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My son wanted to try matcha with chia today as part of his clean eating/training program as he prepares for a Spartan Trifecta. I only have one serving of KaiMatcha Premium left and I didn’t want to ruin it if the chia didn’t work out well.

While this is extraordinarily inexpensive and really great in lattes, it doesn’t hold a candle to my favorite as a traditional hot whisked matcha. I did add about 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey to each cup since we had just finished a run. By run I mean he ran three miles and I walked and ran one mile. LOL!

It was drinkable and not very bitter but didn’t have the fresh green vibrancy of KaiMatcha. Teavivre says their green tea powder is fried rather than steamed like matcha, so perhaps that is true of this tea as well.

I highly recommend it for lattes, it is really excellent in them, but for a hot cup of matcha with no sweetener, pay the difference if you can and get the great stuff.

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Not quite Matcha … for one thing, it’s from Taiwan rather than Japan, for another, true matcha has a different flavor: It’s softer, sweeter, and a bit more on the “buttery” side. This has more of a sharpness to it, with a more pronounced bitter-sweet quality. It is slightly astringent, with an almost citrus-y finish.

But, I still quite enjoyed this. It is an invigorating “matcha” like drink, with a strong vegetative presence and a smooth, creamy texture. I like the revitalizing feeling I get from this … very reminiscent to Matcha!

Here’s my full-length review:

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My daughter drinks lots and lots of matcha. She started out drinking flavored matcha lattes and has progressed to preferring plain matcha lattes and plain matcha prepared hot or cold with just water.

She stayed with us last night, so this morning I offered her a latte so she wouldn’t miss her antioxidants. I made one latte with a sampe of matcha of unknown source and one latte with this. She preferred this matcha, and was pretty astounded at the low price. I have been very pleased with my Nuvola green tea powder. I expect she will be ordering several bags of her own soon. The only problem I have had is that I can’t get their website to accept my order, as it is in Hong Kong and demands a certain type of contact phone number and you can’t get around that. I have ordered mine by emailing them directly and they send me an invoice which I pay via PayPal.

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When I opened the pack, it is a dry tea in black colour. It has a nice fragrance which I was attracted.
I placed few tea leaves in a warm tea pot and filled the tea pot with hot water. Once brewed, the tea looks in golden brown colour. It smells good with some fruity aroma.
- See more at:

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Thanks Nuvola Tea for this excellent tea!It is really good to sip in a calm evening while watching the beauty of nature
Full review is posted here

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I love Nuvola Tea! The teas that I receive from them are always top notch! This one is no exception.

Sweet – almost candy like in sweetness! Beautifully delicate and crisp. The second infusion of the leaves brought a stronger flavor, more vegetal and brothy. (this is a tea you definitely want to brew at least twice! It’s a different tea from one infusion to the next!)

A beautifully pure, delightful green. Here’s my full-length review:

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Thanks Liberteas
This is very nice!

smooth and soothing

Citrusy and nutty. A very nicely done Bi Luo Chun. YUM

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Oh!!! This smells like honey and sweet-wood! Thank you Liberteas for this sample! The color of this post-infusion is that of a pale brownish color – actually it reminds me of a wine I like from Nobel Winery that I will be visiting tomorrow, actually. In color only, of course…not that it tastes like wine!

This is very smooth, pretty to look at, smell, and taste! This is delicious! It has notes of honey and maybe even brown sugar but naturally speaking – not that it has actual ingredients in there!

This is very impressive!

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I love the aroma to this tea – it is sweet and slightly woodsy, and it reminded me of my home … here in the Pacific Northwest, after a rain.

A delightful tea with a profound fruity note, honey-esque tones, also notes of wood and flower. Very nice.

Here is my full-length review of it:

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Now that it is spring, I working my way through all the green and white teas I own. There is about at third of this tea left since my last purchase.

Comparing my initial feelings with today’s just after drinking some. I have to say it met my expectations, and turned out to be a very easy tea to brew. Whether steeped long or short, I didn’t have to adjust my method to produce a tasty cup. I like the soft, mellow vegetal flavour with a bit of floral and sweetness in the background. It was a very relaxing tea to have on a mild spring afternoon like today. :)

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Sipdown. I’ve been drinking this tea all day, like since before breakfast. Over a dozen infusions and trips to the bathroom, just kept adding more water to the Zojirushi and only now has it started to go “flat”.

It’s a lovely tea, truly lovely. I had Verdant’s Taiwanese Dong Ding yesterday evening and while it was nice and green and bakey it was only after six infusions that it got the nice sweet notes that this has from the beginning.

I imagine they’re processed different, this tastes more roasted than Verdant’s but not nearly as much as the Tung Ting I had at a Essencha Tea House in Cincinnati. All wonderful teas, but this was a great companion today.

I’m recovering from another cold, this one picked up in Indiana visiting the in-laws, but you know what after, a three week cold last month, this time I said to hell with only drinking certain tea and have allowed myself white, green and greener oolongs which is good because I have sooo much tea to drink through and I’m feeling much better for it.


tung ting/dong ding/frozen summit are some of my favorite oolongs. The buttery, sweet, blushing creamy profile has a vibrant place in my palate

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This is a sipdown of the sample I received from Nuvola a while back.

I had a bit of a stressful weekend so far. A truly toxic person is trying to get me involved in her dramas, I had a lot of tedious work to do that I wasn’t looking forward to, and we have some decisions to make that I just wish would go away, preferably because we won the lottery and were Elvis-rich and then I would fly to Nevada Hospital and make tea for GMathis and surf teh interwebs with her. I would bring Samwise and say he was a therapy dog and we would dance with him in the waiting room. (Can you tell I need an ESCAPE???)

I took a break from my cleaning and had a cup of sanity and some Bissinger’s Chocolates. Honey, if tea and chocolate don’t make it better, you need to get in somebody’s LAP!

I had forgotten that this black tea steeps up rather light, but it surely was good. The taste is very fruity and complex. It went quite nicely with the chocolate even though it wasn’t as powerful as the Keemuns I usually drink with sweets. Instead of cleansing the palate for the next tidbit like my usual choices do, this sort of sidled up to the chocolate and made friends. There was a hint of roastiness for a low note, lots of middle fruity notes playing along, and a high note of sweetness singing over it all.

This is a really nice tea and not “run of the mill.” I think it would be great to have hanging around!


Honey, if Nevada Regional Medical Center sounds like a vacation to you, you are in troub-b-l-e that starts with T that rhymes with gee, you need a break! :) (Things aren’t great, but stable, family able to go home to sleep.)


And a bit of local trivia: Nevada, Missouri is pronounced Nuh-VAY-duh by the natives.


Roast knees?


What else did you put in that tea darling? Never heard of roast knees either!


LOL! Autocorrect got me again! That was supposed to be roastiness! (Which it just tried to change to roast invests but I fixed it in time!)

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Today was a very exciting and productive day! I’m now only 6 days away from my wedding day!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!!!

I picked up my wedding dress, put together the table numbers, made our initials out of moss to hang on the front doors of the reception venue, made a long list of all the things we need to remember to pack, and picked up Tiffany necklaces (and one bracelet) for my bridesmaids! :D I am SOO excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this day my ENTIRE life, and now it’s finally almost here!

I decided to celebrate my productiveness with a hard earned cup of green tea. My skin is rebelling and a couple large pimples have cropped up over the last couple days. Agh! Here’s to hoping the green tea works some sort of magic and speeds up their healing. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears!! (I popped them, cleaned them out with hydrogen peroxide, and then put a dab of Neosporin on them).

But I digress. ON TO THE TEA!

The dry leaf aroma is just that. Dry. It smells like a dry generic green tea. The leaves themselves are dark green, almost black, with white tips. The brewed tea aroma is a lot more artichoke-y then I would have expected from the dry leaf aroma.

The taste is very nice! It’s sweet and green, but much less artichoke-y than the aroma. My kitty seemed interested for a couple seconds but didn’t lick it, thank goodness. I don’t need his kitty germs. :P Back to the flavor, it sits slightly heavy on the tongue. It doesn’t have that clean, refreshing quality that I’ve come across in other Chinese and Taiwanese green teas. It also doesn’t seem to have any smokey elements to it, which I’ve definitely tasted before in the Bi Luo Chun variety.

Overall, it’s good. But it’s not my favorite. I’ll still drink another infusion though. ;) Oh, and thanks to Nuvola Tea for the free sample!

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Just want to wish you an awesome wedding day!! I hope it ends up beings loads of fun, and I expect details via tasting notes in the future! :)


:) Thanks, Kittenna! It was a PERFECT day!! I’ll definitely be doing some posts about it in the future. Can’t WAIT to get back the video and photos. :D

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Purchased some months back, I’ve steeped this quite a few times but haven’t written a review yet.

I had a lot of expectations leading up to my first steep. This was only my third time trying a Sun Moon Lake from a different company, but it has such a charming and unique strong flavour. But all my worries were washed away the first time I tried Nuvola’s SML. It’s definitely the real deal, and it’s not too weak either.

Tasting this tea again today, it still fulfills my expectations. I don’t drink it very often, and usual reserve it for special occasions or for a treat.

Steep parameters: 100ml gaiwan, 5g leaves, 6 steeps (30s, 45s, 1m, 1m15, 1m30, 2m)

200 °F / 93 °C

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Hoorah! Hooray! My tea came today! I just completed a SIPDOWN of another brand of unflavored matcha so I am glad to have this. I bought two pouches of it because the price was so reasonable and I would save on shipping in the long run.

The color of this is quite similar to the one from Zen Tea Life, and both are heartier in flavor than the one I got from Olive Nation. It is not as vibrant green as Kai Matcha or as the higher grades of Red Leaf Matcha, but it is lovely and an excellent price for a good quality of tea.

I made a latte with this as soon as it came and it was yummy! The smell reminds me very strongly of some Ti Kuan Yin and Dong Ding teas I have had, the smell of the acrylic paint art studio I took lessons in when I was very young. I LOVE that smell!

One thing I will be doing with this….I started out ordering all my matcha from Red Leaf in Robust. Now I love plain matcha and the robust flavor level is too much for me. Some of the flavors have a chemical taste if I put a full measure in, and if I cut back on how much Red Leaf I use, I don’t have enough matcha flavor for me anymore.

Solution: use half as much Red Leaf flavored, and replace the other half with a good unflavored matcha – like this one!

I am going to give a bit of this to my daughter and my bestie, because I think they are really going to love it.

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An excellent black tea from Nuvola. Sweet and plum-like in flavor, with notes of caramel and cocoa. Hints of malt. Pleasantly mellow, a really good afternoon tea.

Here is my full-length review:

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If I explain the appearance of this tea, the leaves are Glossy and dark green.The leaves are rolled into small buds. It had a wonderful fragrance which any tea lover would like.
Once brewed, it looks in pale golden colour and much transparent. Actually I only used very few leaves because I like to experience the taste of light tea. The leaves opened up nicely. This tea has a rich, sweet and smooth taste. Also I could get some roasted aroma which makes me craving for this tea.
Thanks Nuvola Tea for this tea sample!
Here is the full review with photos :

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This tea sample was included along with some other teas I ordered from Nuvola a couple months ago. Unfortunately it was placed in box with a bunch of other samples and small batches of tea, so I never got around to trying it.
(Since I only had a sample of it, I figured that short steeping Oriental Beauty would be a great way to savor the tea.)

My first through fourth steeps were; sweet, mellow, smooth, floral, a bit roasted and reminded me of cantaloupe melon.

Fifth and sixth steeps were still pretty good, but the sweetness had faded.

Overall I really enjoyed this Oriental Beauty tea. Somehow I expected it to be too sweet, but this one had a nice balance between flavour and sweetness.

Steep parameters:
100ml gaiwan, 5g sample, 6 steeps + rinse (15s, 30, 45, 1m, 1m30, 2m)

200 °F / 93 °C

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Life has been brutal. My fiancé was diagnosed with a disease last week. His treatment plan is intense for the next 8 weeks…and our wedding is only 7 weeks away. I feel sad and angry and frustrated and defeated. His health is the #1 priority. I suggested we postpone the wedding so he can concentrate on getting better. He doesn’t want to postpone because he’s worried about the money we’ve invested. I’m a lot less worried about money and a lot more worried about him getting better. There’s just no good option, and I feel powerless.

On to the tea, which was a free sample from Nuvola Tea. I apologize it’s taken me so long to get around to tasting it. This tea appears to be everything anyone could want from an Oriental Beauty Taiwanese oolong. Sadly, my heart isn’t in it and this has always been one of my least favorite varieties.

I’ve known that there’s been something wrong for a while. I think he has too. But we’ve just been in denial. It’s easier to ignore than to deal with. I apologize for hijacking this tasting note with sadness and bad news. It truly is a great tea: woodsy, dark, a little nutty, and a little spicy. I’m sure others would really enjoy it. It’s just not meant to be for me.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 30 sec

I’m so sorry to her about your fiance. :( That sounds so stressful, I hope he recovers soon!


That is distressing news, I’m so very sorry to hear it.

Bonnie Oh no. I pray for peace were there seems to be none,and that your love will help the physical healing come quickly.

I am so sorry. :( I will keep my fingers crossed that his treatment will be successful.


Oh no, that’s terrible CHAroma! I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m hoping that whatever disease he has is fully curable. I completely agree that his health is worth more than any money you’ll lose from postponing the wedding, but understand how tough something like that would be. Please keep us updated :(


Thanks for the love and support, everyone. Last week was pretty brutal, but this week has been much better. Unfortunately, we found out that his illness is chronic. So it’s only treatable, not curable. :( But the good news is that he’s doing great and we decided not to postpone the wedding! I’m confident that he can beat this and life will eventually become almost normal again. I appreciate you guys so much. This community has been a life saver for me in so many ways.


Hooray! Getting married is a cure for the heart that is beyond what people imagine. My parents and my brother have had much happiness even through illness. My dad knew my mother would always be sick when they married. He cared for her for over 40 years with great love.


Thanks for the kind words, Bonnie! I hope to be married for over 40 years too. :) I’m so happy to hear that your parents had a long, happy life together.


My mother wasn’t supposed to live as long as she did, which just goes to show you how we never know what the future holds. Love and faith were the center of my parents lives.


I’m happy to hear that your fiance is managing well with the treatments.
Sending you both many wishes for a long, happy, and healthy life together.

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Sadly, I finished my sample from Nuvola Tea today. Joyfully, I took a look at their website and saw that it is half the price of others that I have been looking at. I have been trying to get a couple of friends hooked on matcha lattes and have had pretty good success. Today I introduced them to unflavored matcha lattes.

My friend preferred this brand because she felt it was creamier and had a fresher taste than the first one she tried, though it could simply be that this one had more honey since I was drizzling it in and not really measuring.

Bottom line, this is a really tasty matcha for a price I can hardly believe. It is because this is made in Taiwan rather than Japan? Whatever the case, I want more, and I won’t be ordering just one pack!

Thank you, Nuvola Tea, for the sample. It was great to get to taste another matcha since I am fairly new to the type of tea. I have enjoyed every bit of this one!

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Thank you Nuvola Tea for this Sample!

I shared this tasting with my friend Eric who is a Science teacher at the College and serves tea at Happy Lucky’s several days a week. He’s here on Steepster, and a fellow tea geek!

When I want to discuss tea trivia, Eric’s my man!
We talk about leaf hoppers, the bugs that make Oriental Beauty Tea so sweet, and have talks about Puer fungus.

Eric handled the gaiwan through 4 steepings of this Ti Kuan Yin.
(He teaches a gongfu class so I am more than happy to let him do this!)
The flavor if this tea was lightly sweet, with a mild roast nuttiness.
I tasted brown sugar but the more I drank, the more I tasted old fashioned Horehound candy…bittersweet and tangy.

I was about to hand my cup back to Eric when the sweetest fragrance rushed up at me. Wow,this was the scent in my empty cup… thick like a flower shop but as sweet as See’s Candy!

Each steep was pretty much the same. Nutty roastiness, sweet brown sugar and Horehound candy.
A creamy mouth-feel lasted through the first three steeps.

Lovely tea.

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Nuvola supplied this wonderful tea as a free sample, no cost to me! Much appreciated.

One of two teas they sent, the other their Taiwan Green, this appealed to me the most. Usually I prefer greens over other teas, but this striking oolong satisfied.

Not knowing anything about Oriental Beauty Oolongs I was impressed by the multicolor leaves, noticing immediately the dry delicate white, green, yellow, red and brown tea. Even the packaging was first class for a sample, white vacuum sealed plastic that could be resealed with a built in zip-lock. I appreciated the attention to detail, though there was just enough tea for my Finum, and no need to reseal the package.

After a quick rinse, the 1st steeping was pleasant, yielding a lovely hue the color of red clover honey. Sweet notes were immediate, a light dry mouthfeel with the sent of wood and earth.

A 2nd steeping brought the color a bit deeper with pink tones and developed the sweetness, reminding me what a sin it would be to add anything to this tea. And how that sweet aftertaste lingers… exceptional. What a gift.

A 3rd steep (a bit longer) and I’d say none of the comments about floral and fruit notes are lost to me, but I would far from call this a “flowery” or “fruity” tea. It’s there, but a compliment if anything, nothing overwhelming. Such a nice balance. This tea keeps giving.

4th steep and onward. I give my wife a sip. “Is there sugar in this?” She asks. That gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with here. Maybe that’s why this tea gets such a positive response. But it’s not that simple. There’s more dimension here. I don’t pretend to be any descriptive genius, if anything I tend to be more at a loss for words, but what it comes down to is this tea satisfies me and I’m tempted to order more.

I’m reading about this tea online now, learning about the insect pests that are responsible for it’s qualities. I’m seeing pictures of how this tea should look, the characteristic small one bud and two leaves, the tiny insect bites, the ratio of colors and the preponderance of the fragile white leaves. From what I can tell with my untrained eye, it’s a win here. And damn if the 5th steep isn’t still giving.

6th steeping and I’m marveling how the color holds true, the slightly dry mouthfeel, the initial sweet taste and aftertaste. Significantly consistent. A hint of bitterness as I left it to steep for probably 3-4 minutes this time.

I’m still getting over a cold, so I’m afraid this tasting note is somewhat handicapped, but damn if I’m not having a full experience. Surprisingly enough, something about this illness has turned me off to greens. I’m gravitating to oolongs and blacks, maybe it’s the cooling nature of greens or the fact that my tastebuds are just to dialed-out to be able to appreciate the subtleties that greens offer. But then again darker teas also offer their own world of complexities. I’d be curious to know from a Chinese Medicine standpoint why I might crave darker teas while dealing with cold/flu symptoms.

A 7th steep and I’m leaving it in for quite a while, gauging everything on color. I’m now experiencing a pretty orange/red sunset of a glow from this late steep. Intriguing. The earth and wood is still there in smell. The sweet notes still playing. Honestly I’m not used to a tea giving so much this late into steeping. I’ve always thought that when people get 8-15 steeps out of a tea they’re really splitting hairs, but I’m not being subtle with my times here. These are good solid soakings.

I’m going to keep steeping until this thing gives up, but honestly my writing is tapped out. But as an afterthought, this has been a nice late afternoon, early evening tea leaving me neutral from a caffeine standpoint, neither jacked up, terribly alert or anything. What’s been most noticeable about this tea has been the wonderful olfactory, visual and incredibly palatable experience it’s offered, reminiscent in a way of blacks like Verdant’s Golden Fleece or Summit’s Yunnan Golden Buds.

Good on ya Nuvola.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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