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From the HH teabox! Many odd ingredients here! Brewed, the steep color is light and the flavor is a bit tart and minty. I didn’t love the tart berries that I’ve had before. Not for me but seems healthy!

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you can realy taste the honey is this!!! i love it!

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A really wonderful, flowery Pu-erh! A visually stunning blend too with lots of rose buds, jasmine, and lavender tossed in with the leaves of Pu-erh. I found myself enjoying the way the earthy notes of the pu-erh meld with the sweet, exotic notes of the flowers.

Here’s my full-length review:

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Yet another one from Teabox B… I have tried a few other Nature’s Tea Leaf blends and I usually love them. This one is nice too!

First steep // low temp // 3 min
The color of this cup was very light. The temp may have been TOO low but Nature’s suggests 185 degrees. The lavender both dried and in the cup is lovely! I can taste the lavender more than the pu-erh.

Second steep // just boiled // 4-5 min
This cup is much darker! The lavender is still very strong and the pu-erh should be, but it is so mild flavored, I can hardly tell it is more than just lavender. But I like it – so lavendery!

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Here’s a tea from the BBB Box, shared by Sil.
All I can really say about this is it’s interesting.
Most of the time, cherry flavor in teas translates to ‘cough syrup’, but in this rare instance, it doesn’t! This cherry really has a more natural kind of flavor to it, & the cup is dark, slightly earthy, & sweet. Not bad!


It reminded me a little of good candy house cherry chocolates—not the 99-cent Walgreens kind, but the ones from the little local handmade store.

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, I can see that. The puerh is a little chocolatey.


the not cherry syrup is why i figured maaaaaybe you’d like it a little lol

Terri HarpLady

and you did good. :)
Not a tea I’d probably want again, but worth drinking, eh?



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This is the final sample from the BBBB, sent by Sil.
The Badaxx B*t@hs Black Box
The Bodacious Babes Black Box
Call it what you like, LOL
Honestly, I took one look & said…“Cherry” :p
yeah, I really did stick my tongue out.
But actually, it’s not bad! The cherry is fairly laid back, so it doesn’t go all medicinal on me. The Puerh is kind of a bland one, but oh well, after it’s not bitter! So I guess it wasn’t me! Or maybe I addressed my bitterness, & the super tasting went away?
Want to know what my bitterness was? My kitchen floor was a disgusting filthy mess. I’m not a great housekeeper, & with all the gardening & cooking & tea drinking that goes on in my awesome kitchen, the floor is rarely pretty. So I steeped this tea while I swept. The I let it cool to taste while I mopped (it only took 5 minutes? Why do I always think it’s going to take so long?) Then I drank my tea while the floor dried, which actually took longer than the mopping. Go figure.



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Here’s a Sipdown from the HHTTB. I figured there wasn’t much left in the package, so I might as well give it a try. It’s ok. I’m not really getting much from the Shu, it’s mostly just flowery. I do like some florals, roses & jasmine included. I love lavender, but NOT in tea or food, just bubble bath or the essential oil aroma. Luckily, the lavender isn’t particularly prominent in this blend. Anyway, it’s a pretty blend, but not something I’d ever purchase.

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Such lovely leaves! Fluffy, golden and long. The liquid is very light. Much lighter than I associate with a Yunnan. So light that I probably oversteeped a bit (okay, a lot) expecting a darker color. That said, there was still much less bitterness than I’d expect from a steep this long. Still a light flavor with a bit of sweet in the background. Not much malt in the flavor but a good amount in the steep.

The sample from Sil was generous enough that I will be able to give this another shot and steep for less time to compare. :) Thanks, Sil!

Boiling 8 min or more

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This tea is from the “here’s hoping” teabox.

Peppermint3root seems a tea I wouldn’t order, but upon smelling, ehh smells good, why not try? The peppermint smells nice and there’s kinda a marshmallow root smell going on too.

Taste? Wahhh! It’s minty, slightly tart mix of hibiscus and berries, with an unusual medicinal dirt earthy flavor – finishing off slightly sweet. I can drink medicinal like flavors, but that rooty dirt flavor mixed with fruity isn’t for me. Back in the teabox it goes! But either way, happy to of tried it.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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This is a warm, sweet, gentle white tea that hints of mint. Just what I need at this moment as I gather my thoughts and begin the process of saying goodbye to my mom. She went Home for Christmas this afternoon. She is well and whole now, and if earthly life is any indication, chattering a mile a minute with the dear ones that have been waiting for her to arrive. Prayers appreciated for my family as we adjust to her absence.

150 °F / 65 °C

Praying for you and for your family. She is enjoying a midnight service with the most amazing music ever. Such Joy is there.




I’m so sorry! My thoughts will be with you and your mom.


My thoughts are with you. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when I lost my mom. I think I was in shock. I walked around with an eerie sense of calm and tried to make sure everyone else was okay. Try to make time for yourself and keep those who love you and her around you. Wishing her joy and peace. Sending you prayers and thoughts of strength and remembrance to help you through this time.


What a beautiful way to share sad news. Huge hugs to you and yours, and here’s to hoping that the transition is peaceful for all.


Oh, I’m so sorry. Much love to you and yours.

Terri HarpLady

I’m sending hugs to you, GG, and yours. So sorry to hear of your loss. My mom turned 79 Xmas eve, dad will be 80 tomorrow. I told him today that as of the morning I can officially call him ‘old geezer’ now. :)


Cherish those geezers, Terri!

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The leaves in this small sample were so huge with some big stemmy pieces, that when I stuck this under the spouse’s nose for the obligatory you-gotta-smell-this whiff, he grabbed the pouch, stuck it under his magnifying lamp, laughed, and said, “That looks like what I just cleaned out of the gutters.” Son made “minty hot leaf juice” jokes.

Barbarians. Hmph.

The strong peppermint scent led me to believe that mint would lead the taste parade. Much the opposite. Long steep (5 minutes as recommended) at a lower temp, and it was the smooth, silky white tea that was predominant. The mint was present at the end of each sip, at the back of the tongue.

Which, actually, makes this a very lovely and mild evening sip.


I may have to get this one…


It’s the sample o’ the month right now…

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from the Traveling Tea Box!
this tea is so so pretty! like amazingly pretty.
and super subtle in flavor.
i’m gonna save what little i have left and brew it in my glass gong fu this weekend.

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Leftover sample snagged from momo. :)
Meh. Rose hip is definitely the main note here. Not that those are terrible or anything…it’s just a bit sour for me. I’m tasting a little of the green tea and orange peel as well, but not much. I’ll finish the pouch but won’t be chasing anyone down for more when it’s gone.

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TTB-A sample, another with only one cup left.

I was briefly confused when I looked up the listing for this tea and seeing “berry” in the title, thinking it meant it was berry flavored, but no. I guess it is supposed to be a reference to the look of a whole globe amaranth flower, but at this point they are all broken into many tiny flower buds. I’ve had globe amaranth in flowering teas before but never by itself.

I think this tea may have been the unfortunate victim of sitting next to too many smelly flavored teas for too long. It kind of has that aroma that a box of flavored teas in ziplocs has when you open it, kind of a mishmash of all flavors at once. Many flavored teas are strong enough on their own to stand up to that, but this tea did not really. I mean, it’s still a pretty tasty white tea because its lightly sweet, but other than that I couldn’t pick out a flavor. I mean, there is maybe some chocolate in there? Haha. Oh well, I put it out of its misery. :)

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I had high hopes for this one. I have been off dairy for a while and perhaps that is why I was baffled when I tried this and wasn’t as impressed.

It’s sweet, yes, but its kind of reminiscent of stevia and sort of turning my stomach. eeeeek!

not rating.


Second steep is better


I just can’t do it! lol

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Tea Sipper’s Traveling Tea Box, Tea #2!

I’ve been enjoying oolongs greatly recently, so I chose this one from TSTTB (that Tea Sipper’s Traveling Tea Box) for my tea at work today. I’m also a chocoholic, no explanation needed ;)

I am finding this to be a really interesting experience! The chocolate is lightly present and then the oolong sneaks up behind the sip and spreaaaaaaads through your mouth. It has a stronger flavor than the chocolate I feel, and it is a darker one. Quite yummy.

I find I’m enjoying the second steep with less chocolate and more oolong even better. They have reversed positions, and I taste roasty oolong, then a hint of chocolate on the end of the sip. Nice! I also had a croissant with it which was just about perfect pairing-wise.

There is one more serving in the bag, and I am going to put it back into TSTTB so that another person can enjoy this. Make sure you stick around for the second steep — it’s swoonworthy! It is also making me excited to try the dark and handsome wuyi ensemble from Adagio that I grabbed from the box. Soon, soon.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Swoonworthy. Love it!


I agree, the second cup is the best. Chocolate teas are always so muddy looking but the taste of this one is worth the mess it makes of my press. Almost had it today but I am still in sip down mode.


I thought the second cup was better too!

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I was hoping this would be just a tad bit more floral, given the presence of all the buds/berries and petals. It kind of just sweetens up the white peony in a different way than it is naturally. Almost like really faint notes you’d find maybe in a Riesling wine? I am going to use the rest that was in the tea box to cold brew a cup!

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Yet another Stargate sipdown.

I think I understeeped this. Anyway, it smells nicely like fresh apples. And the flavour is like natural apple cider. Good with cinnamon.

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I have delayed reviewing this tea because I am puzzled. Hubby and I had it last night and drank 44 ounces of it. Today I drank another 22 ounces with lunch.

The rings are so pretty and even when they unfurl they are very attractive, so it is worth it to make it in a glass container if you have one. The steeped tea is almost as clear as water.

The reason I am confused is that I can not detect any jasmine. This tastes exactly like regular Daughter Rings. I wonder if it could have been mislabeled? Nevertheless, it is a delicious tea, very fresh and light with a mineral flavor that borders on a really lovely metallic (yes, it is a good thing!) that went really well with all the rich Asian buffet takeout we were having.

I asked hubby if he tasted jasmine and he said, “Not at all. But I am not disappointed because I don’t like highly floral teas and sometime jasmine teas are too much for me.” That is the longest review I have gotten out of him so far! LOL!

So, bottom line, I like this, but I don’t taste jasmine, so either it is very, very light or I have the wrong tea. I triple checked my package and I am definitely scooping my leaves out of the jasmine pouch.


I had no idea rings of tea existed.


They are really cute! If you go to the page for this tea and click the link for oolongowl’s blog, she took lots of pictures of hers!


OH MY GOODNESS. These pictures are wonderful. I tried googling on how the leaves are processed but no such luck.

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drank Daughter Ring by Nature's Tea Leaf
1923 tasting notes

When Nature’s Tea Leaf offered to send me some samples, I requested this because it looks so totally awesome. I knew I would love serving this in my little glass teapot.

I got both the jasmine and regular Daughter Rings, and today I am having this one with Asian buffet leftovers. I used 174F water and gave it a one minute steep. At that point, the water had barely changed color! Have no fear, though, it is nicely flavored. I actually made four steeps from one teaspoon of leaves in my eight ounce pot.

I like this! It reminds me a little bit of Snow Dragon. I find it to be very clean and fresh, with a mineral flavor that borders on metallic. (I like that.) I taste rocks, worn smooth and round and perfectly clean by icy fresh stream water that just melted on the mountaintop.

My biggest difficulty with Nature’s Tea Leaf is figuring out what to order! Thank you, Denise!

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Here where I live the weather gets really hot and sticky and buggy pretty early in the summer. Spring is really the best season for me! But today was beautiful! The sun was shining yet the slightly cool breeze kept the temperature just about perfect. It was enough to make me pine for a nice pot of black tea after I went out to tend the chickens.

This is a sipdown of my sample from Nature’s Tea Leaf. I have to thank them for their generosity as their samples are large and leave you plenty of leaf for experimentation. A number of their teas are on my list to order as soon as I get my cupboard down a bit. I am still at about 175 and my small bags and samples are not included in that, so I am trying not to order anything right now. When I do, their Dragon Pearl green tea (non-jasmine) and their Fujian Black tea will be some of the first teas I order.

This is a wonderful example of Yunnan Golden Bud tea. It is sweet and has the nice sweet potato flavor, is smooth enough not to need milk or sugar, and resteeps well.

On a side note, has anyone heard from Bonnie? She hasn’t posted here or on her blog for over a month.

Hesper June

I too have been wondering about Bonnie. I hope everything is okay with her.
This sounds like a tasty tea Ashmanra!


I too have missed Bonnie! Per mrmopar, she is just cutting back on writing and trying to get out a little more.

Perhaps if we let her know how much she’s missed …?

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This sample from Nature’s Tea Leaf was the first tea I served at tea party yesterday. It is a black tea but is oh so so sweet and mellow. The primary taste is sweet potato, and the mouthfeel borders on thick. It pairs well with sweets. It is fantastic to drink by itself. For me, it needs no additions whatsoever and would even suffer in my opinion if sugar or sweetening were added since it is so sweet and delectable all by itself.

This is one of the teas that should be a cupboard staple. This isn’t peppery, spicy Yunnan, this is sweet and smooth and creamy to the taste! Thank you, NTL, for letting me try this one!

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I served this as the first tea of tea party today. My guest loves trying new things, so whether it is a new tea or a new food, I try to keep things interesting. Today we were having “store bought” food but the teas were interesting!

She really loved this. It is sweet, smooth, and sweet potato-y. Definitely a good choice for a cupboard staple, and I am thinking this would be an awesome summertime iced tea.

Thank you, Nature’s Tea Leaf, for the generous sample! You have so many great teas.

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