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Just a note, I have been eyeing these kitschy (but cute kitschy!) tea tins in a natural beauty products store. But I am always wary of buying cute packaged teas particularly in that sort of retail.

But at a café recently they were serving these teas, and I had my chance to try this. I am totally unsure of brewing details since I did not prepare it, but as it was served (and I think not too carefully) it was quite nice. The almond and pistachio taste was delicate but still noticeable (if you paid attention), the tea strong bodied but not too rough. Not a great tea IMO, but a respectable honorable cup of flavoured tea. I have had worse and from more famous brands!

200 °F / 93 °C

‘A respectable honorable cup of flavoured tea’ is a great description! Also, that tin is super-cute.


Thanks, it is a very middle-something tea – I was pretty grateful, you never know what is available in cafés, so in all, appreciated enough.

And the tins are incredible, particularly the iced tea ones – check here

but pricey and I think I will stick to spend my money on paper bags of loose tea I know to be good. Though a pretty tin is always extremely appealing…


I am a sucker for cute tins!


I admire your restraint! I’m not sure I’d manage to resist some of those tins if they were right at hand, even if the tea might not be great. :)


that’s funny because this week end I was looking at this tin and at the tea itself (I love pistachio and almond !) but was suspicious about the quality


Hallie, it is been easy to resist – do I spend 12 euros in a pretty tin of dubious tea, or do I walk (upwards, it must be admitted) to the tea shops I know and buy 3*50 grams of good tea? I have resisted – though it might be harder now that I know this tea was OK.

Ysaurella, it was OK IMO even when made carelessly. Enjoyable. Not too flavoured, but still there. You will have better almond teas around for sure, but this was indeed pretty OK.


Okay, Teresa, but I still give you credit for not buying both. :) (Might as well take the credit while it’s going!) And that’s not a bad price for good tea. In walking distance.


Yep, and it is Mariage Fréres tea by the weight, so it wins for sure.


I went to Nature & Découverte today and sniffed the tea…no scent at all ! The box is greener …so decided not buying it


Not sure I would recommend comitting to 100 grams of it anyway. It was a nice enough cup for a café.

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