white tea. I realized that Ginger Pu Erh is probably a terrible base, but whatchagonnado? I figured white tea would be a nice way to settle it out a bit – to be honest, White and Pu Erh taste kind of similar to me.
Insofar, I like how it tastes. The kick of the Ging. P. is much milder, but it’s still holding out in there. It’s kind of a high note against the low overtones of white and Pu Erh’s earthiness.
I let this refrigerate “overnight”, a period in which I did not sleep. I’ve been running 12-hour sleep sessions the past couple of days, and when that happens my body forces me into a roughly 30-hour waking binge to get me back into a normal swing. I realized this was happening after spending two hours trying to sleep.
I have a trivial story I feel like telling, so here it goes:
I went to an all-night diner at one point, to do some writing. When I got out, I noticed a s**t ton of smoke coming from nearby, (this was around 5AM), and I was like “Adventure!” So i got in my car, and went off to follow it, ‘cause "where there’s smoke, there’s fire."
Turns out, I was right.
Turns out, it was real close.
Turns out, it was an elementary school.
At least it’s summer vacation, right?
On the bright side, the event fits well into the autobiographical story I’m writing right now, so it’s not a total loss. That sounds terrible.
It was probably vandalism.
Happy 5th of July.


If an elementary school is going to be on fire, 5 a.m. on a holiday during the summer is a good time for it.


Probably not if you’re a policeman/fireman :P
There was a cop in the diner, and I considered going back in and asking if he knew what was going on, but if wasn’t aware, I’d hate to ruin his meal with news of a fire.


True, I just meant glad no kids could get hurt.

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THANK YOU to Suzi for sending me a sample of this Oolong! I have wanted to try it ever since I saw your tasting note on it.

The aroma of the dry leaf is quite as I wanted it to smell (but my expectations were not quite as high because I have not had teas from this vendor before so I was not sure exactly what to expect!) – so I was thrilled to open the tin and smell ROSES! Very fragrant – perhaps the most fragrant rose tea I’ve ever encountered.

Ah… this is really… really GOOD! I love rose teas (In fact I can’t think of a flower tea that I’ve disliked … I am sure there has probably been at least one, but none come to mind)… and this is absolutely a ROSE Oolong. No mistaking it.

Sweet, fragrant and delicious!

The next time I brew this tea I shall do so properly – with my gaiwan! That is not to say that using the smart tea maker is not a good way to brew it – it is… but it just feels more REGAL when I use my gaiwan… and this tea is absolutely suited for regal treatment.

Multiple infusions will follow!

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I’m so glad you liked it :D It is one of the few teas I take the time to “properly” prepare with a Gaiwan, rinsing before steeping and the like.

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Well, I needed more green oolong for seasoning my teapot. So, I bought the least expensive one the shop had – $12 for an ounce or two.

Eh… not my favorite oolong ever. I generally like green oolongs, but this one could handle a bit more oxidization. If Japan made an oolong, I have a feeling it would taste like this – it had vegetal notes very similar to the Japanese greens. Though, I would distinguish that the flavor was more of a gentle gyokuro or shin-cha than your everyday sencha. I suppose that’s an interesting flavor to find in an oolong.
I’d say this tea is much more on the green side when it comes to imperfect brewing – rather than just getting stronger and bitter, the tea became more stingy and unpleasant. Honestly, I’m much more a fan of the darker oolongs.

I’d relate this tea to wanting to hang out with a male buddy, but getting his feminine side. You’re expecting a broad, easy-going chill session, but you end up dealing with a pain-staking, sensitive personality-type. Eh.

By the time I got to the fourth brew, it was mellowed out a bit, but… by that time I was more or less done with the tea session. Oh well. Maybe I’ll learn to like it with time.

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Ah, Rose Green Oolong.
You make me feel like a princess!

The tea is so strongly scented that the smell of rose petals fills the entire kitchen. It’s lovely. Perfect for springtime. It kinda makes me think I should be wearing something pink, or sparkly, or at the very least a floral 1950s housewife dress.

Anyway. Definitely one of the nicer teas I own. Light, refreshing, delicate, rosy. I really don’t know what else to say about it, and besides, I have to go do something girly now like give myself a pedicure while wearing an avacado face mask.



This one sounds awesome… I will add it to my shopping list!


This one isn’t on the website. :(

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