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Numi Organic Tea

Recent Tasting Notes


I like it alot, it was my first “green tea” experience. It’s abit light on the flavor but eh, it was good.

Flavors: Honey

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Sipdown no. 134 of the year 2014.

Not something I’ll buy again unless I get talked into it by children, as there are so many other things I’d prefer to drink than plain red rooibos regardless of brand.

However, if you like plain red rooibos, you might like this. It has a distinct vanilla note, and it doesn’t have that pencil shaving thing going on that some rooibos does.


Pencil shaving thing! That’s it. I’ve been trying so hard to determine what is the flavor note that bothers me in certain rooibos blends and you just totally nailed it.

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drank Chocolate Puerh by Numi Organic Tea
151 tasting notes

I took this out of the teabag and put into an infuser so I could see it. It looks like ground up cacao beans and nuts. Smells sooooooo chocolatey!!!!
The liquor is an orange dark brown color but still see thru. I am glad because I thought that it would be thick and muddy being pu-erh. But this is only the second pu-erh I have had and I like this one.
I didn’t look at the ingredients until after I had been sipping it and there is a cinnamon finish. This is like a Mayan chocolate drink and it’s very yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As the mixture cools, I can taste the vanilla beans which are also ground up inside!!!
Very yummy and was a good impulse buy!!

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Dark Bittersweet, Nutmeg, Nuts, Orange Zest, Vanilla

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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The dry package smells green, but not necessarily like broccoli. It does smell a bit like freeze-dried veggies of some sort. I definitely get a parsley-like vegetable, and onion, a little pepper, and celery.

Once the water hits, though? Mmmm, broccoli.

This one has more garlic and onion-y flavor than some of the others, and a definite brocolli vegginess to it. There’s a little bit of cilantro zip in the front of the sip and then in the aftertaste, but the flavor itself it really muted.

I’m seriously enamored with how different these are.

Boiling 8 min or more

I’ve been enjoying your reviews :) they do sound so unique!

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I’m still surprised how much I like this. I’m so-so on pu-erh and don’t seem to care for most chocolate flavorings in tea, so I thought maybe the first time was a fluke.


This still delivers a really satisfying rich dark chocolate cup of tea. It even smells like a dark chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, this was the last bag that Fiance had nicked for me while on one of his business trips.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I would love to try something like this.
I didn’t care for chocolate in tea, but lately I think I am having a change of ♡
And while I cannot imagine chocolate in just any tea~
It seems like it could really work with the earthy taste of puerhs.

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This has been my least favborite of the savory teas I’ve tried so far. And I actually like beets.

This was the least broth of them as well, in that I found it texturally more watery feeling. There’s definitely an element of cabbage, while the beet and apple lend a sweetness to the cup. I think you have to like cabbage for this one, and I just don’t care for cooked cabbage of any kind really. It’s definitely savory and the spices work well with what’s here, though.

But man does this brew up a gorgeous scarlet color.

Boiling 8 min or more

I have never heard of a Beet Cabbage flavoured tea before! How peculiar!

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I don’t know how, but I had forgotten I had these.

Honestly, they are a bit hard to review because they’re more than teas, but not quite soups. They’re a bit brothy and definitely heartier than tea. But I’m finding all of them super flavorful and enjoyable for what they are.

I love, love, love fennel as a spice, so I had a pretty strong inkling I was going to like this one. And I definitely did (though I think the Carrot Curry might still be my favorite) The cup is just a touch licorice-y, with a lot of onion and dill in the background. The finish is peppery and just enough to tickle the back of my throat.

These are so weirdly tasty.

Boiling 8 min or more

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Amazing how different Earl Grey can be from one company to another. I tried this one and thought I went to Earl Grey heaven. The smell is amazing, the taste is amazing. I need to get more!

3 min, 45 sec

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Great flavor. So mellow and calming. I feel like I am laying in a field of flowers with the warm sun and a slight cool breeze blowing whenever I take a sip.

Don’t you love it when hotels give away free things? Well technically you are paying for them in your bill but it makes it more fun to think they are free. Tea for example is a great thing for hotels to give away. It’s cheap and it can make people happy. Especially those that don’t drink the in room coffee. Right now I am drinking one of the in-room teas. It’s quite good.

8 min or more

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drank Earl Grey by Numi Organic Tea
186 tasting notes

Very smooth. Good hot, warm, and cold. No harsh after taste. In fact, not much after taste at all. It just ends on a fine note and leaves you wanting another sip. This one is for all you Earl Grey lovers. Besides Chamomile, the in-room tea that I brought back with me also included Earl Grey and this one is very pleasent. Not too over powering and has the right blend of Bergamot and black tea. Perfect for a day like today where it’s raining, thundering and getting increasingly darker. (Is thundering a word? What an odd one that is)

2 min, 15 sec

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Tastes like your typical bagged lemon green tea. Minimal ginger. Done and done.

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drank Honeybush by Numi Organic Tea
757 tasting notes

You know, I’m glad I snagged this one when I had the chance. Honeybush is iffy for me, and the thought of a plain one didn’t sound that good to me, but this way I was able to see what its naked self is all about. And it’s not bad, really! I do get the honeyish undertones, almost no woody notes like I get from rooibos. It’s pretty smooth, no bitterness. I added some half and half and while I didn’t see stars, I enjoyed drinking it.

This makes me not as wary of honeybush anymore.


My kids love this one.

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Here’s a nice easy, afternoon sipdown! (186)
I may have under-steeped it, but I’m still being cautious about eating. >:|
This is a rather nice gentle tea though, orange cinnamon, but maybe, I think maybe, I can taste some white tea under there. And that’s rather impressive.

Thanks OMGsrsly for passing this on to me in December! :P


You’re welcome! Hope you feel even better tomorrow.


Thanks! I feel much better. I’m even eating chocolate. Bwahaha.

Sami Kelsh

Eating chocolate is always a good sign! snuggle

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Got back a while ago from watching the symphony orchestra here perform my favourite Beethoven symphony. I’m proud of myself that I made it through the second movement without needing a tissue. :)

This tea is alright. I wouldn’t call it offensive, but I wouldn’t call it great either. The thought of lemon and chamomile together kind of sounded weird, but I figured it would be a favourable combination if you’re ever feeling under the weather. They’re quite balanced here, nearly 50/50. The sour lemon hits you first, and then the chamomile joins in. Would I buy it? Hell no. But it’s still fun trying these Numi teas.


Ooh! Which one?

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Not bad. Definitely a nice sipdown combined with a caffeine boost.

I’m drinking it with cranberry honey and almond milk. :) Mmm, honey.

This is something I’d grab if I were out and desperate. Probably wouldn’t buy it again, though.

(1 tea bag, 10 oz water)

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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One of the perks of organizing a conference is you get your pick of leftover catering stuff, so I grabbed the tea. May not be the best quality but it’s always fun to try new things.

I’m drinking this tonight because I have some blood work to take care of tomorrow and need to fast. I read that green tea is supposed to lower glucose levels, which is one thing being tested. Bad time to get this done since I ate more sweets than normal this weekend due to said conference. Ugh. So let’s hope the green tea, cinnamon, and vinegar (not consumed together!) will help rebalance things.

Onto the tea. It’s meh. Quite vegetal. A little flat. I swear I’d rather drink Tetley green tea.


Hope the test comes out all right.


Thanks! It just sucks I ate more desserty stuff. Of all times!

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How does this have anything other than hibiscus and rose hips in it? Seriously, black tea, especially Darjeeling? I don’t believe.

So yeah. This was basically hibiscus and rose hips.

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drank Dry Desert Lime by Numi Organic Tea
151 tasting notes

This was an impulse buy today and I’m glad I got it!!
It really smells like those Airborne orange tablets lol,,,I wonder if Airborne uses dried citrus peel in their recipe?
Now, I live in the desert; and in the summer time I dry stuff all the time especially sun-dried tomatoes. I could probably dry a lime this summer and brew that up so I might try that sometime.
But the reason I got this Numi tisane is that these are 100% natural, dried organic Arabian limes so I thought this would be a slightly unusual lime flavor!!! Plus these are all ground up and put into tea bags so it really gave some punch!!
I loved this herbal! I thought it had a great citrus flavor but not too tart. It really did have elements of those Airborne tablets (but in a good, natural way without the chalk of those things,,,,and in hot liquid form without the effervescence) so I kept thinking how great this would be if you didn’t feel well.
I drank this straight and it was really enjoyable and if you added honey to this, it would just be yum yum!! I will have to do that next time :)

Flavors: Lemon Zest, Orange Zest

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Day one done. During the coffee break, I snagged the one and only bag of this. From memory, it was pretty decent. But I left it steeping until I finished my mug because the string broke off and there were no spoons to fish it out.

So that said, yeah, it got a little bitter near the end, as any green tea would, really. But it’s a pretty good genmaicha. Toastier than I expected, so I’d say it lives up to its name in that respect.

Too bad this world revolves around morning people. When you’re a night owl and you have to get up at 5am, it’s teh sadness.


I feel your pain in reverse. When you’re an early bird and have to stay up past 9 p.m….. (yawn)


Aww, I bet!


Morning people are terrifying.

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roasty toasty yummy nutty puffed rice cereal! yum yum yum.

i keep inhaling this, it is so my thing. hojicha & genmaicha, you are my green tea loves!!

the flavor of the tea & the aroma of the liquor both match up pretty impressively.
i don’t think i’ve ever had a tea do that before!

anyway it’s delicious….and the liquor is a beautiful light peridot. it steeped up very clear & crystalline at first, with the green shyly infusing into the water. i’ve noticed with organic greens it takes a while for their color to reach its full intensity, or so it seems.
after 3+ mintues of steeping this finally became a fuller celery green that was slightly cloudy.

i can’t say i’m an expert on genmaicha, but i had Teavana’s and that was far weaker than this, seeming to lack body and a truly toasty quality. the rice in this really comes through, which i heartily appreciate.

so glad i decided to a get a box. i expect i’ll run through this one quickly!

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I haven’t had this in a very long time. Today we were running out of the house to go to the laser tag place and I had to grab something fast. I didn’t have time to measure or think too much about water temp and I am down to very few types of bagged tea, so I grabbed this and stuck it in the Timolino.

I think that pu-erh isn’t really the best toodling around tea. Or at least not for me.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this. It was leathery and a bit brothy like it apparently was the last time I had it, judging from my previous note. I just think that it’s meant to be sipped in peace and quiet and in smaller amounts.

I never realized how rushed my life is most of the time until I started having to fight for minutes to get tea made before leaving the house. Or even getting it ready to steep on the way. Sigh.


Rushing is the worst. I hope you had fun at laser tag though. :)


We had lots of fun! My older son finished second both sessions we did. I was not quite as awesome, finishing 12th and 10th. ;-)


Haha, good for him. :) I’ve never played but it does sound like fun.


It’s surprisingly entertaining. The first time I went I had no idea what to expect and I thought it would be a lot of running like paintball and I’d be dead meat. But one of the rules is no running, and stealth is rewarded. ;-)


Very cool! I kind of thought it might be like paintball too. I’ll have to convince J to go one day.


This is the only place I’ve ever been:


Other places might have different ways of doing it.


i like to hide and snipe when playing laser tag :D

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I’ve been craving jasmine like crazy lately so when I saw this on sale I knew it was fate. Delicious man so good.

Flavors: Flowers

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