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I’m going out for Pride with my friends tonight, so I thought I’d have a drink and try this out before I left. Dear god, this is disgusting. First of all, it’s cloudy and that completely skeeves me out. It seriously looks like a bacterial culture, a little darker than a beaker of LB (luria broth) with an overnight culture of E.coli growing in it. I followed the directions: 2 parts tea-stuff to 1 part alcohol; I went with vodka. Holy crap, will that get you drunk in a hurry! It tastes so thick too (again, reminds me of a liquid rife with bacteria, although I have obviously never tasted that) and is cloyingly sweet. There’s so much going on in this and the taste is so strong, my tongue is crying in a corner of my mouth. JUST. NO. Do yourself a favor and never, ever try this. It’s a shame too because I got this as a gift and now I feel bad for hating it.


Oh dear lord this sounds so terrible, I feel bad for you. But am also giggling incessantly from this tasting note xD


I made myself take 5 sips. It is truly terrible. At least it brought laughter to this world. I should mention, I’m waiting to get picked up. Don’t drink and drive, kids!


Nasty bacteria tea?? I’m laughing


At least with the vodka there was likely no actual bacteria?


No I don’t think there was actual bacteria in it. It just looked like it and felt like it in my mouth shudder

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Kombucha gone wrong! ;)


I wish I’d read this before impulse buying a bottle of it today! I figured it couldn’t be too bad with those normal, wholesome looking ingredients. Now I’m afraid to try it, esp with the recommended ratio. :-(

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