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So after a really bad race time at a 5k this morning, I decided that I was up for a frivolous pretty tea. These flowering teas were given to my Mom in a gift basket recently and since I’ve been wanting to try aa flowering tea for a while, I decided to use one. I could tell they were not high quality the blossom was already falling apart and just looked old. I don’t have a glass teapot, but I have a large glass mug that I thought would work. I decided to use 150 degree water. The flower did indeed bloom, but it wasn’t very pretty. Lots of the leaves and petals were broken. I was a little disappointed, but seeing as how I got them for free, I can be grateful I got the opportunity to try it.

As for the taste: It kind of tasted like asparagus soup. There was some jasmin in the aftertaste, but it was faint and very bitter. I finished the cup, but I won’t be rushing to try the 9 other beads of this I have in the jar.

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Otea is the name of the loose leaf tea brand at the local asian market. I have tried to find more info on the company but to no avail. I have to say though that they just really have some great quality tea and it’s very modestly priced. I needed get some more dynasty peanut satay sauce. It is amazing if you like spice and flavor…which is also what I’m finding with this tea. I have had other ginger peach combinations and they just aren’t up to snuff. They smell great but once brewed don’t equal the pre-steep excitement. The dry leaf smells like candy! It’s purely intoxicating. On personal note I’m not a huge fan of darjeelings. However the mix on this one is just right. Usually the ginger overpowers the other flavors in the tea. I like this one because you can pick up the subtle sweetness of the peach. I gave the hairbrush to the peach…cause he’s got hair(Veggietales anyone). For $2 dollars an ounce this one is definitely going into the permanent collection.


I have tried the Jasmine Dragon Pearls and the Organic Keemun and green, too. I did not know the brand was Otea. I put my reviews under CAM (Cleveland Asia Market). My only concern was how long the tea had been in those glass jars….


Oh, where is my hairbrush….. Everybody’s got a waterbuffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow… My two favorites! ;D


Good morning ,George, how are you? Veggie tales was great, but nothing can beat Little Dogs on the Prairie in my book! LOL!

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